Loves VLCD's !
Hi Betty,
I have asked about exercise in general as I am not sure what I should be doing and I got this advice, I think from Kath which made sense.

"It's not possible to build muscle on a VLCD, so no. Gentle exercise is a very good idea indeed as making exercise part of your life will help you keep the weight off in the long run. High intensity exercise should really be avoided while you're on a VLCD because (even if you feel great while you're doing it) with virtually no carbs in your diet, your body doesn't have the ready stores of glycogen that you need and will struggle to convert body fat quickly enough to be used for fuel.

Always remember that if you're exercising, particularly if it's structured exercise e.g. at the gym, you need to drink extra water before, during and after your workout.

Exercise shouldn't speed up your weight loss, basically because if you are doing enough exercise to make a significant difference to your losses, then you should be eating more "

I hope that helps. I suppose it depends on how fit you are now and what exercise you are used to. But don't push it if you are on a VLCD I would say.


If you are only using it for walking I can't see a problem. You won't have any stamina, so don't expect to be able to carry on too long. I'm still doing dance classes as they were always part of my life and I don't want to lose flexibility, but my speed and stamina are impaired.
I think if I didn't already have a regime I would be looking at something like yoga or pilates, to build control without needing much energy.


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Thanks for that Clairejen. I am a walker. normally walk the dogs quite a big. Haven't done anything really apart from walk back and forth to the car in the last week (about 1 mile). I think I will look for a yoga class or maybe even start with a dvd at home.




Great, let us know how you get on. Yoga includes relaxation and stress reduction techniques that should help with both the diet and "life after diet".