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Exercise, Getting back on track

After my pathetic attempt at the september weight loss challenge, I'm going to make a serious attempt at losing some weight now.

On my Wii board I weighed 115kg today, I was 113kg a few weeks ago, if I'd stuck to what I was doing from my Docs appointment a few months ago I should be around 107kg as I was losing 3kg a month at first.

I've made a new workout program on my ea sports today and done 45 mins, I've a multi gym set up in my spare bedroom, and my air walkers coming in out of the shed and I'll be eating sensibly.

I'm going to log my exercising on here then if I start failing you can all abuse me for being a lazy git. I intend to exercise 5 days a week.

Let the flab fighting begin.
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Todays exercise completed.
45 minutes this morning on Wii EA Sports
A tester session on the multi gym to see how unfit I am,
10 supersets, a set consisting of 15 leg extensions immediately followed by 20 pec deck reps, weight set @ 25kg
10 Supersets, a set consisting of 10 lat pulldowns 15 pec deck reps, weight at 30 kg
5 supersets, a set consisting of 10 straight arm lat pushdowns narrow grip, another 10 wide grip, 10 squats, weight at 25 kg.
I never have a set plan apart from being able to do 2 or more different exercises from a set position, i.e, seating so I can go straight from one exercise to another, and I keep the weight set so I can do fast higher number reps, this is to burn fat, not bulk up
Just done a multi gym session, it'll be boring reading if I list everything, so rough guide is, warm up, 5x30 rep sets 25kg, then 10x35 rep sets 25kg, 5x35 rep sets 30kg, gave me a nice heart rate and a good sweat
3 programs on the Wii today, said I burnt 100's of calories but I'll take that with a pinch of salt, it did cream cracker me though. To my surprise them elastic resistance bands do work and as luck had it at asda I spotted a box with 3 in of different reistance for 3 quid. Arnold Shwatzerwhatever had better start looking over his shoulder, I'm gonna take it up a notch after the weekend.


Les Mills Fitness Freak
id love a multi gym, i love those...
I used to have a pretty decent multi gym and other equipment when I had a large house with a cellar, but it all went with the divorce. The one I have now is not too bad, it's reasonably compact with a pec dec and 90kg stack, and fits in a small bedroom easily enough. I bought it for 80 quid from ebuyer.
I know what you mean about letting exercise slip... I've done next to nothing over the last month and paid the price!!!!

Like you I determined to get back on track..I just hope I can do as well as you are :)
I did well for the first two months since I started trying to change, 3kg loss each month, 3rd month the slipping started and I stayed the same weight as month 2, this last month I've gained 2kg. Overall I am 4kg down from starting but should be more and I need to stop this slide back into Pieland
The weekend's exercise consisted of a few bicep curls Saturday night, weight stack=pints.
A weekly treat and shouldn't be a problem if I stick to my plan and up the intensity.
Well I'll start the week as I mean to go on, done a 5 program workout on ea sports on the wii earlier this morning, it really surprises me how much of a sweat you can work up.
I'll do a multi gym session this evening.
I quite like wii Sports, the boxing is prolly the best workout in it, don't mind some of wii fit either and really love wii Just Dance

All the best
The boxing is one of the best ones for getting into the fat burning zone and I have a few variations programmed in, not just for that but it also works the chest muscles, I want Peter Andre's Pecs, not Jordan's Jugs.
The gym session's done and it was hard going. I banged the weight up 5kg on each exercise and did the same reps apart from lat pulldowns, I banged that up 15kg. I'm obviously well out of shape and this plan of wii in morning, gym in the evening could be too much to start with. I'll see how tomorrow goes.
I was a bit sore last night, and also this morning so couldn't face the wii.
I went on it at 4, did a usual programme and then tried a few different exercises I hadn't done, straight after I had a quick coffee then on the gym, loads of supersets of leg/pec dec exercises at 2 weights, 35/25 reps followed by a few tries of different exercises.
It might seem a bit slapdash the way I'm approaching it but it's all trial and error 'till I get a routine that I'm happy with.
I could use more weight and lower reps but I'm not after building muscle, just burning fat.
By the way, anybody seen the pics of Jodie Marsh today?
Had an early morning session on the wii (ea sports2) I'm getting a bit addicted to this, I get a good sweat and heartrate with it, and I've noticed an improvement on my posture on some of the exercise and my overall energy levels seem to be improving too.
Another hard sweaty session today, I'm going to have to have a re-think though due to ongoing knee problems.
Still be a 5 day a week workout though.
I can still do squats, leg extensions etc. so it's not actually affecting the way I exercise. The problem is, every so often my knee will sort of buckle with a horrible crunching noise, it sounds worse than it feels as it hardly hurts, now scans and x-rays have revealed something is damaged beyond repair, Ive forgot wether the specialist said, cartilidge, tendons or ligaments 'cos I was a in a bit of shock, I'd gone in with the idea of being told keyhole surgery was the answer and it threw me a bit.
So do I carry on as normal or am I just going to make it worse, I'm tending to carry on or even step up leg exercises as less weight and stronger muscle will surely be beneficial.
Occasionally I do, but when it goes it makes a horrible crunching noise, the first time it did it, it scared me, I was sure I'd popped my knee out or somthing.
I was told that too, it's wear and tear over the years that's caused it and apparently I've one leg just a touch shorter than the other and that's played a part.
I knew size made a difference but thought that was in inches not an eighth of an inch ;)
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