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Excess skin??


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hi guys,

Jus wondering, i have about 3-1/2 to 4-1/2 stone to lose (depending wot when i get there) and have very bad strech marks on my tummy (pregancy) looks like iv had a meeting with edward sissor hands lol. will the skin shrink down also, i know the strech marks wont go and thats fine but i dnt want so have a slim body with skin hanging! i know every 1 is diff but how has weight loss effected your skin. sorry if too personal jus wanted a general idea.

Thanks any comments greatly recieved.
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i have been wondering too, i have a typical saggy post baby belly but so far it appears to be going in. My and hubby were talking this morning and he said it was looking flatter but i will never wear a bikini just because of the saggy belly..but i would rather have my babies than a flat belly so i am determined not to worry about it...too much lol! xxx


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Thats one of the things that has been worrying me! I'm hoping that it will shrink along with the weight but you never know, people have said to me that you need to do sit-ups to shrink your stomach but that doesn't work on loose skin does it?

Anyway, fingers crossed for flat stomachs for all of us!!!



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sit up wont shrink skin, dnt think anything can exercise wise. sit ups reshape muscles making the skin look tighter i think?.

Me too would rather have my ds than a flat belly, he is 3yr and untill now he has been swimming once with my friend, his dad cant swim. i would love to take him swimming. i went swimming a few months ago on my own at my local gym and didnt want any 1 to see me so i shuffeld to the pool rather quickly and feel ova and cracked my head open. so much for me getting into the water quickly so no1 would see me. lol. anyway the day i take my ds swimming i hope i will be able to walk into the pool with my head high, and like you say in no bikini! Jus hoping my skin will shrink too, will have to wait and see.


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I've lost almost 3 stone and there's a very slight sign of loose skin, but it's not too bad. I'd prefer loose skin to fat really!! So now I'm starting to do things like swimming, walking and doing toning exercises at home. All those things really will help, and it's the only thing that'll really help. As well as moisturising and keeping your water up.


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Keep yourself hydrated both outside and in - bio oil is a godsend. Sit ups won't tone the skin but can tone the muscle which will help. The received wisdom on skin 'going back' is that you may need to wait a month or so per stone lost after finishing the diet to see what the final results are....so don't despair. If you lose 5 stone then you need to wait 5 months to see exactly where you'll end up - and in that time, stick with the moisturiser, body brushing, salt scrub etc, they all help. (Of course it may be sooner, it depends on so many variables)


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Unfortunately no amount of exercise or weightloss will get rid of the flabby skin often caused by our lovely children!!

the skin is stretched and won't go back, it will get smaller as you lose weight but it will all be in proportion to the rest of you (everywhere smaller than before).

However, certain bikinis can hide it better than others and everyone is different, so you never know.

Good luck with your weightloss


Eat to live don't live to eat!
I'm doing my sit ups, mainly because I would like some nice stomach muscles and also its combined in my excersise routine, its the last thing I do as I can lay down!!! In any case, when I go on hols in a few weeks, I will be wearing a bikini, well, the bottom half at least ;)



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thanks guys, i do use cocobutter and thats lovely, one of my friends said about bio oil so i might jus try it.
ppls photos are proving that skin can shrink so ill carry on and hope.

Gud luck every1 your help and advice are keeping me going.


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i look like a bloody deflated balloon...and i would be amazed if it ever goes...planning for a tummy tuck in 2 years so i'm not losing too much sleep over it...my DH is the only one that see's me naked and i dont think he is majorly put off! lol
In those 2 years, i will be hitting the gym as much as possible and trying to get rid of it that way....but as i say, i dont hold much hope! :(

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