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Exercise on SS

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Falafel, 11 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. Falafel

    Falafel Well-Known Member

    I have just got back from my first swimmig session in ages (500m gentle swimming) and walked to work this morning (40mins normal walking speed)

    I was considering going to aquafit on Friday but wondered if this would be too 'energetic' while on sole source. Any opinions/advice?
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  3. boardwitless

    boardwitless Well-Known Member

    I'm not an exerciser but while on SS I did have a couple of days of energetic furniture moving which left me weak and shaky. As you are tall like me, be careful of low blood pressure/faintness when standing up so take it easy. I guess if you are used to exercise you will cope better
  4. emmapetty

    emmapetty Going for Goal!

    Aquafit is fantastic!!!! :) I go to an aqua fit class every Monday eveing, and highly recommend it! I do have a bar straight afterwards though, as I feel it helps curb my hunger once the class has finished. Give it a go sweet - I hope you like it :) Hugs x x x
  5. onlyme!

    onlyme! is a naughty girl...

    I want to go to aqua fit!!
  6. lunar jim

    lunar jim Well-Known Member

    The only advice I could give (having never SS'd) is go careful. When I first started exercising on 1000 calories I got the shakes if I didn't time the session properly to fit in with my meals. My sessions were quite light so I still lost weight properly. When things got more hardcore I started to gain and lose madly over the week; twice now I've slammed 4lbs on in a couple of days and then lost it over the course of the week, even though I've only been on 1600 calories a day, so if you're prone to scale-hopping then take the reading with a pinch of salt until your proper WI day.
  7. AlexIce

    AlexIce Well-Known Member

    I go swimming a couple of times a week and swim back and forth for 30 minutes. I have a bar when I get out and I don't find any problems :) Enjoy your aquafit!

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