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End of day 2 feeling like death!

And iv heard day 3 is the hardest day. I felt fine earlier, now I feel sick, got a headache and feel weak.
I've drank loads of water and am taking myself off to bed but dreading what tomorrow brings.
Got to be in work at 8am and I walk there (20mins) not sure il have the energy if I feel like this! Aaaaaah!!!!
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No longer "Overweight" !
Aw, hun - sorry to hear. :( Hope you're now tucked up in bed and sleeping it off...

Best of luck for tomorrow. Make sure you have some tea bags with you - keep yourself warm.

Hugs, Marianne x
Im new to lipotrim as well. This is day three for me. I haven't felt bad at all - except stinky breath so far. I have five stone to lose so it's a long journey. Can you count the water from your shakes as part of your two litres?
Stick with it hun.... you've done the hardest bit.... dont take teh easy way out and give in!!!

You can do it!!!

These horrible feelings pass!!! I promise!!! X


No longer "Overweight" !
Im new to lipotrim as well. This is day three for me. I haven't felt bad at all - except stinky breath so far. I have five stone to lose so it's a long journey. Can you count the water from your shakes as part of your two litres?
Hi Leah, and welcome!

Stinky breath is annoying, but it's a good sign - you should be getting into ketosis now and starting to burn off some fat, yay! :)

How dilute do you have your shakes? About 250ml per shake DOESN'T get counted towards your 2litres, but if you make them up more dilute, then the extra will count. The 2 litres is really a minimum, too - if you can get nearer to 3 then even better...

Best of luck,
Marianne x
HI there,
I have just finished day 6 and have to say it does get better. Stick with it, if I can then I'm sure you can as I find diets so hard but have managed to stay 100% true to this one, this week at least!!!
I think the headache is to do with lack of carbs but your body will soon get over it and not crave them anymore.

Good luck and keep us posted



Determind dieter :D
You still get stupid cravings but they are brain instigated rather than stomach cravings shall we say. Just keep drinking water :( knows its dull but it really does help. Glad your doing well on your journey so far x x x
Hi there

I'm day 3 and have to say I felt awful yesterday. Pains in my stomach were intense to say the least and sleeping isn't coming easily so I'm living every minute of this first week.

Thankfully on day 3 the stomach pains are a lot less but the headache I'm carrying around is horrible. Any idea how long this lasts? Some threads say 1-3 days, other that it can take 3 weeks before you feel back to normal.

Thanks xx
Well iv finished day 3 - just about to go to bed. Today has been ok but I seem to be worse at night. I start feeling in my head that I need to eat cos I'm feeling weak but I think it might just b tiredness.cant wait to weigh in this week.I started Saturday but my weigh in is on Thursday.roll on Thursday want to get past the 1st and 2nd week.I don't usually last til the end of the 2nd week I usually give up so if I do it this time I will be well pleased.
Starting to dislike the shakes...should i try a flapjack instead? I know they must b quite dry!

Hope u all being good! Thank u all for support over the past few days!



No longer "Overweight" !
Hi Frecklesy, glad to hear you got through the day.

I think you're right about evenings - I'm the same. Tired and missing your normal routine...

The first flapjack or two I had, I quite liked, but I went off them very quickly. After a break of many weeks I tried them again, and they weren't too bad for another one or two times, but now I've gone off them again! Some people love them, a lot don't... I guess you have to try to find out for yourself :D

Hope you find the strength to stick with it for a bit longer,
I am going to stick with it. I really need to lose 3 stone- I'm sick of being the "big" girl, the "fatter" sister etc etc. I think the main thing is sticking to it in social situations - don't realise how much food is involved until u sit back and think and watch.
I think iv lost another pound - I said I wasn't going to go on my scales but at the moment as it's all new I just want to see how much this affects my body. I'm always the one at slimming classes that doesn't have a massive loss so I'm pretty pleased with 6lb in 4 days..
I might leave the flapjack til nxt week or the weekend.

Just going to walk the dog as I have loads of energy in the morning!



No longer "Overweight" !
Great news... That sounds much like where I was, and I can't even get across how much positive difference it's made to my life in just a few weeks! I'm certain it'll be the same for you.

The energy is great isnt it??? HEhe!!!

Your gonna do great!!!

Your social life does take a hit with this diet but everyone will still be there when your slinky!!!

Yeah can't wait til I'm slinky.got loads of clothes I want to wear again.and when I get to a size 12 I want to start wearing jeans again!yippee!

Thanks girls for your encouragement.



No longer "Overweight" !
Yeah can't wait til I'm slinky.got loads of clothes I want to wear again.
Better try them on regularly - I had a few things I was looking forward to wearing again but all of a sudden they were too big and I'd missed my chance! :rotflmao:

Hope you get some encouraging results soon,

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Well done on sticking with it. The first week is always a toughie. Throughout your journey you will get occasional cravings and tough days. Water is your best friend!! Believe me, it is a habit you need to keep after TFR for successful maintenance!
Aim for three litres a day. It is easier to keep sipping throughout the day. I keep sports bottles everywhere so I am never without it.
Whilst on TFR I aimed to have 500 mls at breakfast lunch and dinner and then sipped another litre and half throughout the day. It really helps and your skin will be fabulous!!!

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