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Eff you, food. Shake it off!

S: 18st4lb C: 17st7lb BMI: 44.8 Loss: 0st11lb(4.3%)
Hi :dooney:

I am about to order my first lot of shakes in order to start the TFRD plan. I have never done anything like this before, and am quite excited, and anxious to get started.

I have thought long and hard about my decision, and I have the support of my boyfriend, and mom to get going with this. But would love to chat with some people who are in the thick of it!

I currently go to the gym 2/3 times a week. (Twenty minutes each time on the cross trainer)

My decision to lose weight right now is mostly about health, as I love my big body, and am in total support of #nobodyshame. But I have a lateral meniscus tear in my right knee, and have been getting a little pain in left knee on and off due to compensation. I am at my largest weight right now. (though have been close to this once before).

I weigh 18.4stone (256lbs) at 5ft 2 inches.

My clothes are becoming too tight, and it's becoming harder to reach parts of my body that I need to reach, so those things are also part of my decision.

I would say that I am a food addict. And so taking on the TFRD plan seems best for me. I am definitely an all or nothing type of person.

So, come talk to me so we can share in this journey?

Happy Sunday, love.
minou <3 :kitty:
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S: 14st9lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 2st2lb(14.63%)
Hi Minou,
Good luck on your weight loss journey. I'm sure you'll get to your chosen weight quickly and recover from your injury. :) that's the best thing about a TFRD the weight seems to shift fast. Saying that, I'm not in the thick of it, I started last Monday and have my first weigh in tomorrow...so I'll take that back if I haven't lost anything!! But people seem to have good weight losses doing this...lovely to read your story. I'm finding that reading people's posts on here helps when I'm struggling.

The shakes I've tried seem to be really creamy and filling, I tried a soup for the first time today which made a change. I also ordered some bars, like them all, and they are useful when you are out and about. Must say I'm not fussy I will eat most things!! Hence my weight issue :D

Sounds like TFRD would be good for you. Keep posting xx
S: 18st4lb C: 17st7lb BMI: 44.8 Loss: 0st11lb(4.3%)
Hi SashaGeorge (lovely name)

Thank you! Good luck to you too! We can do this! Yeah! I'm pumped! Ha. I ordered my Shakes today (Sunday), so I'm guessing they will arrive on Tuesday. I've never been so excited to not eat before! I'm so done with food. Do you ever feel like you're just eating yourself to death?

Hi my name is minou, and I am an addict! ✋

How did you feel when you first began? What would you say has been the hardest about it so far?

Are you exercising at all also?

I hope tomorrow goes well! Keep us updated!

Night <3


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S: 14st9lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 2st2lb(14.63%)
Hey Minou,

You sound like you are definitely ready for it haha! It does make you excited, it's thinking that you can actually do this!! I am defo a food addict too lol. I don't have an off switch so to take food out of the equation is best. Don't get me wrong, this diet is hard but no harder than WW or SW for me, I don't have to think one biscuit or two? When I want to scoff the whole pack. And losing maybe 1lb or 2lb per week just won't cut it for me. I'm a bit impatient at the moment.

I had my weigh in today and lost 10lb :) so that's not half bad considering I had one cheat :(.

When I began I felt excited (like you) I just wanted to get it underway. TBH I've been messing around with various diets for a year and just putting on more weight. You gotta be in the right frame of mind haven't you? Once my head was there I couldn't wait to get it started.

The first two days I had a really bad headache but that was gone by day 3. I don't think I drank enough water so that could've been to blame. I actually ate under my pack allowance for the first few days. For me, day 6 and 7 was the hardest (weekend). But that was because I didn't have any routine those days. I've found I am now a feeder for my boyfriend!! I spent a fortune at the weekend buying cakes, sweets, chocolate & treats for him! Ridiculous as it's just making me drool. What we do to ourselves??!!

