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Exante and ketosis straight from the horses mouth.....

I have enquired to exante today as I'm on day 12 and no ketosis and they have told me that it doesn't matter if you're showing as in Ketosis or not, you WILL still lose the same amount of weight. and being in ketosis just means that your appetite is surpressed more than usual.
Just thought it might be useful for some to know. :)
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The calorie restriction alone will help you lose weight. Ketosis just helps make it bearable to handle.


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Ketosis doesn't show on the Ketostix for everyone, especially if you're drinking tons of water, so the fact you can't see it doesn't mean you're not in it.


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ok, so before, I was just making sure I stuck to 400 cals meal (im on ws) which sometimes included carbs, but last 2 weeks ive cut out carbs, my weight loss has ben the same. So does it doesnt matter if I go back to having the odd potato or slice of bread as long as i stick to the 400 cals?
Exactly lozoo, if you look on the exante website, one of their meals is actually chicken noodles and another is meatballs in a tomato sauce, now tomatos are a fruit so there's no way that's going to keep you in ketosis. I think that if you have the carbs it makes it a little more difficult to feel full when you don't have them but it's not essential to be in ketosis at all. Exante say that when peoplego into ketosis, it just makes it more sustainable for people long term who struggle with the hunger.
Starlight, thats what I thought too, I've read so many posts of people eating because they weren't in ketosis etc and really, they don't need to be in it at all. I'm really pleased this has helped a few people.
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Lozoo, I would probably avoid anything TOO high in carbs just because of how hungry you'll be afterwards but I definitely wouldn't worry about only losing weight if you're in ketosis, it doesn't work like that and I think too many people have followed incorrect information somewhere along the lines and become obsessed with it! (as was I until I contacted exante today).


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Can I just say *THIS* is the best, most helpful piece of information I've had so far! I've been freaking out about throwing myself out of ketosis, which creates guilt, which can lead to failure...
This post is a bit of a revelation xxx Thanks SOOOO much! :)


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Haven't really worried about ketosis. On day 6 now and feel great. Relatively full in the evenings and no hunger pangs or carb cravings.

Girlfriend is sat here eating meat feast pizza an onion rings and not the slightest bit tempted. No idea how she stays a size 6 when she matches me for previous diet.

Some people hey.....
You're very welcome! It's made things SO much clearer for me too as before I was sticking to it but wondering why I wasn't in ketosis and scared that I wouldn't lose weight but now I know and PHEWIE!!! lol I'm so please it's helped you, really I am, that's what I wanted. So now, you can carry on without even checking for ketosis knowing that you'll lose weight regardless! wohooo!!! :) xx
That is so so helpful guys ... only on day one but keep logging on to get inspiration x


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ahhh...well thats what I saw in the recipe ideas they had carbs in and I read you can have diet drinks so was really confused about the ketosis stuff. Makes life easy for me to have a ready meal occassionally and to have diet drinks as I find it so hard to drink enough hooray im happy and it all makes sense thanks a lot xx
I think it's important people know this cos I remember arguments on here before about ketosis and weight loss and it probably threw a lot of people. This is why I don't place importance on ketosis. If I'm in it I am, if I'm not I'm not but if I stick to plan I'll lose weight. Why add extra worries onto yourself? This diet can be tough enough xx

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cybill that's fine, would you like me to try and find the exact e-mail from exante and post it here so you have exactly word for word? Yes, I think it's really important and the thing people don't look at is that the MR's have carbohydrates in them, the bars have sugar so of course people won't always go into ketosis. I think it would be great if you could post as it would have taken a lot of worry off me when I started had I known what I know now!!
ALso, the way ppl get into ketosis with this is through having so few calories, NOT by cutting carbs. SO pleased this will be of help to people! x
This is copied from the e-mail I had from exante.

"It may be that the soft drinks you are having contain citric acid therefore you will not be able to go into ketosis.
Anyone who follows a Very Low Calorie Diet such as the Total Solution will lose weight regardless of being in ketosis. Ketosis helps clients to feel less hungry therefore enabling some clients who find it difficult dealing with hunger to sustain the diet for longer and reach their target weight."


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well I never, I had always thought that the high weight losses were down to being in Ketosis where for some reason calories are burned off more quickly - what a plonker!!!!! LOL

seriously, this is really good to know that carbs can be introduced back into the diet at the end of all of this so thanks once again girlies - the fonts of all knowledge!!!!

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