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Hi guys, I need some info please from tried & tested members.

Iv just come back to SW & im currently 30 weeks pregnant & following EE. Im classed as morbindly obese and feel like iv already gained too much weight with this pregnancy. Now bearing in mind, that on average I should be gaining aproxamatly 1lb a week at this stage, I obviously dont want to do this and whilst im happy if the scales dont move up, I would also be happy if I could maybe loose say 0.5/1lb a week as well (midwifes also happy with this).

So my question is, have you guys got any tips for me on which plan makes you loose the most weight, I know drink plenty of water but I cant stay off the loo to start with....

Also Banannas.. My C as told me I can eat as many as I like & the FF Mullers, but in my eyes, there still high in calories, so despite what she says, should I be limiting these to say 1 a day?

Any advice tips or tricks you can give me would be greatly appreciated
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number one tip from me - Dont pay any attention to calories!!!

If it's free food, it's free (but make sure it is free as some muller lights have small syn values). If you like bananaa and muller lights then try chopping a banana up in a vanilla mullerlight yougurt - very filling and nice!

My only other tip would to be fill up on free foods/superfree foods. Eat until you feel full. I feel such a little piggy when I have a huge breakfast at work. I have a cooked breakfast, fruit and a yogurt and have still lost 4 stone. Trust the plans - they work! whether you follow EE, red or green.

I also understand if you are pregnant you are allowed more HEX choices. Make sure you use them

best of luck x


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I think it's all personal - I've seen lots of people say they've tried all of the plans and they all say different ones fit them best. I think it's a case of a little bit of trial and error. I can't offer you any more advice than that really because I stick with Original and Green (mostly Original).

As for the calories in the banana/mullerlights - trust the plan. This is not about calorie counting. They're free, you can eat as many as you like. The point is, don't just eat them for the sake of eating. Eat them if you're hungry, and stop when you're satisfied.

Sorry I can't be of more help :)


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I agree with the girls. Forget calories and put your trust in the plan. It really does work. I personally prefer green days as I don't eat much meat but to make meal plans easier I usually do one or two EE days out of week. That's helped me lose and maintain. Xx