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Everyday I'm shufflin......to a skinny pinkiepie!

Well I thought I would have a bash at this diary business in the hope that it will keep me on track.
Today is day 5, I'm pretty sure I'm in ketosis as my mouth tastes like Gandhi's flipflop & i'm not hungry in the slightest. Just had my 1st shake of the day, vanilla with coffee yum.
Yesterday I had an appointment with the dietition I was referred to by my doctor, what a waste of time!!! I was put on xenicol after going to the docs several times asking for help with my weight. I didn't eat junk but just ate far too much healthy food (could easily polish off a pan full of pasta in one sitting) I would binge on carbs & eat in secret. Anyhoo the wonderful words of wisdom from the dietition was......reduce your portions:eek:
Erm if I could've I would've!!! I didn't tell them I was on Exante now as didn't want any negetive comments.
So glad I decided to do Exante!
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Xenical terrified me. I lost 8lb in the first week i used Xenical because i was so terrified of crapping myself that i ate properly. It does work! :giggle:
Well just got back from the docs to go back on the pill (suffer with terrible TOTM) as they took me off it to go on the xenicol. Not sure what kind of loss to expect this week with it being TOTM, does it affect anyone else?
My OH has been great, he's pledged to put away £4 for every 1lb I lose & will give it to me when I reach my target. That means a £328 shopping spree of lovely slim clothes!


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I was sent to a dietician because I was being very ill -everyone assumed it was because of my weight which annoyed me. Anyway, they got me to try a few different diets then when I tried wheat free I started getting better. Dietician said I was wheat intolerant & to cut it out of my diet. Doctor's won't prescribe wheat free food only gluten free & the stuff is a flippin' fortune :( I just found out the other day that they should have kept seeing me then slowly got me to re-introduce wheat to see where my tolerance levels are. I've been off wheat so long now that if I do eat some (hidden in food) I am REALLY ill. Ok, rambling sorry -my point is sometimes you have to go it alone cause these professionals either don't care or don't seem to want to help. Good luck huni xo
Had a bit of a wobble this afternoon, I wasn't hungry but I just wanted to eat. I wasn't craving anything in particular just anything to eat, so I had a search & found some of my old lipotrim posts from 2009 when I last did TFR. Initially it motivated me when I read the posts nearing the end of my journey but then I got really annoyed with myself that I've let this happen again (with another 2st on top for good measure).:cry:
I tended to obssess back then about what I was gonna eat when I came off LT & would canstantly watch food programs or read recipe books. This time I'm gonna make sure that food doesn't beome my "hobby" again & instead try to get obssessive about something good like exercise (I have quite an obssessive/addictive nature).
I'm starting walking again tomorrow, would really like to do some exercise classes like Zumba but as I've only just moved to a new area I don't know anyone to go with & feel a bit self-consious going on my own so I've just ordered Zumba Wii.
That's my Pinkiepie!!! Don't give in!

It's difficult when food is a "hobby" and i suspect for a lot of us here it has been hence us being in the mess we're in. It's trying to break that cycle of "Ooh I'm bored, what shall i eat?" Into "Oooh I'm bored, what can i do to cure it?" It is so so easy to rely on food as a comfort. It is the only thing you can rely on to never let you down after all. But it does let us down. By helping us become overweight and miserable.

You could say food is a stealth assassin.

Well done you for standing firm during your wobble! x
You could say food is a stealth assassin

Cheers hun. I'm looking forward to getting into some exercise, just gonna take it easy to start with walking. I read you are gonna start the shred thingy, not 100% sure what it is but hope you enjoy it x
Feeling a bit poo today:( didn't sleep well last night as keep getting palpitations:confused:
Was talking to mum-in-law last night & she got a bit upset when I told her I was on a vlcd, she did LL a few years ago & now blames a lot of ailments on it. So that got my head in a spin!
I didn't have any problems last time I did this, except I lost a lot of hair.
Also I struggled a bit at work today, feeling weak, as I have quite a physical job.
I then got thinking about what will happen when I'm at target & how I will manage to maintain, last time I piled it back on as quick as I lost it:cry:. Just wondered if there are any successful maintainers out there & how they do it??
Jeez I feel like I've lost all my positivity...help:wave_cry:
Thanks cupcake, I'm sure I'll be fine, just lost my mojo a bit today. I'm sticking to the diet as planned & should be feeling tip top tomorrow. Hope your doing ok sweetie x

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