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exercise on CD

as you probably know a few of us have been doing the shred - and its only helped our weight loss I don't think it affects it as long as your not pounding the weights of course x
Thanks Hun, yeah I bn Reading about the shred think I'm gonna try it myself!! I LOVE jillian!! Ur doin fab :) guess I'll get ma ass to the gym then eh.....boooooooooo!!! ;-)


My husband = My hero
hi babe, i have shredded every day for 16n days now...

last week i excercised every single day and lost 5lbs..

so abslutely KNOW it hasnt slowed my weight loss down!

Get on the shred train xxx
Haha yeah I think I bloody will :) u girls are crazy but I'm a wee bit crazy too so here goes!!!! I'm on eBay right now! Xx
Hi. A study in the 80s proposed that exercise on vlcds could lead to loss of lean muscle mass however more recent studies have shown this is not the case at all. Studies have also shown that those who develop a regular exercise routine while on such diets are more likely to maintain weight loss. As with all exercise routines though you need to take into account your current weight and fitness levels and be sensible about initial intensity and how you build it up.
Thanks GG. I think I might start with a brisk walk in the snow TO the gym haha. That's what I'm thinking, I want to change my whole lifestyle and I think I want to start good changes now for when I'm maintaining. Need a good kick up the bum :) xx
I agree LeaV.. that's what i'm trying to do and it's beginning to kick in. IMHO if we don't start the changes now when we are motivated with CD are we really likely to do it when we get to "goal". I don't think so. I'm going to head out for a walk mid morning if the weather stays clear :)
Well good luck, hardly anybody I know is at work today because ppl just can't get anywhere and everywheres closed, never known anything like it!!! Have a great day :) xx

i've done all sorts of exercise on cd. i've found that the more intense my exercise is the less i loose but the more i tone up.

the past week i've not had much chance to do anything much, just tuesday where i ran 4 miles and did some other stuff. this week i lost 4lbs on the 810. when i exercise 3 times a week to a high intensity and do my weights class my losses are lower, last week it was 2.5lbs.

it all depends on what exercise you'll be doing. walking and a few free weights are fine. just take it easy.

i think with me my body decides enough is enough and holds on to water and that is why my losses are slower. after running my fingers can be so big that they're like sausages.


My husband = My hero
Studies have also shown that those who develop a regular exercise routine while on such diets are more likely to maintain weight loss.
Thats enough reason for me!

no chance i am doing this AGAIN!


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