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I can't see a thread for this... so sorry if there is already one! but thought it would be good to share what exercise we are doing, what we think is good/fun etc and even what we hate ;) Then hopefully if we post what AP we have earned from our activity then we may encourage ourselves to keep it up and maybe push ourselves more!:D

I know exercise or should I say lack of it is my down fall! but no matter all the reasons I normally give not to exercise are going to be ignored! I know to loose it this time I need to exercise too...... so whos with me to keep a record of our activity and encourage each other to continue?

I have just completed 66mins Zumba on the wii fit... so for today that is 6 AP :D
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Hi Lucy
I do a challenge on the Fitness board where people input how many hours on the Wii they will do each month and then try and match it. I agree, it's a good idea to challenge with a group of people - somehow this board is helping to get me up and to the class cos I know it's an hour I can mark off. The fitness board is a great motivator. Come on over!


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My week starts on a Wednesday, I've earned 36ap's so far :)

45 m Spin class, 45 m personal training x2.

I'll be going to the gym a couple more times this week - probably both Sun and Mon. Maybe another 15-20 ap's to add to that. And I'll be going for a walk with my mum (about 3 miles) so maybe a few more points as well.

I never use my points, just like to watch them grow.. Ideally I'll get 55APs this week


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Thanks lilac will have a look. Hannata that is amazing.... Did it take u a while to build up to that and do u enjoy it now? Some people say after a while it becomes addictive.... I so hope that will be me, but for now trying to conquer the pain barrier.... Do u just carry on and push through it? X
I am planning on starting to train to be able to do a 5k run for cancer research I know it's not that far but for someone who literally cannot run the length of me at the mo is going to be a motivation. I also want to be able to run it all and not walk. So I need to join a gym and start on the treadmill!


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starkissed I would love to be able to run... but I have two assests that prevent me! he he! maybe if i strap them down? its something i really would like to achieve so may put it on my list! x and what a fab cause... its very close to my heart had two friends recently with breast cancer x
Ha I'm lacking in that department so I'm all good :) just so unfit! Yeah I have a relative who's unfortunately dying with a tumour at the moment and after he is in peace id love to raise some money for the cancer research for a sponsored run! Iv found some sites on net which have a plan for beginner runners to be able to do a 5k so they seem doable ha


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sorry to hear about your relative :-( but great idea about 5k, i have looked at some of those sites where they mix walking with running. think id rather not do it on a treadmill.... cos knowing me I would go flat on my face :-*
Thankyou! Yeah that's what I was looking at! Couch to 5k one of thems called. Would be a massive achievement for me as at the moment no lie I can't run for even 5 minutes without being out of breath!


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look forward to hearing about your progress :) I think I will stick with the Zumba and yoga for time being... the zumba surely got to give me a good work out I was sweating throughout when finished :-s and yoga is good to relax and focus I found! maybe when loose bit more and build stamina I might join u x
Do you go to a Zumba class? I want to go to one but can't get anyone to go with me ha and I'm lame that I can't just go by myself ha! Thankyou :)


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No I dont go to class to do it, I am a bit of a whimp when it comes to going to classes on my own.... think I am going to be the only one people look at he he! Mind you I managed to go to Yoga last week on my own and that wasn't as hard as I thought! I do the Zumba on the Wii, it seems really good work out! dont know how it compares to the classes but assuming it must be the same, and it has different levels which the classes dont! I think there is DVDs too if you dont want to go to class! but for reassurance when I went to yoga last week quite a few people where on own and people where going into Zumba on their own! SO maybe we can both pledge to give it a try this week? It can be like going together but in seperate classes :)
I would highly recommend going to a zumba class even if you do go alone. I couldn't get anyone to go with me so I took the plunge. I obviously don't know if they are all the same but my class turned out to be really friendly and now I know some faces and people always say hello when I go. I think the great thing about zumba is that it's suitable for all ages and shapes so you don't feel out of place. I found it really good fun and a real motivator to be part of a class.

I've also been going to the gym and working up to running. I can now do 10 mins which I am really pleased with as I couldn't run more than 2 mins before. Make sure you strap those assets in a really good gym bra!! lol
Holy cow, 20 minutes in the beginner Zumba on the Wii just nearly killed me!!

I have decided to up my exercise. I signed up for the Race for Life, which is in July.
I'm walking more, doing my Wii Zumba 2xweekly and I want to go back to my line dancing class.
Small steps :)


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I would thoroughly recommend going to a zumba class. I love it & its suitable for all shapes & sizes!

I go to 2 classes a week & a legs, bums & tums class.
After this coming week I'll be doing another class of zumba to take me up to 3 zumba classes & 1 LBT. x


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Thanks lilac will have a look. Hannata that is amazing.... Did it take u a while to build up to that and do u enjoy it now? Some people say after a while it becomes addictive.... I so hope that will be me, but for now trying to conquer the pain barrier.... Do u just carry on and push through it? X
yeah I only did my first spin class recently... after a years worth of training to get myself up to the fitness I am :p I just about managed to do it all. (some of the standing up stuff I had to do sitting) The key is change, doing new things makes you want to keep on.

It does become addictive but sometimes I just can't be bothered, like today...

With regards pain.... if its bad, just change around to a different kind of exercise... like if you are and yer knees are aching, try a bit of crosstrainer, or arm weights, something thats not as hard on the affected joint. I find that's the most affective way of dealing with pain and allows to to continue on with the session. And maybe come back to it after your joint has had a a bit of a rest doing something else.

I would say to anyone that's significantly overweight (like I am) you have to be so careful with your joints and DO NOT ignore any pain or swelling. Once you damage a joint its never the same, I'm always having problems with my knee after an accident :(
Good advice Hannata - never ignore pain. Could put you out of exercise for a long, long time.


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Good advice Hannata - never ignore pain. Could put you out of exercise for a long, long time.
Yeah... you do learn the hard way. Once you injure yourself your body won't let you forget it.

Sadly I've got a lot of exp dealing with joint pain and exercise. I smashed my kneecap off an escalator step, and the joint/tendons have never been the same. I can build up my exercise on it but I always feel its important to stop when its getting bad.

If the pain, or even muscle strain is giving you bad form you need to stop as well. Bad form is very likely to give you injuries!


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Hannata thanks alot for advice :) I been getting a bit of pain in one of my knees nothing too bad, I know its cos of weight! I will keep an eye on it! might try spinning at some point! today I have done 20 mins zumba intense work out ... gosh that was hard going and think a bit too much! I also did 20 mins on wii fit.. so happy with self and see how I feel tomorrow x

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