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Everyday's a SW day...take two! :)

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by xmisskx, 7 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. xmisskx

    xmisskx Gold Member

    Hi everyone :D

    After being on holiday and having 3 weeks COMPLETELY off plan, i'm back!

    Some of you might have subscribed to my old diary - http://www.minimins.com/slimming-world-food-diaries/315636-everydays-sw-day-x-16.html#post7390812 but i've decided that i'm going to rejoin a class this week and so i'd start a new diary to go along with my fresh start!

    For those who don't know me, i joined SW in January 2013 and went to class until Dec 2013. I pretty much stuck to plan religiously (give or take the odd social occasion) and saw me slowly but surely losing most weeks (depending on good old mother nature! lol)

    I decided to leave group and try to go it alone this year, but i found that my 7 days, 100% on plan way of life started to slip with weekends being the biggest struggle meaning that over all, i was kinda maintaining my weight or playing around with the same 7lbs.

    After all this time off and sooo much junk food, dread to think what weight i'll be when i join class tomorrow but i'm going to try my best to take it on the chin and make today day 1.....a new group, new books and a new lease of life is required to help me shift whatever weight i've put on and to make a dent in the numbers to start getting them lower again.

    I tend to do green and EE days with the odd red one thrown in

    Seeing as i've not cooked/food optimised for weeks....i'm hoping i can start today with ease....so far so good as i've spent the morning cooking to help with the week ahead.

    The plan for this week is to get back into SW mode, drink plenty, embrace as much superfree as possible, introduce cooking again (i've pretty much eaten out or had takeaways the whole time!!!) join class, use mini's and IG for support and take everyday as it comes....

    I need to get back to the place i was before...where i wasn't tempted by anything and being on plan 100% all the time didn't seem so much like a hardship! :giggle:

    hoping some of you lovely lot who followed my journey on the last diary will jump over to this one....and of course, that some new faces come on board for the ride too :D x
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  3. Rochelle1

    Rochelle1 Gold Member

    Welcome back!! Coming to subscribe x
  4. xmisskx

    xmisskx Gold Member

    Thanks dolly...hope you're doing ok xx

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  5. xmisskx

    xmisskx Gold Member

    Well...1st day almost over and i've found it ok.
    actually not been too hungry which i'm surprised about.....tomorrow might be different tho! lol

    DAY - EE

    1/2 syn roulade with fruit salad and yog

    egg wrap with a quorn sausage
    seafood sticks

    Slow cooked beef, sw roasties, carrot & suede mash and corn on the cob

    HEb: 2 x hifi light
    HEa: splash of milk in a coffee and a 20g cathedral city cheese stick

    gravy - 1.5
    crisps - 5.5
    1 celebration chocolate - 2.5

    9.5 in total for the day :D x

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  6. Allimack

    Allimack Silver Member

    Hi hun! I'm back from the black hole I fell in 2!! I'm sure yer fresh start will b a huge success - u always had this SW thing nailed! :D I'v been strugglin wif avin a single second of spare time now that I'm back at work, tryin 2 exercise, spend time wif Sam, cook, clean etc etc etc - all the stuff that Mammies everywhere struggle 2 do! Lol! Fortunately all this means I aven't had time 2 gain any weight! Phew!
    So anyways good luck on yer new journey n here's hopin I can join u hun! xoxo
  7. xmisskx

    xmisskx Gold Member

    Aww hey you!! :D

    Lovely to hear from you....was gonna ask how you're getting on but you've filled me in and it just sounds busy! Lol

    How old is Sam now? Is he doing well?

    Great news on no gain for you...every cloud and all that :giggle:

    I'll prob have put about a stone on but I'll find out tm when I join a class again...my attempt to go it alone might've saved me money but it saw me go from 7 days on plan to 4 or 5 and that was the only reason I didn't see results!

    Aww it's so nice to hear from you...hope everything is great at your end xx

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  8. Rochelle1

    Rochelle1 Gold Member

    Great first day! I think its great when you've hd a break, it sort of gives a new fire and passion for eating healthy cos you feel so crap from the junk food lol x
  9. Charleybarley

    Charleybarley Gold Member

    Cooey! Well done on the fresh start. I haven't been around on my diary much (I can't be bothered at the moment) but I am sticking to a plan of sorts and slowly losing, and I am still lurking on other diaries...

    I am loving your positivity.

  10. Elvisfan4life

    Elvisfan4life Silver Member

    Good luck im sure you. Can do it so much inspiration on here
  11. xmisskx

    xmisskx Gold Member

    I didn't feel crap at all...how weird eh! Prob immune after all those weeks lol. Weird cos before, I felt rotten if I was off it on a weekend!

    Yest was the first day on plan and it was the most bloated I'd felt! Think it could've been all the fluid I was drinking...from one extreme to the next!

