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Embarrasing Questions!!

Hey everyone!! Well i might as well go straight out and ask these questions!! Lol!

Anybody else suffering from really bad wind?? I seem to do nothing but fart ever since i started slimfast, lol!! Perhaps im a bit lactose intolerant??

Also....my urine smells really strange!! Like sweet coffee....its worse some days more so than other but has definitely changed!! Anybody else have this or am i a little bit of a weirdo!! :D
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Lol yes I have to admit I do have bad wind with slim fast...lol its sooo annoying!!


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ive not had either... (so i think your all wiredos!! lol)
but i have heard a lot of people having the windy pops.... but not the coffee smelling wee.... interesting....
Ahh well im glad some people have had the same experiences, lol! I was starting to think i was really abnormal!! I only drink the coffee shake occasionally but still get 'the coffee wee' all the time! So strange!! Luckily because i work with the elderly, they can't hear when i let out a few toots here and there....otherwise i think i would explode the amount of wind i get, lol!!! :)

I get the smelly breath (from all the milk) but no farts (well no more than normal lol). Don't forget extra exercise can get the digestion going too so you might start having a more "effective digestion" :).

Not having the smelly wee but am practically peeing pure water i'm drinking so much!
Im drinking 2l plus of water so the wee wees ok!! But poop is a bit odd, and farts and bloating and humdinging breath is all part of the fun 4 me!
Thank God we're single eh Sach? I've only got my cats to poison with the noxious fumes :p
Defo have a lot more wind than usual! Not too sure about the wee though, it's different, but I don't know about coffee...
so having just started slim fast a week ago after reading this thread im really not looking forward to smelling like an elephant and having coffee wee. oh well it'll be worth it in the end
lol... you have been warned :p
at least its only smellin like an elephant... we wont look like 1 4 much longer!!
My Wee smells like sugar puffs but is very weak!!!

Its true my wee actually smells of sugar puffs, but its very weak, due to all the water.... i thought i would just add this in to the thread!!:flirt2:

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