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Not sure if this is the right place to post this, I'd like to start doing a bit more excercise but Ive always found it hard to get motivated . The plan was to start going for a walk every night after work and gradually build up to running but after a full day at work I'm finding it difficult to get motivated to get out, my job can be quite stressful at times and while I'm not physically worn out I am often mentally worn out. does anyone have any tips on getting motivated , ive heard that it takes 21 day to develop a habit I'm hoping that if I can get motivated for those 21 days it might get a bit easier to get going
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I think walking is the best way to start excersising as it is quite gentle and you can easily go further when you want to or increase intensity. I have dogs so already walked a little, but gradually went further and further. I now have quite good thigh muscles and very toned doggies. If you wanted an excuse to get out and walk more there is an organisation called Cinnamon Trust who ask for volunteers to walk people's dogs. The owners tend to be older people who are finding it harder to get out but still dearly love their dog and want to keep them, so ask Cinnamon Trust to help. If you fancy that they do have a web site to check out.
Also why not look into sponsored walks in your area, if you signed up to a cause you believed in it would spur you on to do training for the big event.
Also good and fun is the Wii fit range. On Game website you can order Wii Fit game and Wii balence board preowned together for £30, which has loads of fun excersises to get you to see what type you enjoy most. I like the yoga and step excersises.
I hope you find the best path for you.
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Thanks I've never heard of cinnamon but that sounds ideal, I'll take a look at that


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a charity walk or run is always a good incentive to start exercising, even if its only a little training :)

the best charities to go for are ones that are close to your heart or have affected you persoanlly. for me its any cancer charity, its affected me as my friend passed away with it, so even if i struggle its like shes my motivation :)
Generally speaking, aerobic training helps us to lose weight and tone your body. The best weight loss exercise program combines both cardio-aerobic and strength-training.

Cardiovascular, or aerobic, exercise generally uses large muscle groups, like abs, gluteal and quadriceps muscles, and works the torso and lower body. Several cardio routines (eg. walking, jogging, stepping, cycling) involve mainly the lower body, but some cardio-training (eg. elliptical training, power-walking, rowing, swimming, stair-climbing and cross-country skiing) involve total body workouts.

Strength, resistance or weight-training workouts are designed to improve muscle strength, muscle endurance and general fitness to promote overall health and improve the quality of life.

By looking to improve core body power and muscular fitness, strength training differs from weight-lifting (whose goal is to lift the heaviest weights) and bodybuilding (whose aim is to develop large muscles and low body fat).

Any continuous aerobic exercise, sustained for longer than 20 minutes at the correct heart-rate, will burn body fat and help you to lose weight.


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I started off with walking, if you have an i-Pod you can listen to your fav music or do like some of my friends and down load some audio books. (Think safty though if your walking alone)
Last year I got into Zumba, great fun if you like to dance it always lifts my spirits after a tough day.


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I know exactly how you feel. Is there any way you can work exercise into your everyday life? (could you walk to work or park the car further away?) Or would you be able to use your lunch break to do your walks? I also find that if I leave exercise to after work I'm far too tired and de-motivated and find a hundred excuses not to go. I'm also very very lucky to have a boss who is supportive of my weightloss and she lets me go running before lunch as long as I work back the hours later or take it out of my overtime, would something like that be a possibility?
What worked for me was just getting on and doing it. Usually I'd make up some excuse or start doing a different activity. But 2 weeks ago on monday I woke up and just said to myself, "Right, today is the day you change your life for the better" and I started exercising and have been doing every morning since except weekends.

Once you start it and keep going it becomes a habit, and if you don't do it once you feel a little bad about it, which is good. :)


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i do high intensity running, saves a lot of work, makes you work harder in less the time. look up hiit, you might like it.


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There is an app on istore from the nhs called couch to 5k it tells you exactly what to do and when its fab and free!
The first couple of weeks are the hardest to find motivation. Once you get home everyday just put on your clothes and go out for a walk. Don't watch TV, don't read a book, or even take a nap until you've gotten out. After a couple of weeks you will be in routine mode then you will have a nagging conscience telling you "Hey we need to walk". The mind will lead and the body will always follow.

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