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End of 2nd day on CD

Hi All,

Just thought i would write a little about my second day on CD. Woke up this morning feeling great, not hungry like day one, dull headache, really cold, but feeling better than i thought i would. Drank 5 1/2 pints of water easily. This evening i feel really tired and headache still there but not bad. Cant believe i have made another day. Have not been the toilet yet (if you know what i mean) so i will have to invest in some laxatives.

Hub has been fantastic, feeding kids and helping in anyway he can.

All this happening and i have still only had 3 cigs (cut down over the last two weeks from 20 a day). I feel like superwoman.

Lets hope tomorrow is good and my third day runs smoothly. :eek:
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well done.Fingers crossed you have got over the worst bit.I know what you mean about the toilet situation;) .

congratulations on cutting down on the cigs as well.

I am at the end of day 4 going really well,my energy levels are rising,my skin is looking well must be all the water i have been having.

good luck for the rest of the week:)
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well done you!!! Its great to take it literally each day as it comes.
When I started CD back in april I found it amazing that I could go for days with out any food at all..........seemed so weird and alien to me and my system. But it does soon become a way of life.

I am now on restart to fit into my wedding dress....but its going good again after a blip at the weekend! I lost 11lb in my first week and then just 2 last week...but at the end of the day thats 13lb in 2 weeks.............no other diet can give you this feeling of achievement.....the results are amazing and almost instant........
You are doing fab hon......I usually only ever suffer a slight headache while going into Ketosis.......some people really suffer so if you carry on with just a fuzzy head then I guess you are one of us lucky ones!

Good luck for day 3.........you will be one week down before you know it!

hugs Lou X
oops pressed send and i hadn't finish reply, that was me raising a glass. Cant wait to weigh day so i can see the change. xxx
Fantastic Noo, 13lbs in two weeks is brill xx
Do not know when i am in ketosis, but hope it is on its way. My Auntie is also on CD and recommended it to me (she has lost 5 1/2 stone in 5 months) thinks i maybe in ketosis because of feeling cold. Hope i am and this is the worse it gets as i am coping at the moment.
Hi Lancslass,

Just at the beginning of day 3. Feel good today and hope it carries on. Just had my morning shake and feel full for the first time when drinking in.

Role on weigh day!!!!

Keep it up hun, we will soon be thin.
It's good to see how others are doing. I think you're a day ahead of me. I'm just starting day 2.So far so good. I geel a little groggy. Bit of headache but not really feeling hungry which I'm grateful for. Any idea how we know when we're in ketosis? I'm feeling cold but then again I AM in Scotland!!:p
Hope you all have a good day
Tiara x
Hiya Tiara,

Really good to hear from you, well done for getting trough your first day.

I had a muzzy head all day yesterday but felt fine. I was told it is usually day 3 when you go into ketosis but i suppose everyone is difference. I work for a GP so i will test myself tomorrow (i booked two days off to get over the worse of the diet).

Keep going hun x

Oh and i hope the ticker works on the bottom of my post hehe, think i might of figured out how to use it, lets see.
It did work fine. I'll need to sort one out. I'll maybe do it tonight. Right now I'm supposed to be working. I think I'm getting a little obsessed with this diet. It's all I can think about! Wonder if thats a good thing?
I know the feeling. This site is soooooooo addictive. It really motivates you. It is lovely to talk to people who are going through the same as yourself.

I don't think i will get much work done myself tomorrow. They will be trying to feed me up so that i work.
I have loads of orders sitting here do do and haven't done anything today yet! I'll need to go and get something done.:(
Speak to you soon Tiara, maybe we can support each other through the diet.

Day 3 and i feel great, feel like a normal person again. lol. Lets hope it feels this good all the way through the diet. x
Roll on tomorrow for me then.. I just feel like I've been drinking last night but without the fun! Yes I think there are a few new starts on here and we should all support each other. I think it's that that will make the difference! Talk soon.

Tiara x:)


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Hey there SkinnyCow and Tiara-maker,

I started my Cambridge diet on monday for the first time and i also quit smoking. I used to smoke 20 a day (min:eek: ) but have not smoked since sunday night. I'm too busy thinking about how hungry I am!! It is tough though! I too haven't gone to the loo (as such) since sunday and am getting a little worried... do you know if that is normal on this diet or should i be doing something about it?

Anyway, I look forward to losing weight and its great to know that you guys are in the same situation as i am!


Hi Alli,

Great to hear from you. Well done on your 3rd day of CD.

I still haven't been yet but i am not worried, the only thing that bothers me is that i might weigh heavier if i haven't been ha ha.

How are you feeling on day 3. I feel fantastic and have loads of energy.

I weighed myself today and according to my scales i have lost 5lb, can't believe it. I know i should not weigh myself yet incase i don't lose that much on Friday weigh in, but never mind it has made me happy for today.

Keep going hun xx


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G: 9st6lb
Thanks so much skinny cow!

It really makes me so happy to be able to chat to you guys! Everyone at work is laughing at me and thinks im stupid for doing this, and are wafting pizza, McDonalds and KFC etc in my face!!:mad: THE PAIN! ergh..

Focus focus...

Anyway, this weigh in thing... is that when you see your counsellor or something? Sorry, i am so new to all of this!

Also.. i now don't have to worry about not going to the loo... thank you... :)

Also, when am I allowed to start to go to the gym? I just feel a bit stupid that I'm trying to lose weight but i'm just sat on my bum all day in the office then straight home to sleep, avoiding the temptations of my housemates heavenly smelling food and fags!


x Alli x
Hi Alli,
Good to meet you. Well done on getting through the 1st few days and giving up smoking at the same time! That's some feat. You must be really proud of yourself!

Poor you having to put up with your colleagues waving food infront of your face. They don't sound very nice.

Anyway I'd better go and get my daughter's tea. She souldn't starve just cause I am! ( You can tell I'm feeling sorry for myself eh?)

Talk soon

Tiara x

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