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Eee! Just booked a holiday!!

Discussion in 'Slim And Save' started by Caz, 1 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. Caz

    Caz Slimming down the aisle

    Just booked a week away in Tunisia for August. It'll be and my boyfriend's first 'proper' holiday together so I'm excited! Hopefully it'll be my first holiday not as a fatty too. It's good motivation, 201 days to get slim!!
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  3. noodles1609

    noodles1609 Having a very lovely life

    Wow! Tunisia in August! You'll have a super scorching time. Not been there since I was a teenager, great country. And by August you'll be a proper skinny mini in your itsy bitsy yellow polka dot bikini :)
  4. Hamish's Mum

    Hamish's Mum Silver Member

    Great motivation for you. We never went on holiday last year and don't think we will manage this year as we are putting my daughter through Uni and its costing a bomb
  5. Lulu1964

    Lulu1964 Full Member

    Good job caz! And sure you will look amazing by August! :)
  6. MrsBurgundy

    MrsBurgundy Silver Member

    Yay!!!! That's great news!! You will have such a great time and by then you'll be a skinny mini!! Glad you decided to bite the bullet and book a holiday anyway!!! I've not been to Tunisia, but everyone says its fantastic!! I'm a bit jealous!! Haha! Xxxx
  7. Caz

    Caz Slimming down the aisle

    Thanks ladies. Not sure I'll ever have a bikini worthy body though!! I like hot countries but it'll be so nice going without having to cover up more and without the extra fat to make you hotter and sweatier! Whereabouts have you been to noodles? We're going to Port el Kantaoui.

    Aww Hamish's mum that's a shame. Can completely understand, been to uni myself and know how difficult it is financially! Though my parents didn't have to support me financially, can imagine that it makes added extras difficult for you.

    Thanks lulu, I hope so! Every time I feel tempted I'm going to remind myself of the holiday and it'll hopefully keep me on the straight and narrow.

    Mrs B you've got your own holiday, a lot sooner than mine! haha I've heard great things about Tunisia too, looking forward to it.
  8. emma11020

    emma11020 Full Member

    Sounds fab and like the others said a great motivation. We haven't booked our family holiday yet but I'm off to Spain with the girls in June for 4 nights so I'm determined to lose weight for then :) x
  9. Caz

    Caz Slimming down the aisle

    Where do you think you might go Emma? Spain with the girls sounds nice!
  10. emma11020

    emma11020 Full Member

    We are undecided whether to venture abroad or not, my youngest is 3 and restless and I can't imagine bring on a plane with him *stress*. I'd rather just holiday in this country :) x
  11. noodles1609

    noodles1609 Having a very lovely life

    We ended up going to just outside of Hammermet, we were going to that little island - begins with a D, can't remember now, but got changed as the whole Libya thing started up and the island was considered too close to the border. It was a fab hot holiday in April, so August will be scorchio. I love the sun, can't get enough of it - got 3 nights in Marrakech in 10 days time and I can't wait to get a bit of it on my body, not been to Morroco before either. Our usual haunt is Icmeler in Turkey, we'd live there if we could and try to do 3 times a year if I can bag a bargain on flights. First time this year will be 31st May, not sure if we'll make it again this year though - I do realise how lucky we are to have holidays, would be nicer to have a different reason not to go, but at least our time in the sun makes up for it in a small way :)
  12. Caz

    Caz Slimming down the aisle

    Morocco is awesome, you'll love it!

    Definitely feel lucky having these kinds of holidays. Not always had them though but have been lucky to see some lovely places.
  13. hunca

    hunca Silver Member

    Never been to Tunisia but heard its wonderful. We went to Morocco (Agadir) a couple of years ago & I wld go back in a minute. Loved the culture, the people, the weather etc etc :)
    Meantime we've had a little snow again overnight :-(
  14. noodles1609

    noodles1609 Having a very lovely life

    Found a couple of size 16 dresses in my holiday suitcase yesterday - must have been a bit more optimistic last year than I thought I was. Just over a week to go - Hunca, how did you find attitudes towards dress? I'm reading lots of guides that say keep shoulders covered for ladies, no shorts for men - is it really like that in practice? My OH will be sweltering in jeans if it's forecasting 27 degrees, and I have an issue with tan lines!! Would like to avoid a t-shirt tan if I can :)
  15. Caz

    Caz Slimming down the aisle

    You should be fine I would say. That is the official line of call, it is a Muslim country afterall, but they now have a lot of tourists and so it's less frowned upon. You do need to make sure that you're not showing too much and that you're respectful. A dress will be fine though, I wore one walking around Tangiers for the day. My friend wore long trousers though I think, can't quite remember now. We didn't plan the trip there, we were in Gibraltar and decided to do a day trip. Neither of us realised how warm Gibraltar would be so we weren't quite prepared for the hot weather! That was Tangiers and so maybe Marrakech is a lot more strict but I wouldn't think so.
  16. *sarah-lou*

    *sarah-lou* Gold Member

    Wow all these places sound amazing! Ive never been abroad before not even with tim. In fact i havent been on holiday since i was 13.

    Id love to go on holiday though.

    love sarah xxx
  17. hunca

    hunca Silver Member

    We didnt have any problems with dress. My husband wore shorts during the day & cool linen trousers in the evenings & myself & 2 daughters were aware of covering our shoulders when out & about in the evenings but in actual fact we noticed many tourists & local who didn't. Our daughters received alot of attention, but not in a bad way, as they r both redheads lol We never felt uneasy tho.
  18. Caz

    Caz Slimming down the aisle

    I was (still am!) a fat brunette and still got quite a bit of attention too!.my friend was offered cows for me lol Think other was a joke though probably!

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