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Enough is enough..



I am new to all this and am getting to grips with both the diet and this website!

Today has been my first day and have felt very positive, reading everyone's experiences has defiantly helped me.

Welcome advice, hints and tips!

My first weigh in is next Monday 24th at 9am...can't wait!

Will keep this page updated more to help me than anything else!

Good luck to us all xxx:p
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Hey ash!,

Welcome! Glad to hear your first day has gone well. I've been doing CD for 5 weeks and have lost a stone and a half so far. The first few days might be difficult but hang on in there! It gets easier :) You'll be fab

Lots of luck xxx
Well I can't waste time I am sat here thinking about what is in the fridge so have come to bed with the laptop and keeping myself busy! First time all day I have been hungry and this has always been my worst time of night.

Wow Cari that is absolutely amazing and it's results like that, that make me think bring on 5 weeks time and that is such a short space of time!

What plan are you on Cari?

Also just noticed we have the same goal 140lbs! Seems like a dream right now but we will get there xx
Good luck chick, this is my 3rd week and I promise it gets easier, I never ever in my life thought I'd manage to stick to this diet but I have :)

All the best hon, the ladies here are wonderful with fab advice xxx
You have done fantastic emsiem 10.5 lbs!!!! When is your weigh in?

I am determined to do this and I will. My absolute inspiration is I am bridesmaid twice next year one in June and one in August all other bridesmaids are size 10 and we have a dress fitting in January. My dress was ordered the size I am now so can't wait to see what alterations have to be made in January!!! xx
Yes we will get there :)

I'm on ss/ss+. I found in the beginning I would need a bit of something else, like some chicken or boiled eggs each day. As time goes on I feel less hungry and have had a few ss days in a row now :) 5th weigh in tomorrow morning and going by my scales should be quite a good week :) started at 13 stone 6 and 1/4 and this morning the scales said 11 stone 13 and a half!!:D

What plan are you doing ash? xx
I am doing SS but giving myself scope to have a breast of chicken some fish or boiled eggs each day.

It's nice to see you have done that and still had such a dramatic and impressive weight loss. Please let me know how your weigh in goes would love to know how many more pounds you have shed!

Have you had any side effects?

As long as you stick to protein if you need something extra and keep away from carbs you'll be hunky-dory! :)

Yep will let you know how weigh in goes hun. wish me luck :)

Best of luck to you I am positive you will do well. Going to get an early night I think am shattered, thinking I may need to pee through the night with the amount of water I have consumed! haha xx
ooh can't think of any side effects. Except weeing loooaaaads, oh and my clothes falling off 'cos they're getting so big on me :D:D:D

Stick with it chick, it'll be so worth it soon enough! You'll stop feeling hungry in a few days and it'll be plain sailing to skinnyville!! :) Just had my weigh-in and another 5lbs off. Even wore my new size 12 jeans! :D

Keeping drinking that water. Thinking of you.

Hugs xxx
I have had to have a cuppa with a tiny bit of skimmed milk as I have a banging headache think its lack of sleep though to my daughter was up in the night :-(

Absolutely fantastic weight loss amazing infact and as for the size 12 jeans I can't wait for that moment xxx
I had milk in my tea but I drank my coffee black all the was through and never made and difference to my loss x
Thank you that is reassuring, it was a matter of i HAD to do it. Today has been a tough day and still got the evening to come which for me is the hardest. Going to make sure my bath is nice and long tonight and maybe paint my nails. Must keep busy!


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