Egg whites on CD 790?


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Are these permitted? Have a few eggs in fridge that no-one else in family will eat, and an egg white omelette would make such a nice change from chicken for my one meal. I don't like white fish and hate cottage cheese and not that keen on tuna without mayo so am pretty fed up with chicken!
I have just started the 790 and i would like to know the answer to this one. ( i love eggs):)


I was told some time ago that vegetarians could be offered the option of one egg per day as the protein option. I had one lady who did not eat chicken, fish or tofu.

On 790 she had the one egg and green, did not add any fat or salt though.

Mm..not much in terms of quantity, one egg...At least with the tuna or chicken you get a larger amount. But it is an alternative I suppose. I am so fed-up with the chicken, which is strange because we have it most nights anyway, but I miss the salty sort of flavourings to go with it - well, I miss salt actually and herbs and black pepper aren't the same!
You are allowed to use spices I use spices on all of my 790 plan meals as like some spice so paprika/chili season all etc its all good
Thanks Lisa. I do use spices but I just love salt - never realised before! I am always reading stuff about how we all have too much salt and that lots of prepared food has 'hidden' salt content but I feel that I could just dive into a salt cellar, tongue hanging out! Am I mad or what?:D