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Exercise to speed up weight loss

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Hi all,
I want to get fit as well as shed the lbs, so I have joined a gym but I am a bit worried because I have heard about people putting on weight while training at the gym!

I am planning on doing the following;
Mon - 30 min fat burn on bike
Tue - 30 min on eliptical trainer + 30 min spinning class
Wed - 30 min on eliptical trainer + 30 min fat burn on bike
Thur -30 min on eliptical trainer + 30 min spinning class
Fri - 30 min spinning class
Sat - 30 min fat burn + 30 fast walking at incline on treadmill
Sun - 30 min fat burn + 30 fast walking at incline on treadmill

I need to speed with weight loss up, get toned and fit for the summer.

Has anyone significantly speeded up their weight loss through exercise or has anyone gained through exercise?

Thanks :flirt2:
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Hon thats an AWFUL lot of exercise. Are you sure thats realistic for you to manage every week?

Personally I would go for 2 spin classes and 2 gym sessions.

The gym sessions should include cardio (ie bike/crosstrainer/treadmill) for half hour and some resistance work - if you don't like the machines then a few lunges, squats, push ups and lifting light weights (eg bicep curls), and a few tummy crunches would be good.

You won't actually gain weight from excersising, though at first its possible you may hold a little excess water. Just drink loads and you will be fine. Although muscle weighs more than fat, the difference is marginal. And muscle speeds up your metabolism so helps you burn fat, even when you are sitting still.

I excercised a lot whilst losing, have eased off recently due to health probs tho unfortuantely. I found spin classes the best for burning off extra calories. And I love it!!

The important thing is you enjoy it - you need something you can stick at.

Good luck and enjoy xxx

Mrs V

Loves Life!
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Right...firstly as you are only starting on 30 mins, you will not gain muscle..however, what you must remember to do is to take a rest day inbetween, so exercise Monday, Wednes, Fri and then Sunday.
I work with the army and use the gym there and have been told that you should never exercise every day as you need to give your body the day rest inbetween, as it takes your body the following day to recover (in essence you are still working out if that makes sense?)
Also remember to drink plenty of water whilst you are exercising as your body needs to replace what you are sweating out.

I hope this helps?


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I've just started SW and am going to Gym every other day (apart from Sunday - just swim).. mainly to tone up and boost my losses. Currently I do:

Tues - 13 mins uphill on treadmill, 13 mins on bike, 60 ad crunches and then arm exercises with small hand weights. Followed by 24 lengths in pool.

Thurs - As Above

Sat - Body Pump and 30 lengths

Sunday - Just swimming.

I love going and feel great after too, so even if that is all it does.. I'm happy :) x


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thats far too much exercise. you need to start small. if you do a couple of weeks like that then find you cant manage and dont do it your body will respond badly. take it easy and slowly


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Listen to the advice you've been given - it's aboslutely correct. On your plan all that will happen is that you'll either injure yourself or completely burn out.

And Purple-Star is correct, you really need to include some resistance work for toning as well as cardiovascular.

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