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Exante Recommendations?

Hi All,

I'm currently doing WW and trying to lose 4st for my wedding in October but need to lose 6.5st due to health problems (had diabetes when pregnant and have been told to lose weight). I am doing OK with WW having lost 8lbs in 4 weeks but I feel that I'm going to get dispondent and give up. I don't have the willpower! I've read a little about Exante and am seriously thinking about giving it a go and just wondered how all you Exante people are getting on with it??
Thanks so much xxx
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Hi :) I've really enjoyed Exante so far and hopefully till goal. Just simply because you don't feel hungry after 4-5 days when in ketosis, so no need to cheat and you do not have to plan any meals just have a shake or soup or bar. It's the easiest diet I have come across and have done slimming world and weight watchers :) Hope this helps in some way... xx


Been liberated by Exante!
I think its brilliant, the start is not easy but it gets easier and the results are fantastic and so motivating.
Thanks guys :) And do you all think if you were doing weight watchers etc you would have lost the same amount as you have done with Exante?? Half of me is really keen to do it and the other halfis really scared that I won't have the willpower! xx
I just worry that because it's quite extreme, I will put it all back on. That's the thing that concerns me most.Think I will have a good ole' read up and make a decision and stick to it!!! Thanks very much for all of your advice though xxxxx


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It's not the type of diet that determines if you put weight back on - it's what you put in your mouth once you get to goal. This is hard for the first few days but when you see the results it really spurs you on for the next week and it gets easier as time goes by. xx
Really???So by thenI should be able to enjoy desserts and things?It's my first holiday for 6 years so I really want to enjoy myself!! And how have you found excess skin etc? I KNOW I will have some if I lose so quickly and am a bit concerned about that.x
Very true! lol I'm going to dig up my willpower and go for it I think!.....especially after speaking to you starlight! oooh one more thing....does it mean no alcohol?!?!?!? lol
At £25 a week, if you do the bumper pack, this diet is way cheaper than an Atkins diet, involving eating high protein etc. I find the weight loss fantastic, and am really pleased I'm following Exante. With a lot of weight to lose, I found with Exante I could think about setting my goal to lose all the weight I wanted, on WW or something like that it would have taken me years to lose it all, now I'm actually close to getting to overweight and I've been on it 6 months.

You have to work out what is right for you though.
Good luck :)
Yes please feel free to look around, just not at my diary! ;) ....well not at the moment!

Exante is fab, but harsh, but if you have a firm goal in mind like you have it will get your there :D
Thanks for your messages guys. I'm really going tothinkaboutit carefully. I understand it's good weight loss but it's just whether I can stick to it :/ andI am SO worried about putting the weight onas quickly as it will come off (I know what I'm like!) Will let you all know how I get on.
P.S. Well done to you all - you're all doing brilliantly! :D xxx

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