I cheated last night. I was cooking chilli con carni for my bf and tasted to make sure it was ok and then kept tasting!!! But I just missed out my evening pack and got straight back on it. It's a learning curve. I haven't done much exercise but this week I'll be stepping up the exercise as I feel like I am able. First few days was a bit light headed but no really bad symptoms. And hunger wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

So, really I'd say tips?

1. Drink lots of water to keep headaches at bay and it does fill you up.
2. If you can, space packs out to suit your lifestyle. I know that I struggle with the afternoon/evening so I make sure I've got a pack or bar in my allowance for late evenings
3. You might feel cold, I have done but just switch to hot drinks :)
4. If you exercise then maybe first few days keep it light
5. Chocolate shake is nice made with hot water (well for me anyway!) but it's like having a hot chocolate treat
6. I like diet coke! So I have a coke zero in the fridge as a treat in-case I need a bit of a fill up on something
7. I learnt that I can be full of steely determination one minute - like I was on Sunday - and out of nowhere cheat. So be vigilant, I ate that chilli without thinking, before I knew it one teaspoon became 15!! So, it's easy to be caught off guard. Just let it go and get straight back on it.

Roll on Tuesday!! :party0049:
S: 18st4lb C: 17st7lb BMI: 44.8 Loss: 0st11lb(4.3%)
Ahhh, that's really great! 10lb is bloody awesome! Really! Wow. Well done! :bliss:

I am exactly the same! I have no off switch, and I'll tell you, I have been eating Cadbury's Chocolate Fingers by the box daily the past few weeks. And today (which will be the day beforeIstart the plan, everything arrives tomorrow) I have felt so weird about food. Almost like, I haven't wanted to eat. I did eat. Of course ;) But I almost didn't want to. And I'm going to try and take it easy tonight. (Though I do have a box of those choccy fingers in the fridge as we speak, eeek!)

Yeah, definitely, losing 2lb a week was definitely not going to be cutting it for me. I am at a place where I need to see some progress or I feel I will just stop trying altogether!

I've read a lot of people mentioning the headaches so I definitely feel prepared to get them, heh. I am crappy at staying hydrated, and drink hardly any water right now, but I will be trying to measure everything out so I know I've had enough. I really really want this to work.

Do you have in mind how long you want to do the plan for?
What do you mix yours with? It says water, and then milk for one a day... but for men you can mix them all with milk.
What do use to mix yours? I just got a hand mixer but it's not going to do, so I've ordered a jug blender instead. Do you ever add ice or anything? I definitely think i'll be making some of the chocolate ones hot for a change up in the day.

Thank you for all of your tips, they really help! :D

I have a plan to try and stay super busy, and to be out more so I'm not just constantly on the sofa, five feet from the kitchen thinking about food all day!

I just noticed you're in London. me too! What part, if you don't mind me asking? (you should probably PM me this answer)
Hope tonight goes well for you! I agree with you in that nights are the worst. I always eat more in the evenings. grr argh!



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S: 14st9lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 2st2lb(14.63%)
Oooh, chocolate fingers :drool: Love, love, love! Hope you enjoyed them!! Thanks for comment on weight loss, I'm pretty pleased (wanted to lose a stone but that was quite unrealistic for one week loss). I've pulled myself together now and feel quite happy with 10lb. Girl Power indeed!! :)

The not wanting to eat is weird isn't it? I had similar, when it comes down to it weight loss is a lot in the mind, I think if your mind is strong (sounds like yours is) then that's half the battle.

You sound like me, I don't do water normally...just think it's boring so I've struggled and not hit my quota very often this past week. I'm trying harder now though. Measuring it is a good idea I'll try that.

I have broken quite a few rules this week actually! I have had some packs with just water, but others I have added some semi skimmed milk, not great amounts just splashed a bit in - especially when I do the chocolate hot - lovely! I've also measured the water and put 200ml but sometimes I just add more 300ml if I fancy a bit more in my mug. All come out fine. I've got quite a powerful blender and they always come out frothy, no lumps and delicious. I wouldn't like lumps! So I think you are doing the right thing with the blender. Yes, I add ice when I have a cold shake and like ice with the banana and strawberry especially. I need to drink more water and with all the other things I've mentioned you can tell I've been far from perfect!! Although weird some days I can't get 3 packs down let alone 4. Today I've had one bar and one shake and just can't face another. You watch tomorrow I'll be starving!

