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Hi Tan,

I'm off to the gym for the very first time tomorrow, i'm really looking forward to it but am also worried that i won't be able to walk on Friday! lol

Just don't overdo it. It is easy to go mad when its all new.
My first visit to the gym I did 15 minutes on the cross trainer and 5 minutes on the bike.
Now I do 30 minutes on the cross trainer and 10-15 minutes on the rowing machine. When I've lost another stone I will move onto the weights. At the moment I just want to do the cardiovascular work.
Do they have trainers there that can advise you?
Jax were you ever on the boots website? your username seems familiar


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The gym i'm going to is run by a group called heartbeat, they encourage heart patients and any one else who wants to, to exercise. They have inductions and trainers, it seems to be quite a good one :)

And no i've never been on the boots web site, but like you came via a link from the patients experience website :)

I go to the gym at least twice a week, walking at least 3 times a week, and try to fit in swimming if I can too.
I got an exercise referral from my GP last year, which has been fab. I get very reduced rates at our local council gym ( lasts a year), and when it expires in April, I'm planning on taking out a membership with them :)
I do a 45 minute boxing circuit on a Tuesday, Yoga on a wednesday and Aerobics on a Thursday! I swim after the strenuous classes, but I don't over do it in te pool. A few lengths and relax :)

I have a fitness DVD aswell but I don't do it that often now I go out to work our more!

I enjoy the classes and feel good afterwards but I wouldn't say i'm a big fan of working out. It's a neccesaty for me!
I haven't done any excercise in the fist month, not by choice. Just started a new job, so trying to get into a new routine, hopefully within the next week or two I'll have the routine sorted and start back walking (to start with) I'm not into gyms at all


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Well i;m back from the gym, i'm still alive and i feel gooood!! lol

That was brilliant, the atmosphere was really relaxed and friendly, nothing like i have experienced before, I had an induction with my own personal trainer who was great. I'm raring for next time... although i am aching and not really looking forward to the morning! Hopefully i won't be hurting too much! :D

Ja x


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Thank you Tan,

I was very pleasantly suprised this morning as i gingerly sat up in bed....... not one single ache!

Some lovely person at work told me that it will probably hit me tomorrow, so i'll wait and see.

One thing i did notice was how much happier i have been today, i put this down to the fact that at this moment in time i am in control of my life... might also have something to do with the endorphins from the exercise, but it really feels good!

Exercisin really does make you feel good, but i agree on the whole being in control thing. I feel a lot happier lately just because I know I am losing weight and I don't feel like I am struggling! I'm enjoying see the weight come off :)

So enjoy it too :)

Aches wise, my stomach muscles are killing! I was at yoga the other night and they had us role up and put our feet over our head. I couldn't do it, I just roled about like a baby hippo but i've made my muscles ace trying haha!


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Hi all,

just finished a couple of circuits of my home gym...... i have most of the equipment i used at the gym the other day but it has been gathering dust in the corner of my front room.

Well i have now moved the furniture around and for the time being i will live with a gym where the dining table usually is, this is too important to me to worry about how it looks :eek:

Hi I am new to this site and keep getting lost trying to come back to it!! Havent set a profile yet as don't know how to do it :sigh:!! I lost 1stone 8lb on xenicak just b4 xmas but after the loss of my gorgeous Gran, have put 8lb back on comfort eating!! Am going to go back onto the tabs tomorrow as it is the best weight loss I have ever had. I am 14stone and want to get down to 10stone hoepfully by xmas 2009!! I love the site am sure I will find loads of inspiration. Good luck everyone x x x :sigh:

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