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eating meals later

is it true that eating your meals later is not good .

i visit someone very close to me who is in hospital 5 days a week and i dont come away from hospital till 8 every night.

And when i do work , i work shifts and finish at 9.15 at night the other 2 days a week.

so really im buggered so to speak.

i personally dont think its affecting my weight loss eating that time of night, but im sick of hearing the know it all girls at work telling me i should eat at 6 in the evening with them when we have a break. now i cant cram my meals into a twenty minute break like they do cause they eat crap!!!!

i know eating to late at night is not good to sleep on, but i dont have much choice right now.
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ive ad meals late at night and its never affected my weight


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If you type in "eating late at night" in google, the first two entries are from the BBC revealing research into the subject. They contradict each other completely. Both fascinating reading though.
thanks guys.

i will google that brightenrosie sounds intresting cheers

ha thats one in the eye for the girlies at work.

now can i help it if there on ww and struggling and unhappy on it, they should join the best eating plan.............sw

Tell the 'Girls' at work that your 'diet' means that you have to eat on 'East Coast' time. (that's about 5 hours behind us!!) :D :D :D

But seriously, ............

I eat 'breakfast' at about 4pm, 'lunch' at anywhere from 7:30-9:30pm and I'm going to eat my 'dinner' in about an hour (12:30AM). Then, I'm going to eat my syns and HEX B's (I'm on RED today) at about 2:00AM. (I may even use my extra HEX A and have cheese on toast!!). I'll probably go to bed between 4:00-6:00AM.

Now ok, my 'dinner' is usually not very big (something like an omelette, but occasionally some left-over 'lunch') and sometimes it can be just using up my HEXB's but I always eat at about these times.

It works for me and SSSHHHHHH!!!!!! no-one has told my body what time it is yet!!!! :D :D :D


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I eat at all sorts of different times because I'm also a shift worker and do lots of nights!! So my body clock is all over the place! My weight is going down so I'm not going to change anything! I think if your body tells you you need food then you should eat whatever time of the day it is!!X

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I regularly dont eat until 9.30 pm in an evening as Im usually too full from lunch - delights of a gb! It has never effected my losses.
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if its working hun it doesn't matter what time they eat say look i have lost this in x amount of time have much have u lost.

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