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exante diet

hi, i'm new to exante and also new to writing on forums, which i have never done before, i'm finding it difficult but getting there with help. i am told that after 4 weeks i will need to eat an evening meal for 7 days before getting back to 3 packs a day, could someone advise me what i should eat that week, although i'm only on day 3 i'm just thinking ahead. thanks
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Hi dawn, welcome!
I start my AAM week tomorrow, yay! Exante suggests you have 100g lean fish or poultry, several servings of broccoli, cabbage, mange tout, courgette, lettuce, cucumber, or generally other green veg, and you can have one portion of low fat dairy (not with added sugar though!) and I think a portion of berries or some other fruit. If you go to the exante website there's a leaflet you can download that goes into more detail.
I was just like you at day 3 dreaming about what I could eat in week 5, now it's here I'm pretty pleased but not as excited as I was! Food just not that much of an issue anymore!
Good luck
thanks for the info LED i hope i feel the way you do about food soon enough, i think about it too much still. my friend has just lost 6 stone on exante and i keep hounding her with question after question so am glad i have been introduced to this site, i can give her a bit of peace 'he he'
No problem Dawn! I was exactly the same, spent most of my first week planning my AAM week meals and even writing the shopping list for it 3 weeks in advance! I did worry that I'd spend the whole time obsessing about food and not really change my mindset, but once I got used to the packs and discovered that they range from OK tasting to really scrummy (esp the vanilla with a spoonful of coffee, yum) I stopped thinking so much about 'real' food.
Great to hear about your friend losing so much - seeing the difference in her must be massive motivation!
Good luck
I'll be doing the AAM next week, and I find the exante site is a bit rubbish tbh. It could have a lot more recipes and information about it but it gives you the minimum of help. I'm still a bit confused to be honest. I was going to have mixed seafood, which I love, but not sure if that is ok.
Lynne did you find the downloadable booklet? Basically everything you're allowed is on one page of that - 100g a day of any seafood is ok so that fine! I'm changing it a bit from what exante say though - I'm going to stick more to a 400cal ketogenic meal (see the ketogenic food list on here somewhere) which means I'll have one meal a day of protein, low carb green veg, and a bit of fat - either homemade salad dressing (oil and vinegar), mayonnaise, butter to cook veg/ meat in... I tried this when I had one WS day last week and still lost 4lbs this week so figure it should be ok, and I know I'll still be in ketosis at the end of it.
Hope this helps a bit, good luck!
thanks LED
I'm not sure if I'm looking at the right booklet, but the only one I can find just says
'additional 600kcals of high protein, low carbohydrate healthy foods
such as meat, fish and any green vegetables or green salads'

Which is a bit vague for me.

I can only find 4 booklets, and the other three arent related to what you can eat.
No, there's another one on the exante site, which lists the protein and veg you're allowed... I'll try to find it and see if I can post the link
Ok, they've removed the helpful booklet! Sorry!
hi Dawn, Welcome. i'm on day 5 now and alls well, i'm in ketosis and feeling much better, to be honest glad not having to constantly fight in my head over food, although am still looking forward to eating on the 5th week as hopefully will have a better mind set after 4 weeks of no food. good luck for the days ahead for you x

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