So, I wonder if I had used just water and no milk and not had my little cheat last night, drank 3ltrs of water would I have reached my idealistic 1 stone loss? But then, if I was too strict and ditched milk completely with no coke zeros would I still be on it? I may have given up? I reckon it's just personal balance. This shows I can do it with taking a few liberties and still lose weight... for now! If that changed and I felt that those things were sabotaging my weight loss then I would stop and just have water...haha literally just water. First week is tough and I wanted to ease in gently :hmm:that may just be me making excuses!!

Sorry, trying to answer your questions but feel like I'm talking about myself too much! I want to be at my goal of 10stone (that would be a 4st 11lb loss) by September at the latest. I have a big birthday party to go to 1st September and they'll be a lot of people there I've not seen for ages. I think 1 stone a month should be achievable?

Oh, and SW London. I can't work out how to PM you duh! If you can then PM me where you are!

What flavours have you ordered? Did you order bars and soups too? How does your boyfriend feel about you doing this? It's great if you have support from people close to you.
I really hope that tomorrow goes well. Are you still going to the gym?

Good luck Minou :woohoo:Now you can give me advice x
S: 18st4lb C: 17st7lb BMI: 44.8 Loss: 0st11lb(4.3%)
Evening, sweetie

I did a bad and ate the whole box :( The only thing making me not want to cry is knowing I won't be eating anymore for a good long while.

Oh, I'm glad you feel good about it, you should! I mean, I have no idea what to expect from the first week (I'm going to weigh myself weekly at the Boots, I don't own a scale). And only know what I've seen on here. 10lbs seems to be quite the number, I've seen people saying from like 6lb a week to 11lb, so it really is a good job well done!

Don't underestimate how much you achieve in the week by sticking to the shake and not just throwing in the towel.

I'm nervous about failing...

How does it feel, the weight loss so far? Can you tell?

I'm glad you said that about the blender and the lumps. I'm a fuss pot and the texture of that would just make me gag! Eehk!

I think that's a realistic goal. I mean, I know they say the first week, or the first bit of weight loss is usually the most. So it may go down in pounds after that, but I still think on the plan it's a realistic, achievable goal! And having lost the weight you want, you will feel great and have an awesome time!

I ordered 21 strawberry, 5 chocolate, and 2 banana. Just a weeks worth at the moment. I choose mostly strawberry because I know I'll (should) definitely like them. And I wasn't sure about the banana but want to try it. If I like the chocolate, I will order more of it next time. Someone mentioned to me it might be bitter, so I didn't want to get too many. I'm doing TFRD, so I'll just be on the shakes. :eek:

What about you? What flavours do you like most?

My boyfriend is supportive in that he is understanding in that it's my decision. And he wouldn't try to stop me doing it. But he is concerned, and preferably doesn't want me to do it. So while I do have the support from him, I don't have his enthusiasm.

What about your boyfriend?

It's funny how you said you've become a feeder. I'm a total feeder! Ha.

Thanks, I hope everything arrives relatively early in the day so it can be my first full day.

I'm going to measure myself and take pictures so I can see the full effect of everything. I think it will be really motivating to be able to see all the differences and such :D

I haven't been to the gym since Thursday, and I went swimming on Saturday. I will probably go easy this week because I expect I'll be feeling pretty tired and weak.

What about you?

I will definitely be filling you in on every step, haha, oh man, this is gonna be hard!

S: 18st4lb C: 17st7lb BMI: 44.8 Loss: 0st11lb(4.3%)
Ps. I just tried, and because I'm new, I can't PM until I've made 50 posts.

