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    New to this Forum,
    The reason i have joined is because as of tomorrow i will consume only 500 calories a day.
    I often use myself as a human guinea pig.
    Ive tried many weight loss attempts from water fasts to The atkins diet.
    Whist doing the atkins diet i began to binge eat on carbs, Then i would retry the diet and once again i would binge, This caused me to gain 20lbs in a short period of time as i was eating around 4500 calories a day,
    more recently i have managed to maintain my weight by eating 2000 calories a day.
    Now im going to have 500 calories a day and hope to be my original weight by august 1st 2009.
    Any help or tips would be appriciated.
    could someone please tell me how i upload an avatar?
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  4. findyfums

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    im hoping to lose 20lbs so i can get back to my original weight.
    I dont want to exhast myself though so for exercise ill be taking occasional walks.
    Ive done my own plan and shall be drinking large quantitys of water,
    hopefully i can lose my coffee addiction too.

    My fats will be coming from cheese or eggs, My Carbs will be coming from Fruit and Veg, As a vegitarian i will also be consuming nuts.

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