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Exercise Dvds, what's the best in your opinion?


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I've been doing 30 Day Shred which is pretty good. It's tough at first but worth it. :)

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i was going to say 30 day shred too lol.

i'm doing it at the moment, it's hard but you feel good about yourself when you've done it.
also it's only 20 minutes or so each time so quite easy to find time to do it.
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30 day shred I find I have to be in the right mood for. It's good that you are only doing the same move for a short period (can't remember if it's 30 or 60 seconds)

I've been doing Tracey anderson's postnatal workout -
Very challenging! I skip a couple of moves as I'm not strong enough yet for the plank type stuff, but it's good. Also her dance aerobics i struggle to memorise the dance moves! I've got her dance workout from
Hipcentric and it has me panting in mere minutes so I guess thats good!

10 minute solution - pilates body blast is fab! How can u find an excuse not to squish in 10 minutes here and there? Plus it's not leaping around the lounge which I prefer. I find that once ive done one section I feel in the mood to do a couple more so I end up doing 30mins or more - got to be a bonus!
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For those who have sky or sky+ there's workouts on Fitness TV (channel 282;)) called 'Cheerleader dance workout' & 'Salsa dance workout' I recordered them both yesterday afternoon.. wasn't expecting much but they are amazing, i'd even go as far to say I prefered them over zumba (and i love zumba!) i was sweating so much and my heart was really pumping, check it out :)
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I actually quite like the P90 workouts, but they obviously all get a bit monotonous after a while.

I think the P90s help in that manner with the fact that you get a cardio day, then a strength day, then a cardio day, and so on.
But they can be a little hard on the joints if you're not careful and don't watch your form.

I've never tried anything else, and now I have my own schedule I've created, but I'd say your best option is to grab hold of a heart rate monitor (Beurer models are great) and do each DVD you have. See which one gets your heart rate up (between 160 and 180 is optimal for fat reduction) and which one is the most enjoyable to you.
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My bf has the p90x workouts on the computer, I tried out the cardio video and gave up quick as it was too hard lol.

I've done Zumba a few times now and I can see what all the hypes about - it's a fun way to work up a sweat!
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I would recommend p90x (pretty advanced) or you can try TRX. TRX is quite fun actually and you can hit all your muscle group with your desired resistance. =)
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My bf has the p90x workouts on the computer, I tried out the cardio video and gave up quick as it was too hard lol.
We've all been there, I'm sure :p

The X workouts are just one in a series, though. The original DVD is just P90, and once you've completed those days you can move onto P90M, then P90X, then P90X+... which is wickedly difficult.

Obviously they're all designed around the same principles and you're encouraged to buy the products and supplements that come with the P90 routines, but I did them without and saw great results.

What I like about P90 is it's divided between strength and cardio workouts, and everyone should do a bit of strength training.

Really though, any kind of workout that you enjoy is great, be it 30 minutes of Zumba, kickboxing, swimming or even playing a game of footie with your mates.
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Love the 30 day shred- I get some great weight losses with it. and although she aggrivates me davina mccalls dvds are good. really good workout but somehow it seems fun and i can get into it :)


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insanity workout


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This might sound like a silly question but are these workouts you could reasonably follow if you're very overweight? I don't mean from a medical perspective but more from a practical one. Can you build up gradually with what you take from them?

I stuck to the machines and never did the classes at my gym because they were quite intense and there's much more of me to manoeuvre from one position to another than there was with everyone else in the class.
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polly, I have the 30 day body shred which is a progressive one. I'm quite big and worried about the practicality but this one is fab. I could do it at my biggest and manage and now 2 stones lighter I still use the same dvd and get challenged. it's 3 levels which get harder and you're supposed to work up each level. but in each level theres 2 back up people working out, 1 on a higher intensity and 1 for beginners :) I found myself on level 1 for beginners and then within a few days, level 1 higher intensity and then level 2 beginners within about a week and a half and so on. Now I do level 3 beginners and love it :) every night :)

Really good one!


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I have P90x but the workouts are between like 45-70mins long and I cant set aside a lot of time what with work, college and my son and trying to make some extra funds (I.e ebay!)

This 30DS seems to be popular though I may invest!

I have a mini trampoline (under my bed)
Gym ball (not pumped up)
Davina's Ab cruncher (Gathering dust)
Dumbells (Somewhere)
Resistance bands (Still sealed in the packet)
and some push up bars (Again somewhere)

Maybe if I actually started using it instead of letting it just take up room in the flat I may be alot slimmer/toned then I am!!!!


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