I'm in Central London :)
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S: 14st9lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 2st2lb(14.63%)

If I was starting TFRD the next day I'd have eaten the whole pack too lol. Ordering a week's supply to start with is a good idea saves you from wasting your time and money on flavours you hate. I love banana, strawberry and chocolate. I just ordered a month's worth and mostly it consisted of those 3. I've also tried café latte (not for me a bit too malty), hazelnut...don't like very much. Caramel was quite nice, sweet! Have yet to try Vanilla but I have 2 packs. I tried vegetable soup and that was ok but I was hungry as hell that day! :) and am going to try a chicken soup tonight.

I think failing is always in the mind. I have been trying to start this diet and failing since November... doing one pack and then eating (loads). It is only the past week that I've felt in the place to really do it. But, even if you do it for a week or whatever and decide it's not for you then that's something you can either tick off as a no go (and many people can't do TFRD so no regrets) and you will probably have taken several pounds off in the process. Hopefully, you'll get started and think, 'Yes, it's hard but I can do this' either way, if you don't try then that's worse!

Weight loss so far? I didn't even feel like I'd lost much (was quite bloated) up until yesterday and today I definitely feel lighter and have more spring in my step. On Sunday I went online and ordered some summer trousers, bright muli patterned ones. They only had a size 14 but they arrived today and they fit!! They'll look better after another stone loss granted but I'm amazed because just over a week ago I wouldn't have even ordered them. They are made big but it's great they fit. For so long I haven't even looked at clothes...put them out of my mind and everything I own is black. I also ordered a white off shoulder top which is size 16 but I could've got away with a 14. And I'm introducing colour. Whoop! I just realised how awful I've felt. Ok, these clothes are baggy. I've got 2 x pairs of size 16 jeans I bought about a month ago and they don't go anywhere near doing up. But it all good motivation. So much so I am going to do a workout tonight. :D

Great that you keep up the exercise. I think it makes a difference. Oh, measuring and taking photos is a great idea. Anything that shows you progress is good. It's easy to forget where you started. I can't wait to see your progress! No pressure haha.

It's really good you have the support of your bf and mum you said before? That's quite key. I know what you mean about enthusiasm from them though. Very similar, my bf is supportive because he knows how unhappy I've been in myself. But I've noticed this week he's been telling me, 'It's ok to eat something, it won't do you any harm you've been so good!' I think he's a bit worried I'm not eating. And he saw me eating a bar today and said (with a big smile), 'You are eating!!' I told him it was still a meal replacement just in bar form! I know he's very supportive and has suggested we join a gym and go together so he can support me. But he just can't understand the no food bit.

Well, hope your packs have arrived. Ahhh, you are in The City. :) I used to work in the City now at Kings Cross. I am often in the City though as I meet up with old friends who still work there. Great to sit by the river or in a bar and watch the world go by!!

Keep me posted xx
S: 18st4lb C: 17st7lb BMI: 44.8 Loss: 0st11lb(4.3%)

So, my shakes came early but my blender came in the afternoon, so all morning I just had water, and I had errands, so I ended up walking a lot, and felt exhausted.

Then! I made my first shake. Strawberry, water, and ice, it looked good, smelled good, and what do I do? Knock it on the bloody floor, glass everywhere, shake everywhere. The whole house smelt like strawberries! The last thing I felt like doing was drinking a strawberry shake!

However... I did drink one. And have so far had that, and then a chocolate shake. And I have drank 1.5 litres of water already.

I was hesitant to post because I feel like if I talk about it, it's all real, and I will have to confront my feelings. But finally decided it would be good for me to have the support, and to say how I really feel.

I don't feel hungry.

I have peed every fifteen minutes all day!

The thought of drinking another thing makes me want to die.

I feel like I haven't spoken much today. My boyfriend kept saying he knew I was in a weird mood.

All I've done is read, and now I'm watching Grey's Anatomy.

I MUST have another shake today to keep my calories up but I don't think I will manage 4 since I started the day so late.

