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Eeyore - 8 Week Holiday Countdown!

So, I'm halfway to goal and have a bmi in the overweight range compared with the obese range and I'm ready for my final leg of the journey!

With my past go on exante I havn't managed to stay 100% for much longer than 2 days, I just gave in to the cravings and the voice that said wispered 'you will never lose weigh, so may as well eat the tasty treat' but now I'm half way to goal my mindset has completely changed.

Now I finally realise I can be slim - all I have to do is keep going and repeat what I have just done!

So I'm going for a finally push with exante to get this off as quick as possible, its very motivating to know that in as litle as 10 weeks I will be where I want to be.

I've got all my food pack sorter, stocked up on coke zero, and because of the exante bumper packs I have no money left in the budget for additional food so that will be another insentive.

Day 1

Feeling positive today and not tempted to eat, even with TOTM cramps.

Only managed to get two liters of water in today and I don't want to try and drink any more now as I want to go to bed - and I hate having to get out of my nice warm bed to rush to the loo.

Also, does anyone known how you change the title of a thread once you've put it up?

Pics below to show progress so far.

Before - 16 stone 7lbs

After - 12 stone 7lbs

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Wow - you've done amazingly well so far and you're looking great! What an incredible difference a year has made for you! Keep it up :D
Day 2

I'm feeling a bit rubbish today, been a bit dizzy and shakey all day.

I have managed to keep a positive frame of mind, so that is helping me with the recuring cravings.

Has anyone else got their clubcard points yet?

Before xmass I used my points on the tesco clothes website and they were trippled so I got myself some clothes in smaller sizes.

This time you can't use your points for tesco clothes but if you want clothes you can double points on figleaves.com and a site called getthelabel.com - I didn't want to get a bra so I went with the clothes site and I ended up getting 2 pair of leggings, 2 tops and a new pair of trainers and some sexy knickers for £45 - very happy and bought a size 12 (10 in the knickers - for goal!), so hopefully will be able to fit into them soon.
Day 3

Only managed to have my bar so far today so will have to fit the two shakes in.

My day has been OK, still feeling a bit dizzy - I tried out a new alarm app on my phone this morning, basically you have to answer a maths problem before the phone turns off so hopefully it will prevent me from hitting the snooze button!

I do have pizza cravings at the moment, dominoes is my weakness. It dosn't help that I've had a bit of extra cash this week and I have a bit of a habbit of using unexpected cash on a take away.

Help me resist!
Day 4

I did a working solutions day today as I really felt hungry today - as my meal I have a take away chicken keebab - its not as bad as your thinking, I promise, its chicken breast in a tikka marinade with fresh salad.

In other news the clothes I orderd came today, havn't tried them on yet as I don't think they will fit just yet. I also started wearing my size 16 jeans today as my size 18's were feeling way too tight - The 16's still feel tight and when I was out I was paranoid people were staring at them thinking they were too tight and my legs were really fat - In truth I do have fat thighs as thats just my shape.
Me too to be honest. Id much rather always wear loose clothes to cover it up even though they ended up making me look bigger.

Now I wear slightly tighter fitting clothes with pull me in underwear. Works a treat. ;)
Well I have tried the 'slimming underwear' and I was paranoid that I have rolls of fat spilling over the top and bottom - so for me it took away the love handles and gave me back boobs!

The only tight fitting item I really love are corsets - feel great wearing those!
Day 5

Not much to report today, had a couple of cans of coke zero so probally a bit to much TBH. I have been having headaches/dizzy spells today but I think thats down to lack of fresh air rather than the diet.

My good news of the day is that when I was lying down I couldn't get over how pronounced my hip bones are getting - still got a layer of fat to shift but I can actually feel them now!
Sounds like your doing well hun! Keep going and your be at goal in no time!

Haha I know what you mean about feeling your bones! I can feel my ribs and hip bone when I lay down now and my shoulders feel bonier!
Eeyore! Well done you! Halfway is such a milestone! You are over the hump and it's downhill from here! Keep focused, keep to plan, and you'll be there in no time.
Day 6

Another uneventfull day.

I feel much more comfy in the new size 16 jeans - I think jeans are always a bit of a pain until you wear them in.

I have been craving today, but found it was easier to resist. I think that is because in the past as soon as I have craved I have eaten and now my brain is hopefully forming more self controlled habbits :)

Also really wanted to hop on the scales today, which is strange as I have never been a scale hopper - I resisted but I am looking forward to weigh day as this is the longest I've not cheated so hoping for a big loss this week!
Day 7

Wow, its day 7 already, time really does fly!

nothing much to report other than I had a lack of cravings today - but I was pretty busy.

WI tomorrow - please be a big number, As its my first week I would love to hit an 8 or above - which would get me into the 11 stone bracket - but realistically would be really happy with a 5lb.

Going to get an early night so I can be up early for the scales

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