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Exercise and Weightloss

Hi, I'm brand new to this site and have never "Threaded" before lol, so here goes!!

I'm a regular gym go-er and usually manage to get there 4-5 times a week. I joined slimming world approx 1 month ago and havnt looked back since.

However I find the more I work out while following the plan, the less I loose. I suffer shin splints (Pain in shins and ankles) someties after running long distance and got them pretty bad the other week, this meant I couldnt go gym AT ALL for a whole week and I lost 2lb!!!

The following week I felt better and returned to my usual regime and only lost half a pound!!!!!

I ate pretty much the same both weeks, I dont get it!!!!!

Should I stop the exercise till I reach target or what? I hope 1 of u lovely ppl on ere can help me!!

Love Sam xxx:)
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Not much help I'm afraid but I find the same - my losses are much better when I dont go to the gym, its really annoying because I love the feeling I get after a work out but hate the results on the scales at WI !


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Weight loss is about calorie deficit - calories in against calories out. There are a few reasons why regular exercise can lead to slower gains:

...Muscle growth as fat burns. Muscle weighs more than fat, so try to think about fat loss rather than overall weight loss
...Fluid intake. People often don't drink enough to compensate for the exercise. Make sure you drink at least 2 litres a day, more if you will be working out, or your body will retain water and you will weigh more.
...Food intake - people tend to eat more food when exercising, which is fine, but often people make the wrong choices or make portions too large as the body says 'feed me now, I don't want to burn fat, I want to burn food!'
...Body adapts - the body adapts to exertion. You must keep it guessing to make sure it doesn't adapt to the level of intensity and stop burning fat. Mix up your exercise a bit, confuse your body before it gets used to the routine. Interval training is a great way to torch fat.

Like I said, a few reasons why. I would keep exercising. Exercise ISN'T just about fat loss, or why would think people do it?! Its about all round health of body and mind and is worth continuing. It is meant to be a lifestyle change, not just a tool to help you lose weight.

Remember you are still in the first month of SW. Give your body time to get used to the new diet and I am sure you will see consistent losses. If these or 1lbs a week or 3 lbs a week it doesn't matter. Every pound lost is important!
only advice i can give is from my own routine and what i find helps. i tend to gain water rather easy so excercising makes u retain water more. so i do 20 mins bursts of cardio on my excercise bike 4 days a week and rest the few days before i weigh in. this gives time for my metabolism time to kick in and catch up ( as ur metabolism dont kick in until the day after u have worked out) and for the extra water to leave my body. to keep my metabolism up i drink freshly squeezed lemon in hot water in the morning and at night before bed. my doctor swears by that method and she had twins and lost all her baby fat doing this. i have lost 5lb a week since i started and so has my mum. but thats just my method that works for me it may not work for someone else though because we are all different. good luck hun and well done for your loss xxxxxx
This is so interesting. I usually go to zumba once a week and use my exercise bike 2-3 times a week too. My losses have been averaging 1lb per week.
This last week I've been poorly so just havent had the energy to exercise (but have still been trying to eat properly) and I lost 3lb!
Dilemma! Do I keep exercising and getting slow losses or cut it down and get faster losses. I guess I could try cutting down and seeing if this has any effect over the next few weeks.
the way i look at it is that is i diet and don't exercise then my body burns fat and muscle, when you diet and exercise the body only burns fat.
because fat weighs more than muscle, ie you get more for your lb,
losses will be slower as you are no longer burning off muscle.

in the long run you will get to the same end result with a new fitter body. thats my plan anyway xx
I'm focusing on fitness this time, I know my weight loss will be more sustainable and I'll benefit more. This is not a quick fix, I have to change my lifestyle and that means fitness as well as food changes