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Slowly but surely!
Its always best to be honest with women, id rather not be with someone than be with someone who 100% doesnt want to be with me, if that makes sense lol :)


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Awww rodders **big hugs** :)

Aslong as you are doing what is best for you and looking after number 1 :D

Member, im around if you wants a chin wag - i dont bite!! lol :p


My husband = My hero
Cheer up chuck... its for the best...

and av got a nice cup of hot chockie an a chocolate eclaire here for u if u want it.. will make u feel better.. honest :D



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haha lauren!!!!! trying to bring down the opponent much?!! lol :)


My husband = My hero
As if i would in his time of need!!

I think th relationship was emotioanlly draining for him anyway, and im glad hes doing something for himself...

plsu gives u chance to move in missy haha xxx


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haha i dont think my chap would be too happy about that!
Although, we had a row this morning and i am not speaking to him!!! haha lol

But rodders, seriously, good for you :)
If you have to question a relationship it isnt right!

Hope you are ok!
Drown your sorrows with a nice, cold, refreshing pint of water!! mmmm
sorry to hear that rodders, just be happy being single for a while.
aww.. well im sorry to hear about that. but like everyone said you did the right thing being honest with her. it would have been wrong to string her along if you werent in it 100%
enjoy being single... (says me getting married in 7months :p) when the time is right im sure everything will fall into place and im sure a lovely girl is waiting right round the corner for u xx


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
Sorry to hear that Roddy, but hey, you're making a completely brand new you and I guess once you've reached your target and your focus isn't on the diet so much, you'll be able to focus on other things, such as relationships, that's not to say that people in relationships can't focus but....oh you know what I mean lol! I'm slightly rubbish with words at times. Ok..let me simplify. I'm sorry to hear you've split with your g/f but this is a good time to take time out for you...Hmmm...think I got there in the end lol! xxx :D:D:D
U have done the right thing Roddy, jus wish i had ur courage, i hate hurting ppl, its not goin well with my bf jus now and he is annoyin me as he dont want me to loose weight as he said i will be able to get any guy i want wen i do, selfish i know!
hope ur ok though x


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Laura i have exactly the same problem - he keeps telling me cuz others have split up after LT me and him probably will!

Partners hey!!!!! :sigh:

Ere rodders, where are ya? are ya ok? x


I will be skinny again!!!
Hahaha there must be something in the air, me n chris are on the rocks ATM too!!

Dontthink it's to do with the diet though because he doesn't really show an interest anyway


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Hmmmmmm :)


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guys tanks for ya support its good tho! had a fantastic day! ill start to miss her later


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Init just!!! I think it must be their 'totm' haha
Yea i know, cant live with them, cant live without them lol x

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