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Everyone welcome, come on in and have a chat, anything goes....!

Well guys as you know I have had frequent trips up north to visit my brother Wayne in hospital, well I would go up with good intentions on sticking to the diet....then once up there would fail miserably....:mad: .
Well I had weigh in yesterday for first time in 2 weeks and thankfully stayed the same..... My problem has been picking after being away from home.....I have picked for the last 4 weeks on and off (not advisable). :sigh: :break_diet:

I wanted to put this up for your advice and tips that have kept you on track and stopped you from swaying. Today is my new day 1 and so far have been strong, hopefully it will stay this way...! :D
I have resorted to sticking a picture of mini me on kitchen cupboard and a before and after picture of a tummy tuck as wallpaper on my laptop and above the fridge....so far this has not really helped. :eek:

So all you good people of minimins can you give me your top tips on how to get the brain off of food ...! what has kept you on track ? :rolleyes:
Please please come on here and tell me to keep away from the kitchen I dont want to fail....I cannot fail. :eek:
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Well as a picker myself I know how hard it is, so here are a few things I have tried.
1. plaster over mouth whilst in kitchen making food!
2. chew gum, most other stuff tastes yeuch with mint.
3. brush your teeth right befrore starting food prep.
4. but a liquorice root, real one not a sweet one and stick that on your mouth whilst near danger zones.
5. drink loads of water before, during food prep.
6. Imagine the food being place directly against your skin in between your clothes and you.
7. imagine a big neon sign above your head , flashing to all the world what you have eaten, ie. soggy penguin biscuit from childs lunch box etc.!!!
8. picture youself slim and gorgeous and the "picked" food in a big pile next to you instead of in you!!!
9. write down all the stuff you wanted to pick and then put it in the food dump on here!!
10. allow yourself a certain number of picks today and then decrease it daiy until its none.
11. before anything passes your lips ask youself " does it have arms and can it hug me better"???
sounds daft but as a picker I know its not about the food but what you really need and thats often a hug or some comfort!!
12. before you eat anything, write down what that food will do for you, will it actually nourish you physically? , will it really change the way you are feeling for the better? Would you feed it too a friend? would you feel offended if a friend fed it to you? think about this as often treating yourself as you would a good friend does help.
Would you give a good friend who had a goal and was doing her damndest to reach it a toast crust or a lick of mash potato, a jaffa cake or infact anything that may stop her getting there? Would you infact try to talk her out of it and encourage to be strong and not give in to the chatterbox, of course you would , well who deserves to be treated well by you??? YOU DO!!! so do it, you have to be your own best friend, no one else can ever be as good to you as you can.

hope some of this helps , I know you are going through rough times but you still desrve to be happy with yourself and dont let anything stop you.
good luck.

from one picker to another!!!
Just promise yourself to drink 1 litre of water before you "pick" and then suddenly you will find you don't fancy it anyway.



finding my way again !
Hi Sonya,
for a minute i thought i was reading a post i had written & forgotten about !:eek:
the advice Lavender has just given sounds good, i will try that.
perhapse we can be non-picker buddies & post to each other about our success/ non-success as a way of keeping each other going.
i so desperatly need to get rid of the remainder of the weight off, as i know this is how you feel too.
if you're not happy to post your success/failings on here we can allways PM each other
hope this helps you (& me )


Gone fishing
Blimey Sonya! Stop picking!:mad: Do you really want to make this journey 100x harder than it already is.

Remember, what you eat today will show tomorrow. No getting away from it.

Love and hugs and all that, but today you are going to be 100%. Okay?;)
Well I think if we wanna have a moan just come on here and moan away, I have done really well today ....though had a couple of thoughts quickly pop into my head so I grapped for my life support and got glugging.......why do we do this to ourselves.

I so want to be "normal"

I applaud everyone who has stuck to the diet 100% you are amazing.
I like the idea of a plaster......if i make a straw sized hole in middle so I can still have my drinks then Think that will be my new look.

If anyone sees a weirdo with a huge bandage round there head......dont worry it is me ....lol


finding my way again !
hi Sonya,
glad you've had a better day today, i also have had a good day
2 packs, 2 1/2 litres of water, not really feeling too hungry, but monday nights are allways the worst for me, when kids in bed, hubby is out & i've just got back from weigh in.
here's to another good day tommorrow
Well yesterday was hard my tummy was yelling for food so glugged the old water and went to bed early.

Feeling good today, Karen came round with her little boy (been a long time coming though....eh missus?)
So this has taken up the morning so the day has flown by so far. Every time I have to get food ready I pop in a wrigleys extra, which if you have to have any they are best, then I can chew away while I deal with the food.


Serial Foodie!

wont leave it so long next time. coming round stopped me from wanting to pick as well.

we ought to pop round to see eachother when things get bad! just send me a text when u r feeling weak and i will run round and threaten ya ;) xxx
Kick Kick Kick ............ consider your a*** well and truely kicked missus!!

