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exercise, a diet that's wise and a bit of....

Hello and.....
Welcome to my world... In this here blogosphere i'm going to attempt the impossible.. lose weight AND KEEP IT OFF! I will be writing about day to day life and my struggles with weightloss.

I will be planning my exercises and food intake, then updating each day to confirm whether i have stuck to the plan. I'm hoping that people will read and comment on my diary and give me the support and willpower to keep at it.

At the moment my weight is 13stone 2lbs :cry: At 5ft4ish i resemble a barrel!:eek:

My ideal goal is to lose 30lbs by New Years Eve, but i will be satisfied with 1lb a week until then.

Are you sitting comfortably? then we'll begin......:eek:

Today I went to the supermarket. I picked up the low fat yoghurt, fresh fruit juice and baking potatoes for tonights dinner... then i had to walk past the fresh cream cake counter to get to the wholemeal bread.... the large slice of chocolate truffle cake screaming "eat me, eat me" completely distracted me. I admit, I thought about it and even waited at the counter to see if anyone would serve me for about 30 seconds. Luckily i managed to tear myself away from the evil cake of doom! but it re-inforced to me that temptation is everywhere, waiting to sneak up on me and the only person that can resist those temptations, is me.

So i came home ate my 2 slices of wholemeal toast, drank a glass of juice and did 10 sit-ups.
aren't i good? :angel09:

todays intended exercise routine:

10 sit ups, 3 times a day

1 hour walk with mad mutt at a fast pace
(instead of usual dawdling)

20 mins on exercise bike

100 step-ups throughout the day

Todays intended food intake:

Glass of fruit juice
2 slice of wholemeal toast

bowl of lentil soup

baked potato with tuna and onion, small amount of lowfat salad cream, spoonful of beans on top. NO BUTTER. NO CHEESE.
small bowl of yoghurt

snacks (choice of 1)
yoghurt, 2 sponge fingers, piece of fruit. Must drink at least 1 pint of water

can't live without coffee so will be trying to cut it down to 3 a day as i take 2 sugars and like it with full fat milk.

hopefully i will be able to update tonight, right before bedtime. If not then tomorrow morning.

wish me luck people, I'm going to need it.
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On A Mission!
The Cake of Doom is everywhere! and it doesnt even look like cake sometimes, but it still screams 'eat me eat me!'

We dieters laugh in the face of the Cake of Doom, glad to see you have joined us! :)
Hey there, just wanted to wish you good luck on your journey! Haha, food always talks to me, not good! :( But seriously, well done on walking away - that takes some will power. You CAN do this and everyone on here is so supportive as I have found out since joining this site just a few days ago. All the best :)
thanks everyone.. quick update on yesterday... i did all the intended exercise... yaay go me!
and i kept to the meal plan apart from lunch. wasn't hungry enough for soup so just had a slice of wholemeal bread and thin spread of butter. i'm so good... let me polish my halo, lol.

Today has been grim. husband found a receipt for fat coke and profiteroles from last week. the profiteroles were for 3 kids to share i had none. i did have some coke, but the way he has reacted today it's as though i committed some dreadful humanitarian crime. now i can't be trusted. i'm a liar. i'll always be fat.
it brings me down when he is like this. and usually i would have just rebelled and said sod it. i'm not going to diet anymore. but this time i want to do it for 2 reasons. 1. FOR ME! 2. just to prove him wrong. petty innit?

anyway on to todays plan


1 hour brisk walk with doggy dumpling
10 sit ups 3 times
at least 20 mins on exercise bike
100 step-ups

food plan

Breakfast. 2 slice wholemeal toast. coffee. fruit juice

lunch. bowl of cereal (can't bear the stuff in the morning)

dinner. pasta with tomato and basil sauce. yoghurt or 2 sponge fingers.

snacks. yoghurt or sponge fingers or fruit

3 glasses of water.

hope today gets better. it's only 10am and i'm emotionally drained already.
ok. i may have been slightly over ambitious with the exercising...
did the walk with my legs burning! did 75 step-ups... legs still burning. did 20 sit-up, but when i tried to do the 3rd set of 10 i could barely manage 1 because i ache so much :-(
and the bike? that went completely out the window. i was so sore and achy from mondays exercising i just couldn't do it.... waily waily, woe is me..But i did stick to my food plan.. ((halo))

nevermind. today is a new day. i will attempt

[STRIKE]10 sit ups[/STRIKE]
[STRIKE]50 step-ups[/STRIKE]
[STRIKE]half hour doggy walking[/STRIKE]
[STRIKE]10 mins on bike[/STRIKE].
its better than nothing.

edit>when i attempted my sit ups, stupid dog decided mummy was playing, lay down on top off me and proceeded to wash my face.

food plan

Breakfast. 1 slice wholemeal toast, juice.

lunch. bowl of cereal. coffee

dinner. 2 slices of ham, 2 slices of homemade bread. yoghurt. water

no snacks today..
i know there are lots of carbs in todays plan, but shopping doesn't arrive until this evening and i'm running low on food, so its either bread or fresh air... or 10 fish fingers, lol.
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ta very much. it's good to be on here. when i write down my intentions they seem easier to keep. i suppose its because i know that people will be reading it and i don't want to fail in front of you all... does that make sense?
[STRIKE][/STRIKE]yesterday went well. i managed all of my exercise goals and actually did extra time of the bike. i kept to my food plan even when confronted by some very yummy looking chocolate cream cake. i had a bowl of yoghurt instead.

