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EEkk, need urgent advice please :)


Sensibly losing :)
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Just had a call from the hospital. I am on the waiting list for 3 operations.. I have a slot for having my gallbladder removal next Friday. S***! First off I am petrified of all ops, have remained awake while they did my back a few times as so scared ....
Anyway, I told them about the diet and receptionist just called me back and said its ok and not a problem and that I can have it done and that the diet is fine... hmm. Now I know Sandra did re-feed beforehand, I wont have time for that... I am a bit confused. I have pre-op clinic in the morning but not sure what i should be asking, what I need to do etc... eeek!

Anyone been in this position? Is it safe to have a procedure while being on tfr? Bearing in mind the diet is limited after the op as its bile/liver/gallbladder related???

xxxx (certainly crapping ones pants today and no psyllium needed!! LOL )xx
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Hey Donna, Good luck with the op!!
I had my GB removed a few years ago - I wasn't on this diet at the time...
If i was you, id come off the tfr and go onto a healthy eating plan for about 6 weeks, then come back onto TFR. The reason i say this is that although i dont want to scare you, i was very uncomfortable for ages after and you'll need energy to pull yourself through it.
Seriously chic, don't worry about the op! you'll be just fine!
I know dieting is great etc but for now this is an operation you need, the anesthetic will most likely make you feel weak and tired for a few day as well as pain killers and i think proper food will do you the world of good for the next few weeks!!


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Yeah Donna I agree with the above! Operations are serious things and no one comes out of them jumping and feeling on top of the world, Id personally go back to eating till I've recovered.
If you want to stick to the diet I'd explain how the diets making you feel to the consultant at the pre-op and ask them what state you'll be in when u get out of the op so you can decide on what you want to do.
I also don't think you have to go through refeed as last time I did Lipotrim I went straight on to slimming world and lost another half stone in week 1! I was eating plenty of meat fish and chicken, lots of sald and veg and a little pasta, bread and potato so don't worry too much.
Your op is priority now just try your best not to eat naughty things and you hopefully won't put weight on if you do decide to eat!

Goodluck with it hun

Binni x


goingtobeslim x
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haven't got any advice really, but like above try and eat healthy if you do come tfr. but would like to say good luck with the operation and hope you have a speedy recovery.xx

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You poor soul! That's like good news that feels like a scary shocker! I've got no advice I'm afraid - just wanted to wish you good luck. I suppose if the receptionist rang you back, she would have checked properly with someone. I'd probably be tempted to stay on LT until I feel like I needed to eat and take each day one at a time? On the other hand, a healthy recovery trumps any diet?
I can imagine the state you must be in, babe. Let us know how you get on. xxx
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Aww babes good luck with the Op, I would be worried too!! Maybe just have 2 shakes a day and a low carb meal in the evening, be a shame to throw away hard work you have done, if the receptionist said it was ok thats not to bad. x


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Hi Donna,

Are you having it at north hants hospital??? I had my gall bladder out there last January While I was on LT. honestly it was fine. I didn't do TFR after the op for a while, i ate a healthy diet, lots of protein and very little carbs.

regarding the op itself yeah uncomfortable for a few days, but nthing compared to the gall stone and pancreatic pain, I had been going through moths before hand.

The best this I ever done was have that thing removed.

with regards to the diet, your health is the most important thi8ng and the diet will be there after you have recovered. just choose the right things to eat in the meantime. good luck with the op.


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Good luck with the OP
I had this op 6 years ago, they can do it very neatly now, no big scars they go in through your belly button and also some other small puncture marks, (the bottom of my bra hides one). You will be a little uncomfortable afterwards and not allowed to lift anything too heavy for a while. I would stay on the diet your weight loss is very good.

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