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Striving to be good.....
I wonder if I could ask advice regarding exercise please?

I have been back on CD for 7 days now. I do tae kwon do 3 times a week and two of those sessions last for 2 hours. There are times when i feel absolutely ravenous!
I am firmly in ketosis, but on Thursday night, I felt really shaky and a bit faint. I figured it was because of being on very low calories as well as doing quite a strenuous workout.
I dont know if I should be SS'ing on my TKD days or doing something different. Is it ok to workout hard when SSing? I also wondered if my feeling wobbly was because I was in the early days of entry into ketosis.
If anyone could advise me, I would be really grateful!

thanks all

Mikki x
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Strenuous exercise isnt recommended on CD SS, you need to look at your calorie intake and what you may burn off during a session, I would chat with your CDC but I was always told to build up gently and listen to my body, if its too much then stop.

I used to have a bar straight before my street dance and a shake after, but it may not be enough for your needs x


Striving to be good.....
Thanks Vicky....
Have been doing the classes for over a year, so that bit isn't new to me, its the entry into CDSS - I wonder if I should or could do something else on training days.....

thanks for your advice anyhow....

Mikki x
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i am a postwoman and deliver to big blocks of flats, i was feeling faint so upped my shakes to 4 a day on the 3 days i work and it did the trick for me i feel much better now x


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My CDC is advising against exercise in most forms it seems - simply because there isn't enough ready energy to draw on. Told me off for walking for an hour yesteday morning! But I swim regularly and intend to keep it up, its more about mental health than physical to be honest and if I feel faint then I'll have to get extra shakes for those days, I guess.


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My CDC told me cardio exercise was out as I was not taking in enough calories to support it and might go into 'starvation mode' and the body starts retaining anything it can, and weightloss is effected. Sounded reasonable to me so 3 hours at the gym is out. She said I could continue with walking as that was lower level exercise and toning exercises were fine.

Perhaps consider doing SS+ on the TKD days, as it would be a shame to give up something you really enjoy. Speak to your CDC and see what they say.


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Exercise isnt recommended on ss until week 3. could you take a small break or slow it down a bit until your energy returns? It will return soon. Strenuous exercise at any point will make you feel hungry on any vlcd. you are burning calories which warns the body and triggers a sort of "famine" mode if too many cals are being burned. If you prefer to keep up the exercise, i would recommend 810-1000 plans.

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