Eugh Eugh and double EUgh!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by cheekychick81, 6 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. cheekychick81

    cheekychick81 Gold Member

    i just tried a oriental chilli soup!! OMG i took one spoonful and poured the rest down the sink!! Luckily i have a few extra so i have enough to do so..... Im really dissapointed because ive heard people say it tastes like thai green curry.... well not the type i make lol!! ive most definately will not be ordering any soups this week and as for the ones ive got in my kitchen they will be staying there for now lol!!
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  3. Leanne1983

    Leanne1983 Full Member

    Im on my first day and I haven't bought any soups as they are supposed to be horrible. Lots of people have said the chilli one is the best so I dont know what that tells you about the others........ Im sticking to the shakes for now!
  4. moti17

    moti17 is gonna do it!!

    ha ha, I know, its absolutely minging!!
    I can only stomach the chcken and mushroom soup.
  5. cheekychick81

    cheekychick81 Gold Member

    yup ill be sticking to the shakes for now too!!
  6. TrueBlueAngel

    TrueBlueAngel I WILL be thin!!

    I like the Chilli one and the spicy tomato. But dont even try the cheese and broccoli soup - its too gross to describe!
  7. cheekychick81

    cheekychick81 Gold Member

    i have a cheese and broc one so thanks... ill definately not be having that!! just had a nice cappucino shake... sweeter than i thought but yummy....

    Also..... does anyone find the choc tetras ridiculously sweet?? i thought my teeth were going to fall out!
  8. herewego

    herewego Gold Member

    I was thinking about braving it and having my one and only soup (oriental chilli) tonight, but after your description I might just leave it until I'm really desperate for something savoury :)
  9. hi all, i was strictely tetras/shakes for first couple of wks until i was given some soups from a friend who gave up after 3 days! i tried spicy tom and veg and love the tom type in fact i have 1 a day now so i dont get fed up with shakes! it's just like a cup a soup! dont fancy the chicken or cheese/brocoli though sounds gross! i wouldnt rule out the soup as you wouldnt want to get fed up then give up! it also feels like you are something substansial as its hot and filling! good luck x
  10. Róisín

    Róisín Full Member

    I LOVE Broccoli and Cheese soup and HATE the Oriental Chilli :giggle:

    It's amazing how much personal change differs!
  11. Chlo

    Chlo Silver Member

    Like you I tried the Oriental Chilli first, it went straight down the sink. I then tried chicken and mushroom and it followed it predecessor, and now avoid all soups..... vile.
  12. Babydaisy

    Babydaisy Member

    Ha! You are all mad. The soups are lovely and so are the shakes!! ( am I the only one on here who likes them all- or is it just that I have no taste buds????????????????)
  13. Milsey-Girl

    Milsey-Girl Full Member

    I too like all the shakes and soups (not so keen on Forest Fruit shake but it was OK) so have loads of variety and hopefully won't get bored;)
  14. furrysmudge

    furrysmudge Gold Member

    <waves at babydaisy> I like the soups, in particular the chicken n mushroom, oriental chilli, spicy tomato and vegetable. I put loads of fresh herbs in mine, thyme in the chick, basil in the tomato and coriander in the chilli. My vanilla shake I use throughout the day in my coffee and when it's hot I make my shakes up in the blender with lots of ice cubes.....yummy! xxx
  15. herewego

    herewego Gold Member

    I tried the Oriental Chilli soup tonight despite your warning and it was vile. Will be sticking to the shakes from now on :eek::eek::eek:
  16. **sparkles**

    **sparkles** Silver Member

    I must admit-I don't like the Oriental Chilli either. My favourite is the Chicken & Mushroom and I don't mind the Spicy Tomato every now and again. I've got a Leek and Potato one in the cupboard but I haven't been brave enough to try it yet!:D
  17. kadmus

    kadmus Full Member

    I LOVE the oriental chilli. And I love the choc orange shake. Started bars this week and so far they seem ok.
  18. Purplepixie

    Purplepixie Full Member

    I love the spicey tomato, leek and potato and the vegtable soup. Brocolli and cheese is vile and I haven't braved any others. My routine is water water water, tetra at lunch, soup for evening and shake before bed. either Banana,strawberry, fruits of the forrest or toffee and walnut
  19. Foosey

    Foosey Full Member

    I know the feeling cheekychick. I hate it too. I have tried all the soups and hated them apart from the leek and potato which i got when i went for weigh in. I only got 1 as I hated all the others so much. But this one with plenty of black peeper in was not too bad, much better than the others.
    Bit of a blow not liking all the soups as I am a savoury girl, don't really have a sweet tooth. I crave savoury things.
    You may as well give it a try as it surprised me and now I wished I have got more but will have to wait till next week now.

  20. kitt21

    kitt21 Full Member

    I really hate the soups too' once I've used mine up I'm sticking to shakes!!!
  21. charlotte_k

    charlotte_k Silver Member

    i love the oriental chilli soup. i put loads of chilli powder, cayenne pepper, smoked paprika and black pepper in it and it blows my head off!!!!! been craving spicy food since i started this diet, i think i just want loads of flavour x x

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