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Embarrassed but happy!


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Hi everyone.

This is embarrassing but it's also quite funny and I am very happy at the same time. :eek:

I just nipped to the supermarket and noticed my jeans kept slipping down! I only bought them a couple of weeks before Christmas and they were really tight but now they are too big! :D

This is really good as my first goal is to get into a pair of River Island jeans which finish at size 18. As my size 22 jeans are too big, that must mean I need a 20, which is only one size away from the River Island pair!

Just thought I would share this with you!

E xxx
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Taking one day at a time.
LOL!! Where I live, all the girls (fat & thin) seem to have their trousers hanging halfway down their behinds, showing their varying array of knickers, from the very large to the barely there!! I would say that it makes you trendy!!:8855:

But seriously, WELL DONE! It must feel GREAT. Here's to more smaller trewsers!!:D
Haha i know its a fantastic feeling! Since the beginning of last week i have had to wear a belt and like you have gone down from 22 to slightly loose 20 :D Go us!!! Well done and keep at it!


Is determined and focused
That's fantastic:D

You should be really proud of yourself!

Bring on the river island jeans, not far to go now:D:D:D:D:D
Wow, well done!! :)
Well done you

Fantastic. Lovely feeling.
It's funny when you re-discover belts!
I've got a selection now - haven't had one for years.
No more elasticated waistbands.............

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