    Joining class later so will see the damage...doesn't matter, can't change anything now so I'll take it and move on!x

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  12. xmisskx

    xmisskx Gold Member

    Cooeeey yourself toots ;)

    Great news on you losing...slowly but surely is best, we all know but we want mars bars and 4lbs off a week...what's the prob eh? Lol

    Lurk away huni...and hopefully the positivity stays around for a while :) x

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  13. xmisskx

    xmisskx Gold Member

    Thank you...and yep, there sure is! :) x

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  14. xmisskx

    xmisskx Gold Member

    well folks...i'm just back from rejoining group tonight and i'm chuffed to bits.

    i'd mentally prepared myself that i'd put on an absolute load of weight and had a figure in my head to prepare myself....i was wrong - so wrong and weighed in at 10lbs LESS than i'd imagined!!!

    :D :D :D

    i'm not sure what weight i was before i went off plan but reckon i've put about half a stone one....considering what i've eaten (honestly!!) it's soooo much better than i thought!

    when i used to be on plan 100%, i'd have a gain every 4 weeks and sometimes it was 3lbs...ok it would be a hormonal thing and be off the next week but just comparing it to my gain after all the junk i've eaten...i'm pleased!

    the consultant is lovely and i really think she'd bend over backwards to help you...but the whole group thing, i'm not sure it' my thing...ringing bells, clapping and whoop whooping for "mary's" half lb off or whatever....i'm not sure it's for me so i dunno that i'd stay to group even though i see the positives of it.

    i bought a 6 week count down so i've committed to at least that to get me started, spent a fortune on hifi bars and magazines and came straight home to register my online access stuff :)

    i won't be at class next tues but will goto the one on fri morning's instead so i'm really hopeful that i'd see a decent loss cos i started yesterday and it's over a week til i weigh again.
    that was always the plan...tonight was the only night i'd be able to get to group and stay for the whole thing and next week, i'll have to weigh and go with my little one tagging along...might be better when the schools are back etc but for now, i'm just happy :)

    long may it continue....honestly!

    anyway...food for today...


    1/2 HEb carrot cake oats with raisins and banana
    egg wrap with quorn sausage

    other half of my HEb oats - overnight oats with fruit through

    dahl loaf with lettuce, tomato and home made coleslaw
    pineapple stick


    macaroni quorn bolognese with baked beans and HEa cheese

    35g oats
    salted caramel hifi bar

    30g cheese
    splash of milk in 2 coffees

    raisins - 1
    mayo - 1
    crisps - 5.5
    mini milky bar - 3.5

    11 in total for the day

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    Last edited: 8 July 2014
  15. xmisskx

    xmisskx Gold Member

    meant to say...i got a little book of summer cos i got the countdown so i'm gonna have a read thru that and the new mag....but the lady who got weighed before me is allowed to have up to 20 syns a day.
    the C did say at the new member's talk that she would tell everybody what their allowance was...but last year when i went, i wasn't aware there were different amounts.
    must be a weight thing? she said they would go down as she loses (mines is still 15 a day max) but i was just surprised....?x
  16. Rochelle1

    Rochelle1 Gold Member

    I think if you weigh over a certain amount you can have extra syns but tbh I never got told this, and I think with the amount of free food you can eat is there any need? Pleased you got on ok and the gain wasn't as bad as expected! X
  17. xmisskx

    xmisskx Gold Member

    Thanks chick :)

    I hadn't heard of it at all...even looking at the FB page when mostly men asked the same question?

    But yeah, I think the same cos of the free foods!x

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  18. xmisskx

    xmisskx Gold Member

    day 3 on plan and i'm still going strong ;)
    early days but gonna try and remember all the wee positive things :D

    DAY - EE

    rice pudding with blueberries, raspberries and banana
    egg wrap with wafer thin ham

    hifi bar and a nectarine

    left over quorn bolognese from last night (wasn't great cold! lol)
    pineapple stick

    sticky chicken with lots of pepper, onion and carrot ribbons served with noodles
    nectarine and a tangerine

    hifi bar

    20g cheese stick and a milk in a cuppa

    honey - 2
    1 extra strong mint - 1 (??)
    crisps - 5.5
    small crunchie - 4

    12.5 for the day

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  19. Rochelle1

    Rochelle1 Gold Member

    Sticky chicken sounds yum! Well done you doing good x
  20. xmisskx

    xmisskx Gold Member

    thanks huni :)
    it was nice...absolutely stinks when you're cooking it (honey, balsamic vinegar and soy sauce mixed together) but tastes much better than it smells thankfully!

    hope you're ok....seeing your yummy food pics on * but i know you don't post as much on here now x
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  21. xmisskx

    xmisskx Gold Member

    another good day foodwise for me today...been really hungry but was off work so i was glad i was able to make proper things and still be totally on plan :)


    puffed wheat with chopped banana and a nectarine
    (1st time i've had that cereal and it was good!)

    few spoonfuls of pudding rice bulked up with yog, mixed berries, grapes and chopped banana

    baked potato with cheese, beans and home made coleslaw

    another snack!:
    alpen light, yog and another nectarine

    quorn nuggets, sw chips and more coleslaw lol

    35g puffed wheat
    alpen light/hifi light

    semi skimmed milk

    mayo - 2
    nuggets - 3
    crisps - 5.5
    mini malteser bunny - 3

    13.5 for the day

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