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Exciting News !!

S: 16st0lb C: 15st0lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 1st0lb(6.25%)
How exciting...SW sauces n soups in shops by Oct and 12 ready meals in the pipeline :) SW just got a little bit easier.!!!! :) ..... This was passed on from my consultant , was wondering will you be using these new items or are you happy enough cooking from scratch ?? Personally Im happy to cook my soups etc but maybe handy for a quick lunch :D
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I have a 15 hour shift today and a sleep in and 9 hour tomorrow, my bag of food was enormous! Eggs, new potatoes, broccoli, mushrooms, chicken breast, bacon savoury rice, Alpen Lights!
Before SW I would have brought 2x sandwiches for the lunches, some bread for toast and a ready meal!
So depending on cost I probably would!

Mind you I could just bring a jacket pot and beans but I gave that if we have to eat out!
S: 16st0lb C: 15st0lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 1st0lb(6.25%)
Very true the amount of food i take out with me is unreal!! maybe these ready meals will be handy , but as you mentioned at what cost?? I


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Part of the reason I like this diet is that cooking from scratch makes you a bit more creative in the things that you make, especially with all the great recipes there are around.

SW ready meals / soups are not something I reckon I would use on a regular basis, except perhaps for a quick lunch as you say.

Anything that makes the plan easier for people has got to be a good thing though.


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God Shirleen what and where the hell do you work on a 15 hr shift sounds hellish love! Surely against the law love! Hope you have a good one anyway. As far as the sw food goes I think it's a good idea but I think it's all going to cost a lot of money we'll have to wait and see but this diet is costing me a fortune as it is. Good in principle but the (sorry awful pun alert) lol proof of the pudding is in the eating lol!


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S: 21st12.5lb C: 21st4lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 45.3 Loss: 0st8.5lb(2.77%)
I'm a support worker I only do one 15 hour shift a week and have three days off a week. I absolutely love my job though! The sleep ins are a bit of a pain as I don't sleep well but when you finish at. 10pm then have to be in again at 7am the sleep ins are easier! It's the fact that I leave at 6.45 am today and won't get home till 4.30pm tomorrow that's a bit hard on the family!
But I do love it best job I've ever had (been doing this 18 months now)


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Oh yes I can see that it's good to get a lot of hours over with and have 3 days off after good for you really enjoying it too. I nurse disabled kids and I love it makes me feel good about myself wierd isn't it how ppl think we are so marvellous for doing something that we love doing.Have a good shift m'dear and eat well!


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A huge part of the reason I now prefer SW to WW is that you do have to cook your own meals from scratch. When I did WW I found it was easy to stick to points and yet still eat loads of processed foods.

Personally, I doubt I'd use the SW soups and ready meals. I certainly wouldn't have them in the fridge/freezer waiting to be used, more that I'd pick one up at lunchtime if I'd not been able to bring lunch to work with me, etc.



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I think they would be handy for a lazy day but if they are not free then you may aswell bulk make free pasta sauces and freeze and it will be much cheeper. I would never waste syns on a ready meal and I have only ever bought free ones but too expensive to do all the time. I think members should get a discount! Lol!


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But I suppose if they are just following their own recipes anyway all they are aiming for would be the people who complain that "I don't have time to cook" or simply saying they "can't cook". I can cook but I don't enjoy it, I also hate the gas cooker our landlord installed with a passion it scares me, however hubby loves to cook so I leave him to it. Before slimming world our cupboards were full of jars of pasta sauce and curry sauce, it always seemed a little pointless to us to go to the time and effort of making stuff from scratch when it would only be for me and him since the picky oldest one wouldn't even try it and the little one prefers his pasta/rice naked. Hubby is also a pain in that he won't eat the same food two days running. Leftovers get wasted because he refuses to eat them and I have practically no appetite. Hubby is a health care assistant and he works long shifts 5 days a week, he loves the challenge of trying new recipes but we are both rubbish about planning meals and sticking to them, having the option of sauces we could buy with the shopping for the nights when we have forgotten to get the mince out again or he's not getting home until at least 8:30pm would be great. I think it's a much better idea for slimming world to offer things like this for people to have the option of buying rather than them looking for the lowest syn choice available. Nobody is going to have to buy these, will just be a bit like scan bran and hi-fi bars at meetings, a quick and easy option for those that choose to use it. Hugs Crystal xx


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I'd only be interested if they are free as something quick when I can't be arsed. If they have syns in I won't bother. If I'm going to have syns I wouldn't waste them on a ready meal, I'd waste it on something super tasty!