I weighed myself today, and am 18st 2lb, so next weigh in will be a week from now.

I think I actually prefer the chocolate shake having tasted both strawberry and chocolate, so I will need to order my next week's worth in a few days if they go alright so I have more variety.

I might have my last shake with skimmed milk for the calories.

It's so weird not eating. My eating issues are psychological, and just the act of putting something in my mouth and then getting those feel good vibes is satisfying for me. Going without that is... weird.

Oh, that's great about the clothes! And the colour! It's always nice to have a new outfit. I always get so excited to leave the house after I've bought new stuff. Any excuse to wear it all.

What type of workout are you planning on doing tonight?

How are your doing with it all?

Yeah. I often go and sit in the pretty gardens, or the coffee shop and read, or write. It's nice to be in the middle of it all sometimes.

Hope you're having a good evening <3


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S: 14st9lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 2st2lb(14.63%)
Oh Hon :bighug:Big hug,

What a day you've had!! You have done so bloody well after such a traumatic start. You did well to hold off it would be easy to say 'start tomorrow'. Oh my word, strawberry in the air & everywhere - must've been a bugger to clean up. Could've been worse, if it was veggie soup...ewww.

I had the same this week, can't always face all of the shakes but I've found for eg; yesterday I only had one bar and one shake just wasn't hungry. The next day you pay. I'm starving and realise that it's good to be consistent! Sometimes you just feel sick of shakes :(

You know, it's really hard to face feelings. I was thinking just this morning that I used to literally bung some junk food into my mouth to avoid most feelings. Now, I am having to think about what lies beneath...very deep and it can be a lot to deal with! Hang on in there lovely, it's a rollercoaster. I went all quiet at first, I think my body was in shock!

Well done on the water too. I think that's where my bloat came from. You literally feel like you are drowning in it! Then there's another shake which is more liquid....no wonder we live on the loo. :) but you somehow get used to it.

I did Zumba and I have a body blade I did what they call the Super 6...really good little piece of exercise equipment and grrreeeat for the bingo wings!! lol. So I'm knackered. Just had a hot chocolate shake. All ok today, feel ravenous but that was because I'd not eaten enough yesterday. Learn something new every day...

Hope you had a chance to relax and watch Grey's Anatomy in peace. Are you a writer? It is lovely to be in the middle of it. I moved to Hampshire for a few years once, quiet place and it drove me mad. My Mum lives there, I love to go and visit now but miss London too much if I'm gone for too long. xx

Lots love and yes, use some milk in your shake tonight if you feel you need it. If you think how many calories you've had today it's hardly anything! :cross: Fingers crossed tomorrow is a good day!!
S: 18st4lb C: 17st7lb BMI: 44.8 Loss: 0st11lb(4.3%)

How has your day been?

Zumba, woop! I've never done it but have wanted to try. I love dancing!
Do you go often?

How often do you weigh yourself?

I'm so impatient to just get on and see if even a pound has gone. It's a good job I don't actually own a scale. I go down to the Boots. It is only down the road though... ;)

Yeah. I'm happily binging on my favourite shows, and finishing the new books I have.

What type of stuff do you like to do to pass the time/stay distracted?

I had some sugar free squash in my water this morning, needed me some flavour!

So, I had a breakdown last night... And ended up having a few spoonfuls of beans and two slices of wholemeal toast. Ahhhh!

Initially I felt like if I did eat, I was just a big fat failure. But then decided that what I'm having right now, even with the beans and toast, is still way less and way better than what I was eating before.

I have to know it's not the end of the world if I eat something. I have a massive issue with guilt :(

(I also nicked a couple of my boyfriend's chocolate buttons today and got a massive sugar high.) :479:

Anyway, I'm going to try and not eat anything else today, and soon I'll be having my third shake.

I know what you mean, when I go back to visit my family, it's so strange being out of the city. There is nowhere like London, and even the little things are so different.

Yeah, I'm a writer. So I'm at home a lot more. What about you?

