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Consolidation Em's Conso diary


grammar police
So it's official - I have started eating cheese!!!

Will post a pic of me at the wedding later on but thought I'd make a start on a new diary.

Have not graduated to fruit or starch meals yet, and only just added bread in yesterday. The wedding last saturday was my first official gala, though there was definitely more than one glass of wine in there, and i kind of missed the evening buffet, so had to manage with what was left (mostly carbs) plus the breakfast on sunday could have been better but my hangover dictated what went in my mouth...

Been on the scales today and i'm 2lb up which i'm not too dissatisfied with. it could have been worse i'm thinking. Was tempted to wait till after PP tomorrow but couldn't resist today. Will be interesting to see what they say on Friday. Am taking it nice and steady at the moment, will perhaps look at adding fruit in next week and maybe starting starch/gala meals as and when I feel ready.

I've been reading up on some conso diaries to get some tips, and i'm hoping it's going to be a smooth transition for me (albeit with a bit of a blow out of a starter!)

Onto more exciting news then - the wedding all went really well, everyone seemed to have a really good time. I got LOTS of fabulous compliments - both on how I looked and on my chocolates too. Am thinking of maybe seeing how i do with a little online facebook type shop. I was surprised actually to find that I felt very confident and glamorous all day, and was actually looking forward to having my photo taken whereas in my old life I would have been hunched and hiding.

All in all I feel very proud to have made it this far - I've lost almost a third of my previous bodyweight, and feel fantastic for it. I know that the real work starts here in conso, and am determined to give it my all to make sure that this remains the last diet I'll ever do.
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last diet.......EVER!!
Whey Hey............big congraulations on your fantastic loss. Your chocs looked absolutely scrummy......I wouldn't hestitate in setting an on line shop on facebook (I didm't even know you could on there as I'm a bit of a ludite) I'm sure chocs will fly, especially as the way you presented them, looks so upmarket.......Harods style.:D


** Chief WITCH **
ooooh Emma, I'm brimming over with pride for you! What a journey! I think we were with you from the outset, were we not?

I've certainly seen your confidence grow as your weight reduced, and I shall be watching your progress attentively...



grammar police
Jo you were with me from the beginning, and there's no way I would have achieved what I have without the support from you and the other ladies on here who've helped me and so many others. You're an incredible support on here, and an inspiration too, so a big heartfelt thankyou!

(Sorry for the cheese overload - had to be said though!)


** Chief WITCH **
You know I can't bear cheese, so I've never quite understood people's glee at being able to eat it again! ;)

Kind words - thank you!


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Congratulations on your fabulous loss and your positive attitude. I haven't seen the chocolate yet, probably a good thing as I start getting cravings just hearing what people are saying about them. Look forward to seeing a picture of the new you. Have you got a before too?

I struggled with conso in the beginning and to a lesser extent now but got, as usual, excellent advice from the ladies on here.
Welcome to conso, Emma and a massive well done. Another one here who was delighted to have cheese again (and fruit). Can take or leave the carbs though, even 10 months after restarting them.

Off to look for chocolate!


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You look so lovely and so clearly happy in your own skin, wonderful pictures and what a difference. Well done :D


Dukan Ancestor!!
Wow wow wow Emma! You look STUNNING! Glad you had such a good time and what a perfect way to celebrate your achievement!
Well done and welcome to conso, I'm sure you'll find it a doddle - after all the rules are still there ;-)

Glad I logged on one last time before shutting down - I'm off to Germany for a few days now...

Have a good bank holiday too!


grammar police
Thanks guys, am actually planning on wearing it in a couple of weeks - we've a night out for my friend's birthday so i thought i'd wear it then.

The meal was soup, followed by beef (with veg, roasts and yorkshires) then a chocolate torte pudding. i think more damage was done by the buffet which i was late arriving to, so was left with spring rolls and some kind of stuffed pepper cheese thing. had enough to soak up a bit of the booze. it's probably a good job i missed out on the salads etc as a few people were quite ill monday/tuesday which we think might have potentially been to do with the buffet.

the scales this morning showed 1/2 lb down, so i'm not worried. for a moment i'd considered cruising a bit more, but i figured it's all going to fluctuate at the beginning on conso anyway, so just get on with it! am so glad i did - no starches yet, but am loving the cheese on toast moments! :D
Wow! Emma, you look fab. :D Well done!
Just wanted to say well done on reaching your target, you look fantastic and I can see how happy you are. How are you finding consolidation? I thought I wasn't far behind, but this last half stone is taking a bit of shifting. Must be the body desperately hanging on to its last fat reserves. Had a feeling that would happen - didn't the same thing happen to you? And did you do anything differently to clear that last hurdle?



grammar police
Thanks Mark. The same did happen to me - I think our bodies are trying to say 'you're now at a good weight - stop trying to lose any more!' For me it was hitting that number, and more of a mental thing rather than any expected difference in how I looked 2lb lighter.

There was definitely a big increase of physical activity in the last couple of weeks which I think had a lot to do with it. I made chocolates for the favours for my brother's wedding, but it was in my own time - so every evening and a couple of full days at the weekends I was on my feet in the kitchen. Being so busy meant I was snacking less as well I think, but I'm putting it down to the increase in activity. Not exercise as such, but something of an equivalent.

Am enjoying conso thus far - have still to add in any starch meals or fruit, and it's looking like I'll probably skip the gala too this week. I'm sure I shouldn't be, but i'm putting last weekend down as 2 galas in my head, so it evens out. Still a little over this morning on the scales even after pp yesterday so i'm trying to keep that under a watchful eye too.
I'll bet that's the scary part, not losing weight anymore, just hanging on to what you've lost and trying not to become obsessed about it! I've long suspected the 3rd stage would be the hardest, because I've found the actual weight loss fairly easy.

After accustomising ourselves to this level of almost brainwashing about how and what we eat, I'll bet the idea of having a celebration meal just feels wrong. I'll find out soon enough.


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