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Exercise on Sole Source


I was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions for exercise on ss.. My counsellor said i shouldnt exercise for the 1st 2 weeks and after that i should do light exercise until the next step. SO I am asking what exercises are suitable and when and if toning and resistace exercises are advisable.

Thanks in advance
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I would like an answer to that too, Mushu. I am going country dancing on Saturday and I dont want to deviate from diet nor keel over :)
I don't know the official answer but my plan is to walk the dog (quite vigorously) for 30 mins each day, and a couple of weeks in I'm going to go to 'Legs Bums & Tums' at the gym.
I don't believe we're allowed to do weights/build muscle while we're on a VLCD so I would be interested to know when this would be ok.
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Hi Guys

I am not someone that is always excersizing but I am on SS and I have been doing Aqua Aerobics & going for long walks (4-6 Miles) & have been fine.

I think when they advise you not to excersize they mean dont start running like 12 miles a day or really strenyoues (sp?!) excersize incase you are not used to it.....

I only go to Aqua once a week and perhaps walk twice a week at most.......

I feel hungry after but it makes me appreciate my soup more!

Hope this helps!;)


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hey Mushu, i went to the gym on sat in my 1st week of SS and took it easy,only did walking on the tread, some toning and couple of arm weights, tried the cross trainer but was tired after 5 mins so left it there. i was ok afterwards maybe a little light headed that's all.

by the way Mushu, well done on the fab loss in week 1!!
Thanks Lelly!
I usually walk with the pram for about 2 hours up and down hills and I do sit ups in the evening for now but I want to know If i can boost it a bit. After reading what you and others have done I may just knock it up a notch!

Congrats on your weight loss too!
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I would say listen to your body. If you think you can cope with a bit of extra activity, do it but don't carry on if it makes you feel lightheaded or weak. If you are into doing more because you feel energetic that's great - go with the flow. xx
Definately listen to your body

Why don't you try something like pilates or body balance?

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Exercise - especially vigerous exercise usually means your body uses glycogen - which if you are in ketosis you don't have! So I always advise clients who want to exercise at the gym to have half a shake, tuna/cottage cheese (depending on what plan they're on) before exercising so that their body has something to use as energy. Also drink plenty of water and yes listen to your body and stop if feeling weak or faint.


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I went swimming yesterday and almost passed out afterwards :(
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ive just bought two dvd ministry of sound full action dance routines, i did the warm up felt tired then one dance routine and nearly collapsed gonna get to the end by the end of the week x

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