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Day 1- 5th jan '11.

Melon medley- 100
Mullerlight- 90

WW soup- 100
Wholemeal bread x2- 185

Ryvita minis- 100
Ww yoghurt- 50

Din dins-
Ww pizza- 450

Ww choc mousse- 105

Total for today- 1180

Shred DVD day 1, level 1 :)
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thanks shanny babes, im on 1200 a day for the first 2 weeks then onto 1400 a day. ive still a few left for today which i will use later for a ww dessert. and im gonna start shred tonight too..:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:...lol xx
What is shred? sounds painful! x
Hey Lindsey shred is a DVD by jillian michaels from the biggest loser USA. It called 'the 30 day shred' and she says u can lose up to 20lbs in 30 days. But it tones u more that anything going by the results of some of the other girls on minimins. I've just done my first day at level 1 and although it was tough I'm still alive lol. There's 3 levels and ur suppose to do 10 days on each level. Xx
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Viva La Diva

A Brit living in the USA
Hello Emz....You seem nice and positive about everything, and organised!!! haha !! I'd like to see how you get on with the Shred, as I must start doing more exercise and have been thinking about an exercise DVD, but the choice is overwhelming!!!!I'm trying to stick to around 1200- 1500 cals a day !!!

Diva x
Hey diva thanks for the reply. So far so good on the positive front. As regards to the shred I have taken some before pics and will take some more after day 15 and then at day 30 to compare them and the results (that is if I can figure out how to upload them lol) so hopefully myself and everyone else will notice a difference. I'm going to start a separate 'shred thread' so everyone can keep up to date and join in if they like.

I'm at rc classes so I'm following the plan religiously to try to get my ass in gear. U seem just right with ur cal allowance. Hope ur doing okay xx
Wow!!! I'm so not committed enough to dedicate 30 whole days, lol!!!

Good luck, let me know how you fit it in, perhaps then I'll stop being so lazy, lol!!!

Day 2. 6th jan '11

Grape and melon medley- 130

Prawn pasta salad- 420

Am not snacking today and trying to keep my cals down as I'm out for dinner this evening. So 650 for dinner. :)

Dinner-(out for meal)
salmon fillet- 250
mashed potatoes- 240
shredded leek-40
soda water and lime drink-20

ice cream-150


Exercise- shred dvd level 1, day 2 complete :D (after i got home from dinner lol)
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Day 3, 7/1/11

B/fast- grape and melon medley- 130

Snack- ww yoghurt- 50

Lunch - prawn pasta salad- 420

Dinner- well I was working late and had good intentions of coming home and having soup and sarnie but called over to the neighbours and she set me down a slice of carrot cake. I checked the cal content on 'my fitness pal' and homemade was 350 so woops but have to be honest so counting it in :-(

2 rich tea- 80
Ww yoghurt- 50
plus 3 cups tea so adding 100 for milk

TOTAL- 1180 (thank goodness I not over my cals limit but I'm assuming the fat content in the carrot cake was sky high.!!)

Exercise- shred day 3, level 1 complete :)
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Day 4, 8/1/11

2slices w/meal toast- 180
Milk in tea and low fat butter- 50

Spicy lentil and veg soup - 135
2slices Danish bread- 130
Low fat butter - 25

Ryvita minis - 100

Dinner- Singapore chow mein from Chinese- 730

Total- 1350
Slightly over again..woops although only by 150 so shouldn't affect the scales too much :)
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Looks like you are well on it my lovely! Can't wait to see how much you have lost on day 7!
How are you doing with shred? It might be all psychological but I actually feel stronger already and I have prob only done about 5 shreds. Getting a bit bored with it now so might try level two tomorrow :)
Keep going Hun - you are keeping me going! Xxxxx
Day 5 9/1/11

2 slices Danish bread toasted- 130
Low fat butter- 50

Lunch/dinner- ( wasn't up till the afternoon)
2 slices Danish bread toasted- 130
Scrambled eggs- 300

Total- 610

Way too low in the cals for today but I took my TOTM and slept for most of the day and didn't even get out of my jammies lol.
So no exercise or shred today either as was feeling so so tired and no energy. :-(

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Day 6 10/1/11


Slice w/meal bread toasted- 90
Low fat butter-25

Lunch- was working today mobile hairdressing so was in such a rush never had time for lunch.

2 packets rowntrees randoms- 330

Ww pizza- 450

Snacks- 6x BBQ flavour snack a jacks- 240

Total so far- 1135

Hopefully do shred tonight but not promising anything lol :)

Day 4 level 1 shred completed :)

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Well done emz! I'm doing well too but weigh in tomorrow so will update. Have not done shred since the other day, done lots of walking though so better than nothing. Hope you're feeling better :)
Oooh kayemm I have my first weigh in 2moro too. I did my shred tonight so hopefully that'll help at the scales. :)

I LOOOOVE rowntrees randoms they're low fat but quite a few cals but was all I could grab today as was driving and working all day. They were yummy though. Good luck with ur weigh un 2moro Hun xx

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