Glad you are feeling better today - some days are just more picky days than others aren't they??!

Thank you that was reallly needed, lol.
The kids are now having there lunch so I have popped a chewing gum in so I wont be tempted, this is the only way I know I will cope, just have to tape it in so I dont spit it out to pop something naughty in....lol

That kick was much appreciated, thanx again.xx

wont leave it so long next time. coming round stopped me from wanting to pick as well.

we ought to pop round to see eachother when things get bad! just send me a text when u r feeling weak and i will run round and threaten ya ;) xxx

LOL so when you moving in then .....hee hee...:p
Thank you that was reallly needed, lol.
The kids are now having there lunch so I have popped a chewing gum in so I wont be tempted, this is the only way I know I will cope, just have to tape it in so I dont spit it out to pop something naughty in....lol

That kick was much appreciated, thanx again.xx
You're welcome!! And might be coming to you for a kick in the right place sometime!! Today is only day 2 .... so my halo is shiny :break_diet: - but I know what I'm like!!!


Working My Way to Thin!
Hi Sonya

I have found the following technique by Paul Mckenna absolutely amazing when I have a craving and want to start picking.

Not sure what sort of cravings you have, but mine are often for something sweet, but when I use the following technique, I find that the craving completely goes and surpresses the craving often for days at a time!!

You can use this for ANY craving, I know it looks a bit lengthy but after doing it a few times you'll know it off by heart and it only takes a couple of minutes if that, it's absolutely amazing!!

CRAVING BUSTER - Tapping into the Thin Within
(This amazing technique was developed by Dr Roger Callahan, author of 'Tapping the Healer Within'.)
If you are feeling a strong craving for a particular food right now and you want to reduce it immediately, just follow my instructions completely and your craving will vanish.
Before you do this exercise read through all the steps first.
What you are about to do involves tapping on certain acupuncture points on your body. The code for any craving is stored like a computer programme in your brain. By thinking about the food you are craving while tapping on each point in exactly the sequence I am about to describe, you re-set you brain's operating software to bypass your cravings so you can easily get on with your life.
  1. Focus on the food you are craving for a moment. Now, rate your craving on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being he lowest and 10 the highest. This is important, because in a moment we will find out how much you've reduced it. On a scale of 1 to 10, how strong is your craving?
  2. Now think about that food you have been craving and taking two fingers of either and tap about ten times firmly above one of your eyes.
  3. Now tap under the eye.
  4. Now, tap under your collarbone.
  5. Keep thinking about the food you were craving and tap under your armpit.
  6. Now place your other hand in front of you and tap on the back of it between the knuckles of your ring finger and your pinkie.
  7. Open your eyes - now close them.
  8. Keep tapping, open your eyes, and look down to the right and down to the left.
  9. Keep tapping and rotate your eyes round 360 degrees clockwise, and now 360 degrees anticlockwise.
  10. Still thinking about the food you were craving, hum the first few lines of 'Happy Birthday' out loud.
  11. Now once again hum the fist few lines of 'Happy Birthday' out loud.
  12. Repeat the beginning of the sequence. Still thinking about the food you were craving, tap under each eye about ten times.
  13. Now, tap under your collarbone.
  14. Now tap under your armpit.
Ok, let's stop and check - on a scale from 1 to 10, what number is your craving at now?

If it hasn't completely gone yet, simply go back through the entire sequence again until it does. It may take as many as two or even three times before you have completely eliminated the craving, although most people report getting their craving down to a manageable level on their first or second try. You may even find that it is gone completely


finding my way again !
hi Sonya, glad you are having a good day, distraction techniques are good.
As the kids are on school hols & i have my neighbours 2 as well (11,11,8 &6) have just taken them swimming - loose term as there was no room to swim !, then took them to mc Donalds 4 lunch. As our Mc D is in the Asda's i plonked them down with their food & went off to do a spot of shopping.
so far 1 x pack & 1 1/2 litre water, need to get glugging.
keep up the good work


finding my way again !
weird how they have different weeks off in different area's isn't it ?
certainly is easier when they are not around in some respects ie not going here there & everywhere & trying to fit in the packs, on the other hand when they are here i can't pick cos the eldest comes down on me like a ton of bricks if she even thinks i am going to eat anything !


Serial Foodie!
i find it easier when the kids arent around too. easier when hubby is around tho. he is like the "food police" ;) god help me if they have a school holiday while he is off on a biz trip :eek:

well done to both of u, sonkie and pandora to get back on track. today is my first day back after my week of nibbles and snacking. just have to keep chanting "i can do this!"
Wahooo Im back in ketosis, first time for a couple of weeks, I am not gonna fall off the ketosis cliff again.....no longer am I clawing my way back up the cliff but Im standing at the top admiring the view ..........Yippeee :D :D :D :D :D :D

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