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S: 14st9lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 2st2lb(14.63%)
Hey! :wavey:

How's your day been? Hope all's going well and you've managed to enjoy the bit of sunshine before the weather changes...grrrr.

For me, today has been much better than yesterday!! Epic fail when I ate a roll with tuna mayo pilled on top of it. I wouldn't mind, but I didn't even enjoy it that much I stuffed it in so fast...but I stopped there (was tempted not to) but today I'm back on it strong and have been on it 100%. So far, banana, hot chocolate and I shall have chicken soup later and a bar.

Love Zumba. I used to go to the gym but I cancelled my membership ages ago, I've got a DVD that I do at home whenever I feel I need a lift or boost but I'm planning on trying to do it a few times a week. I'm keen not to be left with too many loose bits so I'd like to tone up! Or try! Really love it though, makes me smile. If you love dancing then Zumba will be for you! I'm trying to get a job nearer the City again and if I do we should find a class and go Shake That Weight at Zumba! :party0048:

I want to weigh every day too. But this week have resisted and will wait until Monday. Tempting though. At least you get exercise walking to Boots lol.

You know, beans and some toast is ok. :) even the buttons! You'll have those days (especially at the beginning, middle and end!) :sign0007: and then find the next day you are stronger than ever. Like you say, better than before. And I know diets in the past once I'd cheated, then I'd just go, 'Oh well, why stop there I've cheated now.' and then the diet's out the window. Well done for keeping it under control. You probably still only averaged out less than 1000 calories. That's LOW.

Must be tough being at home writing. Nice career though :) I had an ex bf who was a writer and I loved proof reading his work. Fascinating.

I am working just part-time for a charity but was waiting until I'd lost a bit of weight and then go for a job in the City. Nothing big, just admin or something as I need more money to try and get my skincare business off the ground. I make my own skincare but to market it is very expensive! :) but researching and just making creams and trying out new formulations is taking up quite a bit of my time at the moment. I also love reading (anything) but need some glasses so have resorted to Audible where the book's read to me lol!

Have a great evening, Minou! :8855:
S: 18st4lb C: 17st7lb BMI: 44.8 Loss: 0st11lb(4.3%)
Hi SashaGeorge

I've been hiding in shame, trying to decide what the bloody hell I'm doing.

Yesterday, after having my morning shake, I just felt extremely overwhelmed, and on the edge. I decided to just stop. That was it, I couldn't stand it for a second longer.
So I ate a load of crap, and it felt good. I felt relieved. I think my body was in shock or something, it needed the shake up of regular food. Or so I told myself :innocent0002:

Anyway, so I thought I was done. And today I had cornflakes for breakfast, and then a cookie when I was out.

But while I was out, I weighed myself, and I was 17st13lb, so I've lost 3lb, and while I was trying to bend down and put my shoes back on in the middle of boots, I was having so much trouble, and I began to get hot and sweaty, and I just wanted to lie on the floor and cry.

I also feel stuffed. From all the food yesterday and some today, I feel uncomfortable. While I hated a lot about being on the shakes for three days, I liked how I never felt like I had over eaten.

My new plan is to go back to the shakes, but to also have a meal. And to not be so strict when I want to steal a chocolate button or two.
I know I thought the whole cold turkey thing was for me. But I can't seem to do that either. SIGH.

Enough about me. Blah!

I missed chatting.
It's nice to check in with each other, and knowing there is someone else out there, not too far away in a similar boat.

I would love to do Zumba, this is a must if you come to the city! :party0011:

How was yesterday? Sounded like you were on the ball! That's really great! Woop! Well done! :D

Oh wow, tell me more about your skincare business?! Do you specialise in certain areas, like sensitive skin, or skin issues, or is it more broad, and there's a whole range of things?
That's exciting!!!

How has today been?

