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Exercise after 5 years!!

Just thought id share, that after 5 years of being a complete couch potato, i went out for a bike ride....yay!!
really proud of myself and i defiantly would never had done it if i hadn't had such a great week on slim fast. Losing that 1.5 pounds really gave me a boost and i feel like i can get my life back on track in becoming healthier and more active.

It was so hard, but i managed to grind out 10 miles today. my legs feel like they are ganna drop off!!

Would love to hear if anyone else:character00116: is incorporating exercise into their diet plan.
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Hi Nadia, congratulations on your bike ride! :) I'm incorporating exercise into my diet, but I'm doing it mostly from home on the Wii as I can't face working out in public yet lol. I'm using the EA Sports Active More Workouts and Wii Fit Plus, working out 4 days a week. I'm also going to be investing in some roller skates next week as I want to join a roller derby team, and I think roller skating will be a really fun way to incorporate more exercise into my new lifestyle. I've always been one of those people that can't exercise outside due to embarrassment, but now I'm kinda thinking sod it, at least I'm doing something! And roller skating is kinda cool now where I live, so I'm hoping I can at least stay upright and not fall down too much! :)
Hi Emma, that sounds like so much fun, I use to love skating when i was younger. And i totally get the outside embarrassment thing:eek: i felt like everyone one was staring at me the whole time. But i had planned out the route before i left, to choose the quietest possible route :D which worked quite well. I also had my hubby as my cycling buddy, would highly recommend a exercise buddy as its a great way to feel more motivated and confident.
I never got in to the wi fit games. I reckon it was just too close to the comforts of my sofa ;) ive also got a stack of exercise dvds covered in dust. I think if you leave the house you kinda get forced into just getting on and doing it.
Anyways good luck with the exercise and let me know if you get all 4 sessions in this week. I doubt il be getting back on my bike this week casue my legs feel like they are ganna fall off, and the pains just ganna be worse tomorrow. The good news is that il be fitter and more resilient to the pain next time. Think il replace the rides to short walks this week, guess its better than nothing:)


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Hi Nadia :) My boyfriend said he'll buy inline skates and come out with me, plus the roller derby team often go for skates along the seafront (I live a stone's throw from the sea) so I'll have company :) Don't think I could do it on my own either!

I did the first workout on Saturday and by Sunday evening I was so sore and stiff, everything hurt! I've worked out for twice as long today so I'm expecting to be sore tomorrow, but, same as you, I'm hoping I'll get used to it soon enough so I won't be sore for too long :)

Walking is great exercise, so keep it up! :)
I'm tempted to purchase another wii - I swapped mine for my car a couple Of years ago!!

At the moment I just walk, I have my dog for company, on weekends we go out for hours :)
@emma, your location sounds idyllic, i wish i had a beach front to walk along. what a great motivation to get out there! I live in London so its just roads, cars and the odd park to look forward to.

@lifeizsweet, A dog must make the best exercise buddy, they never let you down, always up for walking and no pre-arranging required! Think i need one of them!

Update on my legs.... still aching! its such a odd pain, not really muscular but a dull ache and the only thing that will ease it is if i put alot of weight on them...last night i got my hubby to put 2 of his weights in a pillow and lay them on my legs..lol. Apparently is quite common, if you haven't exercised in a while. i read a good tip to avoid this pain,is to lay with your legs in the air for 10 mins after your exercise session so the lactic acid doesn't settle?? or something? worth a try, i guess...:)

Also wanted to mention the last couple of days ive been replacing the lunch time shakes with a 250cal meal> and i started to feel heavier, so i weighed myself and Ive put a lb back on. Arrgh! which is a bit disappointing. I think i must be under counting my calories?! i guess its a bit of a skill to get the calorie counting right, seems just a little extra here and there can really tip the balance the other way....so decided to stick with the shakes for now.
Nadia - he's a great exercise buddy! We have had 2 twenty minute walks so far today and will go out for another hour tonight hopefully! I'm going to buy a bike and try him running alongside that soon!


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I'm living in Swansea at the minute, the beach is so close, and there's miles and miles of it! It is pretty idyllic :) I'm really scared about introducing meals back into my diet when I'm finished with slim fast, it's going to be pretty difficult to get the balance right. Keep trying though! :)


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Yeah Swansea is very pretty, shame I'm leaving to move back up North in 6 weeks! :(


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Forever unfortunately! I can't afford to stay here after I graduate, so I'm moving back in with my parents lol x

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