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Emma's Weightloss journey


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Hi :wave_cry: i thought i would start a diary of my weightloss journey. Im on day 5 of my first week after switching from CD and i have to say i feel great. Im loving eating healthily again. I did have a sneak at the scales this morning and they said that i have lost 5lbs so far!!! i know i shouldnt have weighed myself yet but compared to before when i was on the scales every time i went to the toilet, once a morning isnt bad for me!!
Yesterday i did struggle with my points though, i managed 21 (allowed 28) so i banked 4 of them for a treat on sat. I will have to try harder with the points today, although i find it harder it eat when its really hot!!
So far every day i have managed around 3 litres of water and have found im not drinking as much diet coke as i have been.
Im loving this site and have picked up so many different ideas! ;)
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Morning Emma,
I am glad your doing so well,i found it hard when i switched from cd to ww,as it seems like your eating to much,thats what i found,but dont worry i soon started eating all my points!
If you cant eat all your points dont worry as this wont effect your weight loss.
Its great that diet coke is free,i love that stuff.
Keep going darking your doing so well :)


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Well yesterday went well i was within my points again and saved another 4 points. Today is day 6 and im finding ww easy so far, ive never found it this easy though. Maybe its because im at a stage in my life where i am 100% ready to loose the weight once and for all. Im in this for the long run howeVer long its going to take me! I know it will take a long time.
Im going to florida next june so ideally i would love to be 12 stone by then! Only 7stone to go lol. I will split it up to small targets of 7lbs i think and have another ticker with mini targets.
Mini targets are a great idea, especially for those of us who have quite a bit to lose.

I'm going to buy myself a non-food treat every time I lose a stone.


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Thats a good idea buying yourself a non-food treat when you reach each stone, looks like your not far off your next treat!! I did also think about putting £1 in a pot every time i lost 1lb.
Hi Gemma, Yesterday was good thank you, i ate most of my points and banked 4 for sat. Am feeling really positive and motivated at the moment. Thinking of adding in some light exercise today - Maybe going for a walk with my son - every little thing helps!! How are you today?


Winning by losing.
Hello! Just wanted to say all the best with the W.I in this week. You seem really motivated! It's a good idea to put a pound aside for every lb you lose! My mum's doing that for me, she knows how to motivate a poor student - money. lol. It's good because I know that when I get down I can buy some new clothes! Anyway, keep going! :D
1st Weigh in

Well it was my first weigh in this morning and i have lost 6lbs i am so happy!! :D I know that the first week is mainly water etc, but this has motivated me even more. I had it in my head that as i have an underactive thyroid i would never be able to loose weight eating food (only liquid diets) How wrong was i!! Anyway heres to another good week. Ive got 3lbs to go till im in the 18's something i have been trying to get to for the last few months!!
Wow 6lb is fantastic well done you, make sure to eat all your points up though or you will see if have a negative effect on your weight, WW is a proven formula based on people eating their allocated amount. Try using some normal pointed foods in place of lower fat ones to boost your points if you struggle, something i have never had to worry about though lol ;)
Thank you Vodaka and Gemma, im really happy!! I must admit though i have been struggling to eat all my points so i will take your advice and have normal pointed instead of the low fat food to bulk up my points. I dont know why i am struggling though as when i have followed ww in the past i never had a problem eating all my points!! lol x

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