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I'm in the 'handy to have for an emergency/can't be bothered day' camp
I love to cook, and pretty much always have done, but there are some things I don't bother to cook for just me

I'll take a looksy and take it from there
Circes said:
It's a sad day for Slimming World :(
I can understand people prefering not to use them but a sad day for SW? Really?

Same as everything else in life, we have a choice, and frankly, if someone like Shirleen working a 15 hour shift finds it easier to stick to SW due to these it can't be a bad thing!

I sometimes think we forget SW is a business thats trying to make money - this is a completely logical step on a busines level.


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I'd still prefer to cook from scratch, never thought SW would sell out to the commercial monsters, it was the one thing it had over WW, but hey it is a business. And it gives busy people more options.


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I'm delighted by this news. I live at home with 5 adults, 2 of which are very fussy eaters and my Mum has enough trouble cooking different things for them, let alone when I turn up with "can't have that, it's cooked in oil, can't have that, I'm on a green day" etc. A ready meal will be ideal for the nights when they're having egg and chips or something equally as un'SW'friendly. Soups would be great too for work as I only have a microwave and a kettle. There's only so many Jacket Potatoes and Mug Shots a girl can have!!
This morning - up at 6.30 to send some emails that I meant to send last night, so that they will be on people's desks when they got to work this morning.

Out at 8.30 to go to a meeting. Back at 1 p.m. Going out again to another meeting at 2, will probably get back around 6, and I have to go out again at 7.15, and won't be back until after 11.

On that kind of day I would be delighted to have some SW ready meals tucked away.

Obviously, not every day is like that, but like a lot of retired people I am extremely busy with all sorts of activities. Tomorrow I don't have to go anywhere, and I will have time to cook, which will be lovely.

I am sure that SW have done their market research carefully and see a good business opportunity here. What's wrong with that? A successful SW is good for all of us.


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I normally find your posts balanced and fair Circes, but in this instance I find that comment rather dismissive and a little condescending to be frank.

I agree - it would be a backward step if this were the main thrust of Slimming World, if they were to force it down our throats and make it all about ready meals.

But is that really what they are doing?

As yet, I havent officially heard anything about this - so I cant say they are pushing it too hard just yet.

If people are going to start using Slimming World ready meals for everything then that would be a shame, but from this small sample here, most would be looking at using them just every now and then.

It would be nice to have something where you could know and be sure of the syns, rather than having to guess, or trawl through the food directory/old mags/website to find out - I had a very nice free tomato and basil chicken dish from ASDA yesterday which I only knew from last month's mag was free - if I didnt know that I would never have picked it up - if there was SW branded things with syns printed on it available, it would be a great help to know that you could just pick something up to bung in the oven.

Yes in an ideal world, we would all be making everything from scratch 3 meals a day, 7 days a week.

But I dont know about you, but I have a job. And a social life. And try to fit in some exercise a few times a week. Many people have kids. Sometimes, all you have time, or energy to do, is open a box, tip some chips on a tray, and bung something in the oven while you get on with some of the million and one other things you have to do.

And if Slimming World want to make that a little easier for people, and maybe cash in a little in the process - well then fair play to them.

No offence.
Ive never ever understood the total negativity people have towards SW meals. Yes SW encourages cooking from scratch, but then so does WW. Clearly a range of 12 meals isnt designed to steer you towards nothing but ready meals but theyre obviously responding to customer needs. You only have to look in the syn forum for a start at the number of syn requests there are for ready meals (WW ones and other wise). Surely if you want/need to use an occasional ready meal, then its better being able to grab one thats all synned/hebbed for you AND is passing revenue to SW.

I dont think anyone would use them as a staple part of their diet (as a matter of fact people on WW dont use WW meals as theres, most people cook meals and have the occasional ready meal when circumstances call for it)

In actual fact if SW ready meals had been around when I did SW Id probably have stuck to it longer. We often get asked to work overtime but get asked part of the way through your shift so you cant come prepared so its a trip to Asda for food. On WW I knew I could grab a pack of sandwiches or a meal, point it and it was fine. On SW Id end up eating something like a Mugshot and a yoghurt cos there was nothing I knew was Syn free or low in Syns.

The basic fundemental rules of SW arent going to change by introducing a few meals/sauces, all its doing is giving people a bit more flexibility with things. Noones being forced to use them. Bottom line is SW is first and foremost a business and they obviously realise not only is there a demand for ready meals etc but its going to be a great revenue for them.

Anything that makes ANY diet that bit easier for people - has to be good

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