todays exercise plan

[STRIKE]15 sit ups[/STRIKE]
[STRIKE]75 step-ups[/STRIKE]
15 mins on bike
[STRIKE]45 mins walking pampered pooch[/STRIKE]

ended up walking the dog for nearly an hour and a half, 3 times our usual distance, so decided to forego the bike (legs were killing me!)

food plan

breakfast - 1 slice wholemeal toast, fruit juice, coffee

lunch - small bowl cereal with (yuck) semi-skilled milk, yoghurt, water

dinner - lettuce, cucumber, tomato, celery, sweetcorn & Ham in 2 slices tiger bread (nom nom) ADDED 1 NEW POTATO no dressing. yoghurt

6 jelly babies, stalk of celery

snacks - 2 sponge fingers, piece of fruit, yoghurt, 6 jelly babies.

drink 3 glasses of water
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I actually ate less yesterday than i had planned. i only had 1 small bowl of yoghurt instead of 2. i only had 1 of my snacks and i gave the dog a big bit of my toast in the morning!
exercise went well. i didn't go on the bike, because i took the dog out for nearly an hour and a half and went three times as far as we usually go. i was shattered and so was he!

Todays exercise plan.

[STRIKE]15 sit ups[/STRIKE]
30 mins exercise bike
[STRIKE]100 step ups[/STRIKE]
No walk today. it's raining and he won't go out in the rain!


breakfast - 2 slice wholemeal toast, fruit juice, coffee

lunch - cereal with semi skilled milk. coffee. apple

dinner - chicken noodle soup. 1 slice unbuttered bread. yoghurt. coffee

snacks - 2 sponge fingers, 6 jelly babies, fruit. small bowl of jelly.
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yesterdays exercise did not go well :-(
unexpected visitor, combined with car being in garage and an inset day saw me wave bye-bye to 30 mins on the bike. i did do the step- ups and the sit ups though. And the food plan is still on course so i can't be too hard on myself, i suppose.
Today i WILL do:

30 mins on bike
15 sit ups
100 step-ups
30 mins walking doolally dog.

Food plan
Breakfast - 1 slice wholemeal toast, coffee

lunch - cereal, coffee, banananana

dinner - chicken stir fry, jelly, coffee.

snacks - 2 sponge fingers, yoghurt.
yesterdays plan went off without a hitch. yaay.

todays exercise

100 step - ups
15 sit ups
30 mins on bike


late breakfast - 1 slice wholemeal toast, coffee

lunch - apple, coffee

dinner - prawn salad bap. jelly, coffee

snacks - yoghurt, 2 sponge fingers

tomorrow is my first weigh in ((GULP))
Yay, well done on sticking to your plan! :) eeek first weigh in, I'm sure you will be fine, will be on here tomorrow to see how you have done! Good luck for weigh in tomorrow!
thank you.. i have been so tempted to jump on the scales today but will wait it out until tomorrow morning. i will be over the moon if the scales show a loss of 3lbs. but i will be satisfied with 2lbs.
well i weighed in this morning, and i have lost 2lbs. i am a little disappointed but it is still a loss. going for it this week. want at least 2lbs off next monday too....

todays exercise

20 sit ups
100 step - ups
30 mins bike
45 mins dog walking

breakfast - banananaana, coffee
lunch - apple
dinner - lentil soup.

snacks - sponge fingers or yoghurt.
ok well yesterday's exercises went to plan.. food not so much. i had 2 slice of toast in the evening and a stick of celery.

todays exercises
100 step-ups
20 sit-ups
45 mins on bike.
30 mins dog walking (if it stays dry)

Breakfast - ready brek. coffee
lunch - apple
dinner - vegetable soup.

snacks - 2 sponge fingers, jelly.
Hey angiel and I just read your diary and your doing so well...and well done for losing 2ib.... :)
aaargh I was doing really well. got on scales today because i was a bit bloated yesterday and i've lost 3lbs, not 2... woop woop go me... then stupid husband decides he wants me to roast the gammon joint i've been hiding from... so i end up with 3 slices of that and 2 slices of (shock horror!) white bread!!! stupid man. stupid gammon joint! tomorrow its fruit and soup all the way baby!
thanks for the comment, it keeps me on the straight and narrow knowing people might be reading this.
had a very busy day yesterday, just didn't have time to type up food plan and exercise..... probably just as well because it all went horribly wrong!
Did no exercise unless you count traipsing in and out of shops, trying on coats and buying birthday presents for my daughter!

Foodwise - i had 3 cups of coffee, half of a crayfish tail and rocket sandwich, 1 bottle of water and 2 gammon sandwiches (made with the smaller slices of a bloomer loaf) at about 9pm and 3 fruit pastilles.

AAArgh not a good day! well i say that, but i bought a lovely new winter coat, had a makeover at the Clarins counter (then proceeded to spend £70 on make up and skin care) and got a load of freebies too! yaaay
yesterday i did 20 sit ups and 45 minutes walking the dog
i ate a banana, a bowl of soup with 1 small slice of bloomer, a handful of dried fruit and another 2 small bloome slices with low fat spread.
today i have done 20 sit ups, 110 step ups. i have eaten a bowl of cereal.

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