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EE need to confirm please

I just read the EE book again.. And think i get it, but need to confirm my food with you, for today and tommorrow...

TODAY: 2x egg omellete, with mushrooms and tomatoe (all done with fry light)

Jacket potatoe with tin tuna, lettuce and tomatoe!

Home made burgers (made with lean steak mince) , onion, chips (made from potaotes, done in oven with fry light) and a HEB wholemeal roll (tesco)

Glass of semi skimmed milk (HEA)

SATURDAY: 2x egg omellete with mushrooms and tomatoe.

wafter thin ham or tuna sandwich/roll (nimble or wholemeal) (HEB)

Take away (chinese or indian).... - boiled rice and what shall i have with this? And do i have to syn?

Glass of semi skimmed milk (HEA)

Not decided what to have for syns yet, probably bag of ryvita minis, curly wurly, or skips...

Is this correct?

Have i got to limit my portion intake? Cus i am terrible when it comes to chips... lol

Many thanks
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Looks good to me! Na you dont have to limit your portion sizes, apart from your HEX's hun. Just dont eat until your sick lol.
As for take away, chinese chicken chow main is only 7 syns and, obviously, boiled rice is free anyway.
Always make sure you have your syns :)
More fruit and veg needed but otherwise looking good. Try and bulk out the lunches more with salad and add portions of fruit in for desert. Remember that eggs are free too so eat loads of them, they realy fill you up.
Chicken and black bean sauce is 5 syns yum yum


Nojo on the YoYo
If I'm going to the takeaway I wouldn't have additional syns. You never know what they put in there. I have chicken foo yung, which is chicken, beansprouts and onions with scrambled egg. They ALWAYS put SOME oil in it, no matter how many times I ask them not to. So I count it as at least 6 syns for the oil and if it's gone over I know that I have up to 15 for them to play with.

Re your mince - only Extra Lean is free, lean is syns. Be careful and weigh and measure the amount. If all else fails and you can't find Ex lean, use turkey mince instead. xx
My mince is extra lean :) (tesco H/L)

I forgot to put my banana in... but for these 2 days only the only veg and fruit i am having is, banana, tomatoes, mushrooms and ofcourse my lettuce..... I have mounds full of veg every day such as green beans, broc, cauli, butternut sqaush etc.. and to be honest i am sick of it, so just having 2 days of from it..

I decided to have beef with mushrooms with my boiled rice.. anyone know the syns please?

Thanks again :)


Nojo on the YoYo
Ah beef mushrooms is my other favourite! I think it is around 4 syns per 350g. Hang on I will get my Bible and confirm.
Found it online!!! for 300g it is 4.5 syns on red and 19.5 on green!! So i count the lowest at 4.5 syns?

He he

Suprised chicken curry is not on it? now thats my fave!! lol


Nojo on the YoYo
probably cos it's really high in syns. But you can make your own with Maysan curry mix. 4 syns for 1 level tablespoon of concentrated sauce. Tastes the same as Chinese curry, it's the mix that most places use.

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