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Bears dont dig on dancin'
Being veggie and not really knowing what meat tastes like, thought id try Quorn style beef burgers. And oh my gosh am I glad I don't eat real ones! Ewww! It was horrific! I ended up leaving the bread, burgers and just eating the cheese lol. Bleerrrggghhhh. Muller light here I come...
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Hun...you cant compare quorn burgers to real beef! Lol...quorn is just rank!!!! Lol

PMSL - quorn tastes NOTHING like meat! In no way whatsoever in your wildest dreams!
Totally agree with the above! You cannot compare quorn to 'real' burgers!
Have been a veggie for 17 years but I can remember what beef tastes like and the 2 are nowhere near alike.
Lol I had some of these with pasta for lunch, my kids ate them too - I thought they were nice!! But then I love Quorn, esp the pieces and my kids are pretty unfussy and will eat most stuff :)


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I tried a quorn burger when I went out with my ex.
The adverts QUorn make are misleading. I remember seeing one where some nutcase gave her husband a quorn sausage/burger and he couldn't tell the difference. After eating one, every time that bloody advert came I was watching the husbands eyes trying to for signs that she had laced the sausage/burger with LSD.

Honeslty if they keep the camera rolling I am 90% sure you would have seen the husband talking to the sauasage

"Dont eat me please man.... I got a family and kids"
"But Im hungry and you are my dinner"
"You got more problems than dinner son, you are talking to a sausage."
I tried quorn burgers once and your right they are absolutely vile. I tend to go for the supermarket own brand meat free (I have a suspicion they are all from the same factory - just different boxes). Much tastier.

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