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Good for you! Best to start a tad more gently than 50 though!!

I started with 12 a night, and increased to 36 (12 straight, 12 rotating left, 12 rotating right) and no doubting it has made a great difference, now have proper washboard stomach for the first time EVER, and also a much improved core strength, which has improved posture. Its all good!
Hiya sharon,

I tried 10 last night and collapsed but it aint stopping going for another 10 tonight. All the best with it I am sure ya will succeed, take care
Hi Fraggle, nice one on the sit ups, I'm starting the Gym tonight after 5 years off, I might just do some sit ups in the days I don't go.
I used to have an Ab Roller, loved it, it seems to have walked off on me though as I can't find it, all those years of neglect I expect, lol.
hi guys i am using an ab exerciser makes sure your doing the sit up correctly
together we can do this

Cathy this pic is an Ab Roller/exerciser, they are quite cheap, you can pick one up for around £10 but the pic is from a popular catalogue high street store ( sorry I'm not sure if I can name names but I'm sure you can guess which one ) with a built console that shows reps/time etc for around £20 ( might just get it myself tbh )
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I would really recomend one and when you are doing your situps if you do them as Milktrayman suggested normal then rotate to the left then to the right this wroks the oblique muscles as well as the ones in the front
we could set a challenage if anyones uptp it what you think
Key is doing the sit-ups slowly, back flat on the floor, feet flat on the floor (so your knees are in the air), fingers locked behind you neck, and crunching forward as far as you can, without lifting your back or feet off the floor. No need to do the full blown thrashing forward sit-ups, they really do nothing apart from strain your back. Crunch sit-ups will fully work your abs. It is important to exhale as you crunch forward, and then hold the "crunch" position for a few seconds before relaxing back. Do the same but rotating left and then right for a complete work-out. This method is great for strengthening your abs, without straining your neck or back muscles.

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