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Evening all :) I have an exercise dvd but to be honest I find it quite boring and I dont like gyms so I wondering what other exercises are good for aiding weight loss?
What about walking? I walked to town yesterday..it took about 40mins compared to a 10 min bus trip but I really enjoyed it.
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Does putting up a flat pack bookcase count?? I got very hot and sweaty putting one up for my DD today, and it took me the bext part of an hour... surely that counts :)
well I just bought a rower so Im gonna do 15 mins in the morning and then 15 at night


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i go to the gym, i'm afraid.
if you dont like gyms, what about a trampoline or a wii fit?
also, one of the girls in the gym told me she got a kettlebells dvd in tesco which is really working her core, might get it x
Walking is great for weight loss.......I walk 5-10 miles a day on my treadmill ...........low intensity workouts are good for fat burning and aerobic exercises are good for fitness..........xxx


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I do zumba, swimming and walking. I'm lucky to live in a country park, so as soon as I step outside, I'm on a trail that leads in/our forests, up and down hills. I've devised a circuit which takes me all around the fell, and good inclines and declines - plus I'm getting lots of fresh air too - and the dogs happy at all the extra walks!

Because I've taken up walking, I've binned off the gym for now, but once the autumn weather comes and dark nights arrive, I'll swop the fell for the gym again.
Thats great Passiflora, well done :)

I think we will be walking behind the house at weekend to the arenig mountain range xxx


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I love the Wii myself. EA Sports Active is great, the original one, not the new Sports Active 2. I've heard the new one isn't as good, and it's overpriced, so I'm happy to stick to the original plus the Sports Active More Workouts. The game is cheap on Amazon now (I think it was about £6 when I bought it a few months ago), but you need the original Sports Active as that comes with a resistance band and leg strap. The exercises are varied, it works out a routine for you, and it lets you have two days off a week! I love it :)


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
Think it may be a while before I can do mountains booboo, but I have said that Ben Nevis is a target for my 40th! A couple of years yet to go, but I'll get further than the campsite at the bottom this time!!


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My Dad completed the Three Peaks Challenge last summer at the age of 48 in 25 hours (one hour over the target due to traffic, unfortunately) and he only trained for about 6 weeks, when he probably should have trained for about 6 months. He hadn't been active or exercised regularly in about 25 years, so he's proof that anyone can do it if they put their mind to it! Good luck with Ben Nevis, I'm sure you'll love it! :)


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Wow!! Your Dad did really well!! I must admit, the Three Peaks it really tough for 24 hours, especially as the M6 can be a nightmare.

I've done a couple of hills in Scotland, only Corbetts, not a Munro as yet, one day I'll join hubby and the dog on one their walks/adventure, until then, the fell will just have to do, at least it's better than what I doing six months ago, so I'm chuffed with that!


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My dad is ex-Army, so he's pretty disciplined when it comes to exercise. Even though he hadn't exercised in about 25 years, the routine and determination came straight back to him and he got a bit carried away with it! He really enjoyed it and I was so proud of him for completing it. I'm hoping to run a half marathon with him in a few years when I've reached my goal and am a bit fitter :)


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I swim about 5 miles a week, i do the great swim series and am doing a mile in Lake Windemere in June andA mile in the Thames in July...once kiddies go back to school i can get back on it again and start biking more. also going to start walking more, as want to shift the bulge and maybe have another baby next year or year after.



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That's the one thing I'm trying to build on and that's my self-discipline! It's still so easy to bend, but there are times when I am strict with myself and I do feel proud afterwards!! Perhaps the army should run a course on it!!

I want a bike! I've got one for Hleb when he comes in a few weeks, so I'm hoping to borrow one of a friend for whilst he's here then I can tire him out in the fresh air of an evening!!

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