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Exercise: It's Non-Negotiable, what are you doing?

a good 3 - 4 hours a night on the sofa.
I run 3x a week, 2x powerplates with instructor a week, and 1 long hike (13 miles +) at the weekend.


Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
I get to work & back on my bike, about 50 mins a day over a big hill.

I tend to go for a nice walk most lunchtimes, fairly brisk, about 45 mins with my audiobook.

Then when I get in I *try* to get on my cross trainer and aim for 20 mins, sometimes more sometimes less depending on stamina & how interested I am in my audiobook. Couldn't just exercise on its own without some other kind of entertainment to keep my mind busy! I used to do that but would get SO bored and then start to resent the 'wasted' time if that makes any sense?

Trying to get in a big bike ride most weekends (20miles+) although haven't had time this weekend or next... But that's cos I'm training for a charity ride in July, usually weekends are quite lazy apart from leisurely walks in the park or around town.

I still wouldn't feel comfortable going to a gym! Went into a local one to enquire about their yoga & pilates classes a few weeks back and was totally intimidated out of it...


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Jim love it :)
walking the dogs - between 40 mins to hour each day. WITH MY NEW REEBOK EASYTONE :D :D

xx Cathy xx

Bye Bye Huge Bottom!
I play at a brass band 2 nights a week (aparently 1hrs playing burns 165cals! and I roughly get about 1 1/2hrs playing in a 2hr rehearsal)

On the other nights I've started going on my cross trainer while listening to my ipod. Starting with 20mins/100cals at a time and I'm going to work up as my energy levels increase..... This diet is fantastic as when I went on it when I was on lipotrim I could only manage about 30cals and I was wiped out!


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haha Jim!

the only exercise I get is walking to my car and back, however I've started doing weights and cycling this week to see if I can see this weight quicker!
If you bulk up the muscle you'll lose weight slower Aaron.
jim i thought that...

if only stress was enough exercise!

my fingers how ever are mega skinny due to the amount of typing i do in one day haha

xx Cathy xx

Bye Bye Huge Bottom!
my fingers how ever are mega skinny due to the amount of typing i do in one day haha
That must be my problem too Missy, since I've been doing a load of typing on here my wedding rings keep spinning round all the time lol! Ah well I'll just have to get them altered :D
Looking at my new powerplate because I am too tired to get on it :D
Starting Pilates tomorrow night!
And I'm thinking of taking up Jim's exercise regime - sounds good to me :8855:

xx Cathy xx

Bye Bye Huge Bottom!
yeah I'm following that too tonight, spend too much time messing around with different recipes in the kitchen now can't be bothered to do anything!


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I do nowt! Which I do feel bad a bout actually as it would speed up my loss but I'm clearly not that bothered about it, as I still end up sitting on my butt flicking through the tv channels! :D
LOL, yes indeed, I wonder how much weight we burn off with the TV changer. :)


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the reebok are fab. only had them 2 days but jeez you can feel it :D

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