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Just found out today I'm pregnant, had to mc and 2 mmcs since April 2010 last one April 2011, I have pcos too so been difficult, already have 1 baby our son who was 2 a few weeks ago,
Hopefully I will get all the way with this one!
Between 4 and 6 weeks so not quite sure yet just want somewhere to keep track of what I'm eating because I put on 4stone with my son and still have 1stone of that to lose (not now obviously) don't want to go down that road again! Will weigh every week and hopefully not put on too much this time,
Not dieting just being careful as much as I can and being aware of what I'm eating and trying to make healthy choices! Fingers crossed this goes the way I want!
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Monday 12/09/11

Breakfast - bottle of coke ( queezy )
Lunch - prawn Mayo salad sandwich,
Afternoon snack - cheese bean and sausage melt pasty
Just making now -
Dinner - BBQ and mozzarella chicken with cheese and bacon potato skins,
Dessert - butterscotch delight (mousse)

Drank milky tea, coke or blackberry and apple juice

From tomorrow I will try to be abit more conscious of what I'm eating, x
good luck with this pregnancy hun, i had a missed miscarriage last year at 11 weeks, i couldnt imagine what 4 must be like. im about the sam as, not quite sure how far i am, have my first midwife appointment tomorrow. also trying to keep my weight down.

keep up the good work. just remember that everything you have your baby has, the better the food the healthier the baby.

Good luck hun, lots of my friends are pregnant at the mo and they're all watching what they eat too.
You know your pregnant when you go to sleep fantasising about what to have for breakfast! Feeling slightly queezy this morning but might be because I'm up earlier than usual, going to make a cup of tea take my tablets and then decide what to eat!
Did another test this morning and it's very dark so think I'm deffo pregnant that's 3 tests now x
Not doing so well today at all! Spent all night thinking of cheese and ham toasties, made one this morning and could only manage a bite before feeling sick bleurk! Only managed ginger nuts and tea all day! Really struggling on the not smoking too :( I havnt but I really want one x
Thanks hun!

Felt off today so been abut of a random day!

Breakfast - bite of a cheese and ham toastie bluerk!

Lunch - cheese sandwich

Snack - half a chocolate cupcake (shared with LO)

Dinner - chicken Kiev, mashed potatoes, beans, grated cheese,

Snack/dessert - jam sponge and custard

Drinks - tea, coke and 1 strawberry milkshake with skimmed milk!
Yesterday was abit naughty

Breakfast - none
Lunch - bigmac, double cheeseburger, large coke
Snack - lemon mousse
Dinner - sausage casserole and mashed potatoes,
Dessert butterscotch mousse

Today trying to be better had plain yoghurt, oats and strawberry compote for breakfast! V healthy!! I'm starving now just thinking what to have for dinner! x
Very well done giving up the cigarettes, single best thing you can do for your wee bubs, I gave up cigarettes when I was pregnant with my first son and it was very hard but I'm very glad I did, coz he is a bit chesty and I think he'd be much worse if I'd kept smoking.

It's hard to eat healthy when ur feeling I'll, just be nice to yourself I reckon!
Same for me, I quit smoking for all of mine. My youngest had a bad case of croup last year and I'd hate to think how bad it could have been if I'd smoked during pregnancy or smoked around her. My mum smoked and when I had a case of croup I nearly had to have a tracheotomy (cut my throat to put a tube in so I could breathe)

How's it going mrs-s? x
Thanks for replying guys iv been very ill, now 7+4 had my second scan yesterday and saw bubs with healthy heartbeat, next scan oct 17th! Been diagnosed with hyperemesis now I'm on tablets feeling abit better which is good cus they wanted to put me on a drip for a few days if I was still how I was!
Gone from 202lbs when I got bfp to 188lbs now so lost a stone with the sickness, I know it's bad but a small part of me is thinking well it's more room for pregnancy weight gain I suppose, managed to eat yesterday on my first day of tablets ate more than I ate all last week, v carby though so naughty
Cheese and tomato sandwich, 2 slices toast, and then had chip muffin gravy and pudding!! V bad but I have to eat what I can at the moment
Today I'm feeling ill again but not been sick yet, only managed 1.5 slices of toast today though, and some sweets
I'm just eating whatever I want til the sickness eases up not gonna be hard on myself because if im gonna end up on hospital otherwise, hope everyone is good and I'm doing great no smoking too not had even a drag since bfp, and don't even want one now not thought about it for ages xx
Sorry to hear about the hyperemisis - that is miserable. You seem to be coping well, I wouldnt worry one bit about eating healthy at the minute, any calories you can keep down will do you good, and your baby will take what she/he needs from you.Hope it eases soon
Well done on the cigarettes that is great achievement, I never went back on them after my first pregnancy and Im so glad now!
I usually go back to the them but at the moment I think I will stay off them now, it doesn't appeal to me at all at the moment where as othertimes I've just thought about having one all the time,
Yesterday was similar to Monday, 2 slices toast, chip muffin and gravy and had some sweets too yumyum only ate half but chips and gravy are one of only things that seem appealing at the moment my body just wants carbs at the moment! Been drinking lots of Ribena too
Wasn't sick at all yesterday thought still feel really sick and the tablets make mr really tired! So happy to be eating at least something again though :)
Only a few more weeks and I should be starting to feel abit better then I can concentrate on not gaining too much x
Yesterday was good for me eating wise I managed lots,
Had a jacket potato with cheese and beans and a slice of lemon meringue pie out for lunch with my friend,
For dinner I had a kfc!! Mini fillet burger and popcorn chicken snack box with gravy! Chips and gravy is a big one for me atm! Lol

Today iv only had a wham bar so far cus I'm abit nauseous but planning on having a cheese and tomato sandwich for lunch x
Hi girls, had another scan today got to see baby and we even saw the hands and feet waving about! :)

I'm slowly feeling better with my anti sickness tablets and eating more but it's still crappy food at the moment as nothing is really appealing!

Today had
3 cartons Ribena
Some lucozade
Mc chicken sandwich meal with still fanta
Cup of tea
2 chilli cheese dogs
Strawberry iced ring donut

Will probably have a yoghurt later and maybe a biscuit or two x
Awww how many weeks are u now?
Im 9+4 today :) next scan is a week today! :)

I'm feeling a little bit nauseous today, managed to eat proper food!

Cherry yoghurt and 3 pieces of toast with butter and dairylea! Few pieces of fudge, carton of Ribena, some lilt and and a cup of tea!

Not sure what's for dinner yet!
So today so far ive not felt so good and been naughty!

Didn't eat breakfast just a cup of tea and glass of Ribena, then went for lunch with my friend the menu wasn't amazing so I had 3 onion rings, half a big bowl of chips and a slice of garlic ciabatta with cheese and a glass of pepsi, then had 3 apple pencils and a strawberry pencil, pack of fruit salad chewits and a 10p pack of haribo starmix!! No idea what to have for dinner at all! I just crave carbs and sugar at the moment because I have no energy, so looking forward to getting back to normal!

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