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    Morning all,

    Is anyone else exercising regularly and managing to keep the weight coming off?

    This might be me being a bit silly, but basically I lost 1st in 10 days. I then stayed the same from Monday past til yesterday (Friday), then dropped 1lb overnight. So weighed myself this morning (which is official weigh in day) and my total loss is now 15lbs in 2 weeks. I was going to classes at the gym which are pretty high intensity Monday - Friday and find it weird that didn't lose weight during this time?! As thought the more calories burned, the more likely I was to lose some pounds. Am on Exante soup/shake/bar a day diet.

    Obviously am very happy with the 15lbs off in 2 weeks, am delighted, but just wondering if am doing myself more harm than good with the exercise. Either that or I should stop weighing myself all the time!!

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    I'm sure someone will be along who can explain, I think its something to do with starvation mode and the body trying to hold on as much as possible. If you want to carry on exercising you might find you lose better on the working solution, 3 packs plus 400 cal meal. Good luck.
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    one off the interweb...
    There is a technical explanation to this, which I'm sure someone will impart, but in the meantime I'll stick with the analogies.

    as Gina says, you are on a starvation diet. You are giving your system just enough energy to keep it ticking over. As a result, weight losses are rarely consistent. I too can stay the same for days, and just drop weight overnight. (But I do that on normal diets too, which baffles people.) The body is an exceptionally complex machine which generally doesn't work in a linear way, that's just the way it is.

    Often people find a really good week, is followed by a not so good week, as the body adjusts. Through no fault of their own. This is why people suggest keeping a log of measurements as well as weight, or using those posh scales that record body composition. Remember a chunk of a first week's weight is lost to water (as that is what glycogen is stored in) so your body may have sill been losing fat in that time, but replenishing it's fluid stores. Who knows.

    Now, this is before you start throwing exercise in. If you're only taking in 600cals (say) and you burn 300 of those off, over and above the energy expenditure it takes to simply keep you alive (ie the basal Metabolic Rate), your body is going to try and keep hold of as much energy as it can - it's programmed to! The bad aspect of this is that your body can start using lean tissue for energy, as your body preserves whatever glucose or ketones that are left available to run the brain.

    That's not good. You will end up losing weight in the long run, but not the sort of weight you want. So go easy on the exercise (bit don't quit altogether - you just might benefit more from strength exercises rather than cardio), and you might find things even out.

    In short -2 weeks is really too soon to uncover a longer term trend :)
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    Miss D is right. High Intensity Exercise build muscles and muscle weighs more then fat. Maybe during the week the weight your losing is being made up for in 'new' stronger muscle tissue, then at the weekend when your not exercising as much the weight loss is 'catching up' as such.
    Try to stick to low intensity exercise which is better for fat burning. A lot of gyms have equipment that monitors your pulse and you can set it to a fat burning programme. A good guide is that with fat burning/low intensity exercise you should still be able to hold a conversation.
    I'll warn you though, if your as unfit as I was then you'll be going REALLY slowly at first but as you get fitter you'll be able to go faster without raising your pulse as much. I hardly even broke a sweat the first couple of weeks of exercising and still lost 3lb a week!
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    Just do the things you do in a regular basis... Just do not over do yourself listen to your body always... experiment..and whatever works-do it
  7. emz449

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    always make sure that you keep on drinking quite a bit of water too, more so during exercise...if your body becomes dehydrated it will hold on to any water it can get and you wont really see much of a difference on the scales even though you will have lost weight :)
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