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S: 14st9lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 2st2lb(14.63%)
Glad you are still with me...it can get lonely here all by yourself lol. :help2:

Oh, don't hide in shame, Minou. :) It's so hard isn't it? Sometimes there's nothing else for it but a big blow out to relieve the tension!! But WOW you are in the 17's!! 3lb loss in just a few days (with a blow out!) it just shows how amazing the weight losses can be.....whether you do it TFRD or add food.

Sounds like you are making a good choice with adding a meal. It's gonna give you more of a balance. Everyone is different and we've gotta find what's best for us. Unfortunately the only way to do that is by trial and error :banghead: Just try not to beat yourself up over it. I can give that advice....not follow it myself lol. It's natural and human to feel all these damn emotions (overwhelmed, on edge) I've been there too. You are not alone. :)

Isn't it horrid when you feel so puffed out and sweaty and frustrating cause you just want to be able to live life without weight getting in the way! It can be a good motivation to keep going though. Imagine when the weather gets hotter. I just keep thinking there's no way I can spend the whole summer covered up!

I had another bread roll yesterday OMG why???!!! With egg mayo might I add!! lol. But came on TOTM overnight so I think my cravings have been influenced by that! Or I'm hoping anyway. I have chucked all my bf's lovely rolls for his lunches and we will not be buying them again!! He'll need to have a salad. End of - I'm sooo mean! :rolleyes:

You go girl. And just take it one step at a time. You've got 3lb off. Now, even if it's not perfect (I'm a perfect freak and put far too much pressure on myself) know that it doesn't have to be perfect for the weight to come off. Just balanced!! :D

I started making skin care for myself. I went through a really bad stress (my Dad died, made redundant, few other things too!) and my skin flared up really badly and I got Rosacea. Nothing worked, it actually aggravated it. When I realised what horrid nasties were in the products I was trying (even big names on the high street) I was shocked. So I had some strong cream from the Dr but decided to do a course and learn about what I could do for myself. I did a few courses and enjoyed it so much (not to mention the results I got as my skin cleared up) and I saw the power of pure oils. So that's it - I'm hooked lol. Have done a few different courses but there's always something to learn. Plus all formulations have to go to a Cosmetic Chemist to be verified before it can be sold £££££ I'm just doing all I can now until I get some more funds. So, after that rambling - in answer to your question! I do skincare that really is geared to sensitive skin because then anyone can use it but I also am trying out some really great anti ageing and vitamins in my products now. Oh, plus a friend's had a baby so did a baby course. Hopefully, I can get it off the ground.

Ok, that's my long long post! Hope you are still awake and I haven't sent you to sleep! Today is a new day.... shake here I come!! Have a great day xx
S: 18st4lb C: 17st7lb BMI: 44.8 Loss: 0st11lb(4.3%)
Hi, happy Saturday!

Yeah, I was so tempted to list all the crap I ate, haha. Speaking of, do you keep any kind of food diary?

I have been since I started. I don't know what it does for me exactly, but I kind of like doing it, and when I was in therapy I was always encouraged to do it, so... Eh, I don't know. For instance, looking at the day I had a blow out compared to today, you see such a difference and think, what the actual f&%k, you know? I don't need to be eating all that food.

I just had my second shake. Chocolate. Yummy.

I hope with the new plan, I can continue to to lose pounds, even if it isn't as fast as the TFR.

What's TOTM? I feel like I should know what you mean... Heh.

Like you said, it's okay to have a treat now and then. Depending on my mood, I have to have the good stuff in the house just to know it's there. And then other times, I'm like ahhh, get it all gone, just like you did with the rolls (OMG, warm bread rolls!). If I see it, I'll eat it!

Oh wow. That's really great! I love that, there was an issue, and you couldn't find what you needed so you decided to make it yourself. :D

I have sensitive skin, I have psoriasis too, so I definitely know the feeling of not being able to find the right thing for you.

I hope you're having a good weekend! You got any crazy plans?

I wanted to go to the Tate to see Tracy Emin's bed, but I was being lazy. Maybe next week...



