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Exercise paranoia!!!


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Hello guys i really want to start swimming again but im so paranoid that when i begin toning up my body it will affect my losses because muscle weighs more than fat. Id be gutted to have done really well all week and exercise too only to find ive lost nothing or even worse put something on :confused:
Has anyone else found this?!
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Sunshine Singer

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I have felt the same.
I usually exercise loads but altho i'm doing a tiny amount I'm waiting till i'm at goal to start up my weights again. Silly because exercise will make us lose inches.
I just want to get to goal and the tone myself up and get the feel good buzz from exercise again. It's not for ever tho so I'm looking at this part of CD as a chapter and getting back to exercising as the next chapter.


Sammi N

Anything but Regular
I'm also worried about levels of exercise. I bought a new mountain bike and went for a ride. I was exhausted within 10 mins and felt faint sick and my ears started to ring and then block out briefly. I rested and made my way back home slowly. I felt really good for exercising and also a little concerned cos clearly i didnt have enough energy to go riding hence the dizzy spell etc. I do short blasts on the wii fit aswell daily and norm that doesnt hinder loss. I found at my last weigh in that i only lost 2lb, i have now wondered whether the bike ride has resulted in this small loss as my other weeks have always been bigger losses. I've been too worried to go back out on the bike as i dont want to stall the weightloss, at the same time i dont want to leave things til target weight to tone up as i dont want to have to much saggy skin to deal with and find its too late to get it all back in shape. Vicious circle, do one good thing for myself which leads to something else being an issue lol. Sorry for jumping on your thread but was glad to see that im not the only one concerned with the exercise side of things :)


is looking forward
Yeah, that sounds like a really good way of putting it. I love swimming its so relaxing to me and exercise produces endorphines which I find I need alot of on this diet lol.
I suppose ill wait a few weeks until I get to my goal and then introduce some exercise gradually. I'm just worried that ill have loads of horrible skin flapping about especialy on my arms! i'd hate to think I worked so hard to lose weight only to never want to get my arms out cause they were bingo wings !!

Sunshine Singer

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The odd few toning exercises shouldn't do any harm. I do the 100 sit ups a day challenge. Get some dumbells and do a few bingo wings arm weighs. Like the one where you hold the weight with 2 hands behind your head and slowly move up and down. Thats a brilliant one xxx


is looking forward
Yeh that sounds like a good idea. I used to go swimming 3 times a week if I limit it to one for now i guess its something. I might try that 100 sit ups thing I have no idea how to do them properly though help?!

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Yeah swimming is fab. i just haven't the energy to start it up again. I will th one day. Hey I do crunches which i find more do-able. But just add your name over there and ask for help on how to do them. I'm sure someone will be able to help. xxx let me know when you start exercising and what you're doing xxx


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I had my smallest weightloss the week I did some exercise but I think I managed to kick myself out of ketosis for a couple of days. So the exercise may not have been to blame, but I'm taking it easy to be on the safe side!
Personally, I'm keeping up with my exercise while on CD. I walk everywhere and have a Wii Fit. I'd rather have a slightly slower weight loss, but stay firm & fit, than have to start from scratch once I hit target. I'm far too lazy to do that!:ashamed0005:
Plus exercise helps my skin shrink back.;)
I am taking things a bit more slowly tho, cause my stamina is not quite as good as it was.
And going walking keeps me away from temptation!!!:rotflmao:

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