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Excercise, how much how often

I notice on the Exante website and all the bumph they sent with my pack that they recommend you do at least 20 minutes of excercise per day.

Are any of you doing this? I'm a lazy slug and just wondered if you had any tips to get me up and moving.

I've been trying to take the dog out for a brisk short walk but the weather keeps conspiring against me :eek: (I'm such a wuss about rain and cold) so today we went out for over an hour and walked for over 4 miles, which stunned me a bit.

I also go to a gym to work out with a personal trainer for an hour each week, I've been doing that for a year now and really enjoy it.

I'm contemplating starting to go swimming too, or possibly aquafit as our local pool does a couple of evening sessions a week.

I just find it sooo hard to get up off my bum when there are books to be read, 'net to be browsed or tv to be watched though.
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I know what you mean, but the dog needs walking every day, I usually do 3/4 hour with him every evening before tea..................and am really enjoying stepping up a gear and running with him, maybe not for long but extending it by a few metres every few days.
I did a 5.25 mile fun run yesterday. Am very proud of myself.

I think the government recommends 150 minutes a week, or 30 mins 5 times a week.

If you enjoy your gym sessions why don't you go more ? I keep a training diary that helps focus me. Set a weekly goal and stick to it, then review it at the end of the week. If you achieved your goal then enjoy the feeling of satisfaction it brings and set out to do it again. I think you have to exercise more days a week than you don't, in order to really feel the benefit. I have a couple of DVDs to do at home when it's foul."The 30 day shred" it is really good and only 20 minutes,a very reputable trainer, quite intense but great. Everyone can fit in 20 mins a day at home, it costs £9.99 and will give you so much back, feeling good, and years on your life. Years on your life for 20 minutes a day out of the other 24 hours !!.In terms of value for effort and money this is a no brainer. You are worth it. Decide the day before that you are going to do it. Make a plan and stick to it. Get your gym clothes out the night before and "just do it" after you have done it spend a few minutes reviewing how you feel and how much time is left in the day to do everything else. If you feel good and think it was worth it then plan to do it again.
The only answer is to cut the excuses dead, put the brakes on the procrastination, take control of what you really want to do and just get on and do it. If you are like me you will find the mental wrangling over what to do and when to do it and excuses not to do it are more effort than just doing it. It is a relief to just go and get a little huffing and puffing done.Bring on the serotonin.
I'm in catch 22 with the gym, it's not a membership kind of one it belongs to the personal trainer that I work with. He charges £16 for an hourly session, which I think is very reasonable. Problem I have is that up to January I only had time to go once a week cos of work & stuff, now that the tax deadline is passed I have a lot less work to do but unfortunately being self-employed when I have less work I earn less money so even though I have more time now I can't really justify the expense. :rolleyes:

I've been good today though, just been swimming, I did 32 lengths (which is 1/2 a mile) in 40 minutes - seeing as I'd not been for years I was pretty pleased with that.

I also remembered that a while back my stepson asked me to store some fitness gear in my work lockup while he moved house, so after going and looking and negotiating I have given him £50 and am now the proud owner of a barbell and some dumbells with assorted weights, a swiss ball, a 5kg medicine ball, a skipping rope, a yoga mat, an ab chair thingy and a pilates "total trainer". :eek:

Me and the OH are now busily clearing stuff out of the tiny back bedroom (which tends to be the household dumping ground) and in a couple of days we will have our own mini fitness suite upstairs! :cool:

So all I will have to do is get the motivation to go up and use it..........:eek:
I have been parking the car 1/2 hours walk from work since before Xmas
so that's about an hour a day
is that enough?
I try to walk briskly

I would love to run again
That's the spirit, very impressive, and carbon neutral friendly, so pure, you are practically an angel.

If you want to run, run, good sports bra essential though. I recommend the shock absorber. Just run slowly, really slowly. If you feel like you are out of breath, first , slow down, then stop and walk a bit, when you have your breath back start running again but very slowly, it should be relaxing not a major stressful effort, just a little jog. Slow running is very good for endurance. Distance covered is not as important as the time on your feet. Consistency is the key to improving, run more days than you don't, not too far and not too fast. Enjoy being a runner.
I was going to wait until I was about12 stone again before running or even half a stone above that
then I will fit in the sports bra I already own!
yam babe?? want a really cheeky tip.

take the bike up a twisty road but as you getyour knee down drop your hip a little bit and pull in your tummy muscles. believe me you'll soon feel it, and yes roundabouts are cheatin
LOL can't do that on my bike Sam, no ground clearance! It has a lovely chunky peg bracket underneath that grounds out on bloody speedbumps never mind corners.......:mad:

Mind you it does weigh 217kg, pushing it in & out of the shed is a bit of a workout in itself. ;)

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