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i just had the tesco light choices chicken pasta bake (frozen) which is 9pp .... and i must admit i will not be recommending it to anyone. i thought it was disgusting :( .... and definitely not worth using 9pp on .... i picked out the chicken and the pasta as i was hungry (it took 40 min to oven cook from frozen) but scraped the sauce off them and left all the excess sauce..... glad i didn't have breakfast today as i still have enough points left to do something else for my tea ! .... its a shame cause it looked really nice on the box :(

is there anything else others have tried that they think should be avoided ?

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I find with the Tesco meals that the photograph on the packet looks really nice but the actual contents are yukky once you look at them. Like the chicken chow mein meal - looks delicious on the packet but in real life it has lots of green stringy stuff like seaweed and grey sludge!
i have had a few of them which i really liked
their chicken and broccoli (potato topped) pie
and the braised beef and mash

i had the minced beef and potatoes for lunch which was ok.... didn't look good (or smell good as the cabbage i had with it smelt better, lol) but it did taste nice :)

ewww the chicken chow mein definitely sounds like it needs avoiding too !!
I find that with the tesco light choices meals that the chicken is of very bad quality and is very rubbery. Whereas if you go to m&s and get the ready meals they are very very nice. I suppose it's true when they say you pay for what you get!! M&s is very expensive but it really is worth it
WW fish pie is really bad. It is so small it wouldn't fill a crack in your tooth lol, also it had about two teeny tiny bits of fish is.

They should of called it Teeny Tiny Potato Sludge with a hint of Fish lol

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I can haz cake?
some of the meals are wile dodgy, and you just don't know whats in em either. If you have the time its better to bulk make and freeze stuff :) At least then you know its fresh, and I find I enjoy the stuff I make myself a lot more than ANY ready meal.

The only ready meal I tend to eat is the lasagne as its difficult to make a low cal lasagne!!!
Oh no ive got the WW fish pie for dinner :/

I love the WW sweet and sour and the mexican chilli. Some of the tesco ones are horrible stay away from the sausage and mash!
Oh no, I hope I haven't put you off lol. They are just really small so I was still hungry after.

I think it all depends on personal taste as well x

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Haha il try it and see well its is only 5PP so i gues it probs isn't that filling and im working til 8.30 tonight so maybe i should have chosen something else out of the freezer haha. Looks like il be running to the shop for lots of fruit on my break haha


Anna here :D xxx
WW sausage n mash is yummy :) better than any other ready meal i've had n the cottage pie is good too.

their beef hotpot is ok but not sure about the sauce :/ got one in the freezer but won't be buying anymore xxx


Anna here :D xxx
it was the tesco sausage and mash i didnt like.

WW chicken hot pot is nice not had the beef, the creamy chicken and mushroo pasta is nice aswell :)
ahhhh rightt okays, get the WW one down ya lol ... i don't like cream or i would have the chicken one as it looks good on the pic xxx


i love the ww ocean pie! its 5pp its yummy so cheesy for little points! ive had spagetti and meatball one two i found it find, i like all of the ww meals
Oh no ive got the WW fish pie for dinner :/

I love the WW sweet and sour and the mexican chilli. Some of the tesco ones are horrible stay away from the sausage and mash!

i'm not a big fish eater so have stayed away from fish pie ... i did have the tesco light choices "steam meal" ... white fish and steamed potatoes ... included peas, green beans, broccoli, leek and onion as the veg and LOADS of sauce (loads more then i wanted) and thought it was LOVELY and filling ! ... not a lot of fish but lots of the veg and potatoes which was great for me i'd definitely buy again ! .... and only 8 pp !! :)

ohh noo i brought the tesco light choices sausage and mash earler as my 3rd in the 3 for £5 :( .... i would have got 3 chicken and broccoli pie but they only had 2 ! :( .... i had and really liked the WW one so will give my verdict on this one later in the week :)

i love the WW Sweet and Sour Chicken too ! :)

I like the Tesco's chicken and brocolli pie, i find it quite filling too, the quiche is noce as well, and they were selling it for 49c :)

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