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Happy Saturday! :angel09:

No, I don't keep a food diary but that's a great idea. I do a diary on Minimins and have just naturally started putting what packs I've had. But I also suffer migraines sometimes (be interesting to see if I get any while I'm on this diet) because people say food can play a part. If I'd written what I was eating before I started dieting in black and white I'd definitely go f&%k!! May have pulled me back to reality and made me stop bingeing sooner? Who knows. Thanks for that tip. x

TOTM (time of the month...came on my period! haha) :eek: had bad stomach pain today and bloated but I'm so glad it happened before Monday which is when I have week 2 weigh in. Ooohhh, scared. Don't think I've lost much at all which (if that's true) it could well send me to bingeville.

How have you got on? What's it like having a meal? Did it make a difference?

At least you aren't far from the Tate so you can just make a decision and go without too much planning. I used to work over the river by St Paul's and often walked across the bridge to the Tate Modern with a friend in the summer...only to end up spending a quick half hour in there before heading for the pub outside!! Especially on a summer's evening it's beautiful with St Pauls all lit up across the river. Beautiful. Hope you enjoy. :)

I know, warm bread rolls right? Just the smell makes me want to roll over and :giveup:Something I cannot resist so I know I just can't have it in the house.

I'm just taking it easy this weekend, nothing special planned but would like to go to cinema so if it's raining and miserable tomorrow might go and see The Avengers. I'm feeling lazy too though. Monday night I'm out with friends...will be a challenge, they want to go for something to eat!!!!! Lol.

Sensitive skin is the worst. And psoriasis is crap when it flares up. My ex boyfriend suffered badly from psoriasis and eczema - wish he was speaking to me now so I could give him some cream!

Anyway... :happy036: Saturday done! Hope you are having a nice relaxing evening.


Hi ladies.. my names Chloe and sorry to just crash your convo lol. Im starting the shakes tomorrow and just read through your posts. Im 14st 10lb and want to be atleast 11st by Aug! Iv neber done a shake diet or anything so extreme before so Im a little apprehensive yet excited!! Hope you are both doing well as I can see you're both alot like me (prone to a slip up here and there) lol!


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S: 14st9lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 2st2lb(14.63%)
Hey Chloe!
Yes, please join :) the more the merrier.

Good luck with starting the diet. I hope you've got on ok :D was it today you are starting? I think we all feel apprehensive beforehand - it's a big thing to undertake. I know I was desperate for it to work after trying so many different diets and just having had enough of being fat!!

What have you ordered? Are you doing total food replacement or adding a meal? Minou has started adding a meal but I'm trying to do TFRD...although not been so successful with a couple of bread rolls calling me midweek!!! Grrr. Lol. I've found drinking lots of water has helped though. I didn't think water was so important but I've come to realise it's key.

I started at 14st 11lb (so only a pound difference with you) and I just had my second week weigh in today. Lost 4lbs this week and 10lbs in week one. So that's a stone in 2 weeks. The diet is extreme....as you can tell from our posts! But worth it for the weight loss. I can't see why you can't get to 11st or at least near to it by August. You've got 3months plus a few weeks?

Best of luck...keep us posted. xx :happy036:


Hi Sasha Im actually doing slimfast so Im not sure how different it is to the shakes your trying. Mainly because it's easier to just go and from the shop rather than order and end up spending money then giving up because as you say, it is extreme! I got mainly strawberry and a chocolate and a vanilla. I knew Id like the strawberry. Iv had a shake this morning and Im going to try to just have a shake soon then another tonight.,, I may start adding a meal if Im struggling but I really do need to get my head in the zone which means being a little hardcore at first lol.

Your loss is fantastic! Im jealous haha, even with the odd slip up you've done amazing! Just imagine if you can keep this up.. wow! Im hoping I can keep it up as I really need to :/ I had a baby last July and literally have been making excuses to myself as to why I havent attempted to loose this baby weight sooner!! Silly really..

Hope you sre both doing well today!! xx